If you use TikTok, and have seen a rise in people 'stuffing cash' and are a bit confused, don't worry you're not alone. 

The money-saving hack known as the "cash stuffing" method has recently gone viral on the social media platform with the hashtag reaching over 230 million views. 

Created by @stephtalksmoney, the saving method lets you save money away for bills, holidays or just a rainy day plus it's simple and completely stress-free. 

What is the Cash Stuffing Method? 

To do this viral TikTok trend, all you need to do is buy a cash wallet and label all the sleeves for your budgeting plan. 

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The plan can include topics such as bills, goals, holidays or luxuries like a treat for yourself or the family. 

When you get paid or receive any cash, you just split it up between the categories. 

The simple and fun hack will make you feel ahead of your game and organised. 

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