The Six Nations is an opportunity not just for die-hard fans of the game but for anyone who wants to support their country, even if not normally a rugby regular.

However, novices might not be up on all the quirks of the game which could lead to confusion.

One such puzzler leaving many fans scratching their heads is the initials BP seemingly randomly appearing just above the scoreboard graphic in the corner of the screen.

To save face among all your new rugby pals – here’s why it happens.


What BP on Six Nation scoreboard means

BP simply stands for “Bonus Point” which are awarded for a variety of reasons during the competition.

During the game, the bonus point they are referring to is when a team scores four tries or more. Achieve this and they will receive an extra point.

But is not just during the game a team can be awarded bonus points. Read on to discover what points a team could pick up during and of the Six Nations games.


Six Nations scoring system and bonus points

The winning team will be awarded four points. Any winning team scoring four tries or more in any game, an additional bonus point will be awarded.

The losing side gets no points but can achieve bonus match points. If a team scores four tries or more or loses by a margin of seven points or fewer they will be awarded one point. If the losing side scores four tries or more and loses by a margin of seven points or fewer, they will be awarded two points.

Unions that draw a Match shall each be awarded two Match Points and any of them that scores four tries or more in the process shall be awarded a further one Match Point.

For a draw, two match points will be awarded to each side, however if either team scores four tries or more during the game, they will achieve a further one bonus point.