A Taylor Swift fan is fuming after hotel prices near a gig tripled in 30 minutes.

Adele Hickingbothom, 36, bought £100 tickets for her and her mum Yvonne McDogall, 62, to attend the Eras tour performance in Cardiff.

British born Adele now lives in Jupiter, Florida, so rarely gets to see her mum who lives in Selsey, West Sussex.

They could only get a pre-sale ticket code to the Cardiff show, but after researching hotel prices - and finding they were reasonably priced - Adele bought tickets.

However as soon as she had snapped them up - beating thousands in the virtual queue - she discovered hotel prices had tripled.

South Wales Argus: Adele Hickingbothom and her mum Yvonne McDogallAdele Hickingbothom and her mum Yvonne McDogall (Image: SWNS)

Rooms which were £200 just before she bought tickets were now £600 - just 30 minutes later.

She is fuming after she was forced to go for a room 14 miles away from Cardiff Principality Stadium for the gig on June 18 2024.

HR director Adele said: "It's hard enough getting the tickets in the first place.

"When I was looking at hotels before we got the tickets everything was around £100 to £200 which was fine.

"There was one five-star hotel at £200 a night that I wanted to treat my mum to two nights in.

"As soon as I knew we had the tickets I went to book the hotel and it had gone up to over £600 per night - over £1200 in total.

"Everywhere else had raised their prices around the same amount. Airbnbs went from just over £200 to £500 as well.

"I'd understand a £50 surcharge but triple is just ridiculous. It's not even a weekend - it's a Monday and Tuesday night."

The mother daughter duo had no choice but to book a Premier Inn hotel almost 14 miles away from the stadium for £174 a night.

Adele said she's "upset" at the "unfair and ridiculous" surcharge as she rarely gets the opportunity to spend time with her mum.

She added: "I'm really upset because I haven't been able to see my mum too much the past few years because of Covid.

"I thought we'd have two whole days in Cardiff together and I had lots planned in my head.

"I wanted to go shopping together and use the spa but now we can't do any of that.

"I know not much can be done about it but I think it's really unfair."