Poundland is set to open 15 stores across the UK in the coming weeks – is there one near you?

The discount brand has previously announced plans to expand with a combination of brand new stores as well as the relocation of smaller shops to bigger sites.

Nine new stores are set to open in the next few weeks with locations including Braehead, Cardiff, Frome, and more.

Poundland store locations set to open in coming weeks

South Wales Argus: Ipswich, Pontefract, Ryde and more among the new Poundland locations. ( Victoria Jones/PA)Ipswich, Pontefract, Ryde and more among the new Poundland locations. ( Victoria Jones/PA) (Image: Victoria Jones /PA)

At the time of writing, nine Poundland locations have been reported to be opening:

They are as follows:

  1. Braehead
  2. Cardiff
  3. Frome
  4. Ipswich
  5. Pontefract
  6. Ryde
  7. Selby
  8. Stafford
  9. Torquay


Up to six other stores are expected to follow and are planned to open before the end of September.

However, this is subject to legal agreements, the Mirror has reported.

Newsquest has approached Poundland for further comment.

The news comes as part of a larger plan to open or relocate 50 new shops by the end of September this year.

This change is expected to create around 750 to 800 jobs.

Announcing the plans earlier this year, Poundland managing director Barry Williams said: “We have to step up our search for the best locations to bring the best of Poundland to customers across the UK and that’s precisely what we’ll do in 2023.

“We will continue to work hard to find the right locations that suit the range of Poundland formats we now offer – from small neighbourhood convenience stores to our large destination stores.”

Eight stores were announced to open between January to March with a further 26 locations following between April to June.

Poundland had also announced that 18 stores would be opened by the chain between October and December, including eight on December 10.