Known as one of the cheapest supermarkets in the UK, Aldi has recently launched their new range of rosé wines at the perfect time for the summer and we were lucky enough to sample some of the new flavours. 

With 21 new wines added to their shelves the brand promises, that there is something for everyone, even the biggest wine connoisseur.

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South Wales Argus: Organic Prosecco Rose. (Aldi)Organic Prosecco Rose. (Aldi)

And to make sure they didn't break their promise, the supermarket partnered with Mistress of Wine Sam Caporn to curate the top picks and the perfect food pairing.

From Organic Prosecco rosé to Special Selected Cotes de Provence rosé, the supermarket has outdone itself with its new wines and their prices won't even break the bank. 

Aldi's new Summer Rosé Wines:

We were lucky enough to sample four bottles from Aldi's new 21 rosé on sale now. 

They were the Organic Prosecco Rosé,  Specially Selected Cotes de Provence Rosé, Mimo Mountinho Vinho Verde Rosé, and the Pierre Jaurant Sud de France Rosé.

Organic Prosecco Rosé

Starting off with the Organic Prosecco Rosé the extra dry wine is presented in a sturdy bottle with a metallic rose gold seal, it takes a unique spin on the typical traditional Prosecco bottle design. 

Created by a family-run winery, Castellore Organico, it's a crisp flavour that lets its aromas of strawberry, cranberry and cherry shine through. 

As someone who isn't a huge fan of the ever-popular Prosecco, this Organic Rosé twist is gorgeous. 

Its berry flavours make it easy to drink and would make the perfect addition to late summer nights surrounded by your closest friends and family. 

So even if you're not a fan of white Prosecco, this is rosé Prosecco is worth a try. 

You can get the Organic Prosecco Rosé 2021 for just £8.49 via Aldi now. 

South Wales Argus: Try the wines. (Canva)#Try the wines. (Canva)#

Pierre Jaurant Sud de France Rosé

Next up was the Pierre Jaurant Sud de France Rosé which is described as having a style of Dry and Elegant. 

Created from the Mediterranean vineyards along the southern French coast, it has strong aromas of cherry and strawberry, but not too much to make it overpowering. 

With design touches of pastel pink and metallic gold, the bottle has a modern design that perfectly matches its exotic taste. 

I would say if you prefer a sweeter rosé, this might not be the perfect match as its citrus notes deliver quite a strong fruity richness. 

You can try the Pierre Jaurant Sud de France Rosé and grab a bottle for just £5.99 each. 

Mimo Moutinho Vinho Verde Rosé

The Mimo Moutinho Vinho Verde Rosé was the next wine to get a verdict. 

Although the design of the bottle might be simple with its slim look and clear label, the taste makes it a lot more elegant. 

Grown on the rolling hills of northern Portugal, this rosé uses grapes that create a fruity and well-balanced taste. 

The perfect blend of blackberry and raspberry creates mouthwatering aromas that will make you want to stockpile the gorgeous wine. 

It tastes best when paired with a summer salad, making it a must for those summer evenings outside surrounded by yummy food.

The best part is, it's only £5.99 per bottle and you can buy it now. 

Specially Selected Cotes de Provence Rosé

Last but by far not least was the Specially Selected Cotes de Provence Rosé 2020. 

Maybe my personal favourite, this rosé makes you feel like your living in luxury without breaking the bank. 

It has a clean dry taste that uses a wide range of red fruits to make a smooth taste. 

With its wax seal, touches of gold and sleek bottle, even the design makes you forget just how much of a bargain this wine really is. 

The fresh taste leaves you wanting more and the use of fruits like melon and pair are perfectly measured whilst not being overpowering. 

I tried this Specially Selected wine alongside a pasta dish and it was the absolute match, with the rosé only enhancing the overall taste of the meal. 

If you fancy trying the Specially Selected Cotes de Provence Rosé head to Aldi and get it for just £9.99.

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