If budget-friendly supermarket Aldi is known for one thing it might be their cheap prices, but loyal customers will know that the brand also has a keen eye for creating dupes.

From alcohol, perfume, candles, makeup, haircare and more, Aldi has become the master of offering dupes that rival their inspiration.

Now, Aldi has taken on skincare as they’ve turned to viral no-fuss brand Cera Ve that became popular on social media platform TikTok.

Cera Ve has been praised by industry professionals and skincare fans alike, with its ability to work for the most sensitive of skin types, the brand has taken the world of skincare by storm.

This is maybe why it’s not surprising that Aldi thought it was time to create its own version inspired by two of Cera Ve’s most popular products.

The dermatologist-approved products from Aldi are the Lacura Foaming Cleanser (£3.99) and the Lacura Moisturising Cream (£3.99).

South Wales Argus: Find out what we thought of the Aldi dupes.Find out what we thought of the Aldi dupes. (Image: Getty Images)

Some people might be unsure whether to try out Aldi skincare but as someone who’s not afraid to try new products out, I thought I would compare the Aldi dupe vs the real thing.

To make it easier, I focused on a few main aspects, including the design, does it work, comparison and then an overall score out of 5.

I tested out Aldi’s Cera Ve dupe vs the real thing

Aldi's Lacura Foaming Cleanser

The Lacura Foaming Cleanser takes inspiration from Cera Ve’s Foaming Cleanser and the two products seem very similar in look, with Aldi’s own keeping the green touches.

Although the bottle itself has a simple design, I find that skincare products that keep a simpler look focus more on the product inside the bottle and so it isn’t really a disadvantage - it just might not be the prettiest bottle on your shelf.

In terms of the product, the cleanser leaves your skin feeling hydrated and clean although you only need a tiny amount as a lot does go a long way.

Not knowing this on my first try, I did find it to be quite thick but it did do what it says on the bottle and foams.

South Wales Argus:  Lacura Foaming Cleanser Lacura Foaming Cleanser (Image: Newsquest)

One thing that I wasn’t a massive fan of was the smell.

It's not a bad one and the product is fragrance-free but it does have a strong soapy scent that I found to be a bit overpowering, however, it is down to personal preference.

Moving on to comparison, Aldi’s version of Cera Ve’s Foaming Cleanser does stand up very well against the real thing.

It leaves your skin feeling clean and as someone with sensitive skin, I didn’t come away with any signs of a bad reaction.

Plus, with a price tag of £3.99 vs £11.50, it is a good saving for those that might want to find a cheaper version of a similar product with very little difference.

Overall rating of Aldi's Lacura Foaming Cleanser: 4/5

Aldi's Lacura Moisturising Cream

The second dupe of Aldi’s Cera Ve-inspired collection, Lacura Moisturising Cream comes with a price tag of £3.99.

Cera Ve’s moisturising cream has become a saving grace for many and now Aldi’s own version is ready to put up a strong fight.

Coming in a tube, compared to the inspiration's tub design, Aldi’s Lacura version keeps the blue colours used in Cera Ve’s design again.

Aldi's design is simple with no fuss and has a clear statement, that it helps nourish and moisturise skin.

South Wales Argus: Lacura Moisturising Cream Lacura Moisturising Cream (Image: Newsquest)

As previously mentioned, I find simple product design can make for a better product itself and Aldi’s moisturising cream is the perfect example of this.

The product itself feels like an exact version of Cera Ve’s own, with the moisturiser feeling smooth, quick drying and non-greasy.

Although my skin isn’t very dry, it does make my skin feel hydrated, softer and smoother plus it seemed to last for a very long time too.

Comparing it to Cera Ve, the competition is very tight both do what they say on the tin and both are great products.

It seems Aldi has been able to do it again and create a duped products that really put up a battle against the original more expensive brand.

Overall rating of Aldi’s Lacura Moisturising Cream: 5/5

Aldi’s Cera Ve dupes will be available in stores only from July 23 whilst stocks last.