The latest episode of Doctor Who - Dot and Bubble went to air on BBC One this evening (Saturday, June 1) and fans were quick to draw a comparison to popular Netflix series Black Mirror.

The latest episode is the fifth in the new series of Doctor Who, which stars Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor and Millie Gibson as the time lord's companion Ruby Sunday.

Dot and Bubble follows the Doctor and Ruby as head to Finetime.

"The world of Finetime seems happy and harmonious," the BBC explains in its episode synopsis.

"But an awful terror is preying on the citizens. Can the Doctor and Ruby make them see the truth before it's too late?"

The latest episode of Doctor Who also features Callie Cooke as Lindy Pepper-Bean. 

Cooke has previously starred in series including Harlen Coben's The Stranger on Netflix.

Fans compare new Doctor Who episode to Netflix series Black Mirror

Just minutes after Doctor Who went to air on BBC One on Saturday (June 1) night, fans took to social media sharing the same comment - just how like Black Mirror this new episode was.

One fan, posting on X (formerly Twitter), said: "Major Black Mirror vibes especially the episode Nosedive #DoctorWho."

Another commented: "What in the black mirror is this #DoctorWho."

A third person added: "This is giving me black mirror nosedive vibes #DoctorWho."

While this person agreed saying: "Very Black Mirror #DoctorWho."


When is Doctor Who on?

The first five episodes of the new series of Doctor Who are available now in the UK on BBC iPlayer, or on Disney+ outside of the UK.

Episodes will drop in the UK on BBC iPlayer every Saturday at 12am (and on Disney+ Friday's at 7pm ET overseas) before going to air on BBC One the same night usually at 6.50pm.