There is no more famous a carrot in the UK than Kevin, Aldi’s loveable Christmas advert mascot.

The beloved character has been the star of the Christmas advert for many years, and recently popped up from his year-long hiatus to celebrate the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

There has yet to be a sighting of the famous vegetable for Christmas 2022. However, if you can’t wait until December for a glimpse then you’re in luck.

Aldi has announced today that Kevin will be making his confectionary aisle debut on October 20. Yes, that’s right, the launch of Kevin The Carrot Jelly Sweets will be arriving to a store near you this month.

Arriving on shelves in time for Halloween, Kevin is ready to take on other animal sweets, at a fraction of the price, retailing at just 89p.

But don’t worry, the sweets won’t be carrot flavoured. Kevin the sweet will be flavoured with a delicious orange flavour made with 15% fruit.

And that’s not all, shoppers can choose between two flavour types: sweet or sour.

South Wales Argus: Kevin the Carrot sweets (Aldi)Kevin the Carrot sweets (Aldi) (Image: Aldi)

The sweets are also vegan-friendly, so can be enjoyed by all.

Will Kevin the Carrot be in Aldi’s Christmas advert this year?

If you’re wondering if Kevin will be making his star appearance in this year’s Aldi Christmas advert, then sadly you’ll have to wait a while longer to find out.

Aldi has said: “We know you’re excited about getting a first look at Kevin for 2022 but we’ve not seen him or his family since Christmas 2021. If he gets in touch, we’ll let you know.”

Last year Aldi teased viewers with a new character, Ebanana Scrooge. A teased release of the advert made it appear that Kevin was a no show, however the fan favourite returned in all his glory.

You can buy the Kevin the Carrot sweets in stores from October 20, while stocks last.