Popular online shopping brand SHEIN has revealed plans to host pop-up stores across the UK in 2023. 

The UK has played host to four SHEIN pop-up stores already in 2023. 

The first store was in Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre in March.

In April, pop-up stores appeared in Cabot Circus in Bristol and St David’s in Cardiff.

This month, there was one in Opera Lane, in Cork.

SHEIN has now revealed plans to host 30 more pop-up stores across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region in 2023. 

A SHEIN spokesperson said: "These pop-ups form an integral part of the SHEIN business model, allowing consumers to experience products first-hand as well as allowing the brand to engage with consumers."

The exact locations of where the future SHEIN pop-up stores will be hosted are currently unknown.

Global Head of Government Relations for SHEIN, Leonard Lin, said the recent launch of the company's new headquarters in Dublin City Centre, Ireland would help the company "manage and grow our business in the region". 

He added: "Our Dublin office opening marks an important milestone in SHEIN’s growth in EMEA – which is one of our most important markets.

"We look forward to contributing to the growth of the local economies and to supporting local communities.”