Supermarket giant Aldi has revealed it will begin its first-ever pizza delivery service from next month.

Aldi has developed a host of new "Domino's inspired" pizzas as part of its new Ultimate Takeaway range.

Customers will be able to pre-order pizzas for £3.99 each (with no delivery charge) with the delivery service beginning on October 3 in selected locations across the UK. 

South Wales Argus: The Aldi pizza delivery service will only be available in three cities in the UK.The Aldi pizza delivery service will only be available in three cities in the UK. (Image: Aldi)

Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, Julie Ashfield, said: “With prices of takeaways soaring, we’re excited to be able to offer shoppers delicious pizzas at a fraction of the price of expensive high-street chains. 

“The quality ingredients and affordable price of the Ultimate Takeaway range will no doubt change people’s idea of the supermarket pizza.

“Better yet, we’re thrilled to be able to deliver this product hot to shoppers’ doors and truly treat our customers to the full takeaway experience.”

Aldi launches new pizza delivery service

Aldi's Domino's inspired pizza range

Aldi's new pizza range is set to save shoppers around £19.

A medium Meateor pizza from Domino’s currently costs customers £20.99, plus a £2.50 delivery fee. 

In comparison, the Aldi pizzas are just £3.99 with no delivery fee.

Aldi's brand-new Ultimate Takeaway range includes three Domino’s inspired pizzas: 

  • The Meaty One (inspired by Meateor): a sizzling sausage and meatball feast 
  • The Banger (inspired by Absolute Banger): a smoky hotdog delight with a spicy kick
  • The Texas Style BBQ Chicken & Bacon (inspired by Texas BBQ): tangy BBQ sauce, chicken and smoky bacon (each £3.99, 8 slices).

South Wales Argus: The new Aldi pizza range is Domino's inspired.The new Aldi pizza range is Domino's inspired. (Image: Aldi)

Where will the Aldi pizza delivery service be available?

The Aldi pizza delivery service will be available in three major cities across the UK:

  • Cardiff
  • Manchester
  • Edinburgh

For those not in any of those cities, don't worry the new pizza range will be launching in stores across the UK from October 9.

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When will the Aldi pizza delivery service begin?

You can start pre-booking delivery slots from today (Monday, September 18) via the Aldi pizza delivery site.

The Aldi pizza delivery service officially begins on Tuesday, October 3.

The delivery service will allow customers to select up to two of these pizzas to be delivered hot to their door.