If you have mould in your bathroom, what is the best way to go about removing it?

The health issues caused by mould are also well-known with those living in mouldy spaces likely to experience nausea, asthma and more.

Left untreated, mould and dampness can be costly with the average price of removing this from a whole house being around £1800.

But there are products on the market to help you tackle mould, but do they work?

We tested the HG Bathroom mould spray, available at Asda, Tesco and other supermarkets for just £5.25 to find out.

After identifying spots of mould in the shower room, both above the shower itself and in the corners of the room above the window, we got to work.

Following the simple instructions on the bottle, we sprayed the product onto the affected areas and left it for half an hour to get to work.

Even before leaving the room, the spray began to work as the mould visibly reduced in appearance above the shower.

Returning after half an hour, the mould in the shower had disappeared, while the tougher marks in the corners of the room did remain, though significantly faded.

South Wales Argus:

However, after a quick wipe with a sponge, even those had disappeared and have yet to reappear since using the spray.

For the cost of just £5, the HG Bathroom Mould Spray gets a big thumbs up, with more than enough spray in the bottle for multiple uses.

How to get rid of mould

If you already have a mould problem, what is the best way to remove it long term? 

Wash the area

First, use a bleach spray to clean the stain. Wash it thoroughly and leave it to dry overnight.

Use an anti-fungal wash to kill the mould

This is key to long-term mould removal. Use a biocidal or anti-fungal wash to kill off those invisible tendrils so the mould cannot re-grow.

Re-paint walls using mould-resistant paint

To keep mould on walls at bay for longer, apply mould-resistant paint over the wall you’ve just treated. You can keep the design of the room by mixing the anti-mould additive with any paint and you’ll keep the mould away for at least five years.