The “aisle of dreams” in Aldi and Lidl is popular with shoppers keen to find a bargain on anything from gardening tools to clothing.

Whether it’s Aldi’s Specialbuys or Lidl’s Middle of Lidl, the latest offers are always worth checking out and there are some fantastic buys from February 10.

Let's take a look at some of the items you can buy this week:

Aldi's Specialbuys

Aldi's Specialbuys section is full of home essentials, toys and quirky tech from February 10.

South Wales Argus: Photos via Aldi show some of the great deals available in this week's specialbuys.Photos via Aldi show some of the great deals available in this week's specialbuys.

For fans of shows like Springwatch, you can set up your own wildlife documentary at home with the camouflage Maginon Wildlife Camera.

For just £59.99, you can spy on nature in your garden and see what kinds of visitors your home attracts. Features include the tree mount for easy fastening, full HD videos with sound recording, a built-in microphone and clear day shots in colour and black and white shots by night. 

The Princess Belle Doll & Tea Set is a real treat for any Disney lovers in your life - available via the Aldi website for £19.99.

Princess Belle comes with a fashion outfit, tiara, shoes and a beautiful teaset for the best afternoon tea party ever. 

Aldi is also selling similar sets featuring Disney's Princess Ariel, Princess CinderellaPrincess Elsa, Princess Rapunzel and Princess Anna.

Aldi has brought back the popular Easy Home Heated Airer (£39.99) - but you'll have to be quick as it's already selling fast.

All 20 bars of the airer are heated for quality drying of clothes, towels and bedding.

If you're looking for an affordable, warm and water-resistant coat, why not buy the Ladies' Red 2-in-1 Outdoor Jacket by Crane?

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Costing £24.99, this stylish design features a zipper puller, adjustable hood and chin guard to keep you cosy in colder weather.

Perhaps one of the most glamourous items in Aldi's specialbuy section is the Kirkton House Navy Velvet Chair.

Ideal as an accent piece or luxurious addition to a living room, this velvet chair is finished in a stunning navy colour with sturdy black legs. It costs £89.99 via the Aldi website.

Other top options from Aldi include the Tower Black Metal Sensor 60L Bin (£49.99), set of two cream dining chairs (£59.99), Kirkton House bamboo bath tray (£12.99) and more.

You can find the full list of Aldi's Specialbuys from February 10 on the website.

Lidl's Middle Aisle

Lidl has stepped up the Middle Aisle offer this week with great home and garden products as well as indoor and outdoor plants.

Let's take a look at some of the best Middle of Lidl products on offer from Thursday, February 10.

The Beldray Airspire 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (£54.99) converts into a half unit to clean tricky areas around your home.

South Wales Argus: Bird feeders andthe Beldray Airspire 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner feature in Lidl's Middle Aisle this week.Bird feeders andthe Beldray Airspire 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner feature in Lidl's Middle Aisle this week.

Features include a storage wall mount for practical, 22.2V Lithium-Ion battery, a motorised brush with LED lights for illuminating dark areas, HEPA Filter and more.

Lidl's Middle Aisle is full of other helpful home essentials for less - from a 3 Socket Extension Lead (£4.99) to Vileda Cleaning Helpers (£2.99).

The Tower Carpet Washer Aquajet Plus - just £79.99 - removes tough stains, mites and other allergens for a fresher-looking carpet.

Ideal for family homes with pets, it is perfect for refreshing and cleansing carpets and short-haired rugs.

For people looking to make the most of nature this year, Lidl is selling two types of stunning Oakdale Ceramic Bird Feeders in green and beige for £4.99.

The Peanut Feeder is ideal for great tits, coal tits, woodpeckers and sparrows while the Seed Feeder works better for tits, sparrows, nuthatches and pied flycatchers.

Lidl is also showcasting the Oakdale Wild Bird Feeding Station (£9.99), covering all aspects of feeding needs and bringing a variety of birds into your garden.

Meanwhile Lidl's indoor and outdoor plant section has some great options for Valentine's Day 2022 gifts.

This includes a pink, potted rose in a ceramic pot (£2.49) which reads "Just for you".

You can find the full list of new Middle Aisle products via the Lidl website.