The energy price cap could reach £7,700 next year, price cap experts have warned, as the cost of living crisis shows no signs of abating.

Currrently the price cap is already set to increase by 80% in October - pushing the average household’s yearly bill up from £1,971 to £3,549 - with it set to be even higher by the start of 2023.

From there it is set to almost double, to around £5,600 in January and then rise even further, under the latest estimates.

Energy consultancy Auxilione forecast a £7,700 bill from April 2023 – with gas costing consumers 34.22p per kWh.

How to reduce your energy bills

The forecast is an increase of £438 since Auxilione’s prediction on Friday morning, and up nearly £900 in just two days.

It comes as gas prices continued to soar on international markets, along with the price of electricity.

Almost all of the changes in the price cap are to allow suppliers to recoup the costs that they will have buying gas and electricity from the companies that produce it.

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Gas prices are decisive in determining electricity prices because over the last year 42% of the UK’s electricity was generated by burning gas.

The cap is the maximum price that households on their supplier’s default tariff would have to pay for every unit of gas and electricity they used for the next three months.

It is calculated based on the wholesale price of gas and electricity and also includes allowances for tax, charges paid to the energy networks, green levies and social payments.

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