The best places to get a fashionable face mask have been revealed.

What are the current rules on face masks?

From June 15, face coverings will be mandatory when using public transport in England, and in Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is considering updating the law soon too.

As well as being uncomfortable and often lacking in style, face masks have been hard to come by during the coronavirus pandemic.

But as panic buying subsides, and wearing face masks becomes more normalised in the UK, there are lots of options for stylish face coverings.

So whether you’re looking for something plain black, with a funky design, or designer branded, here are some of the most fashionable face masks on the market.

It is worth noting that none of the masks included in this round-up are categorised as medical grade masks or PPE, but they can help stop the spread of the virus via droplets in the air.

Reebok Face Cover - £12.95 for 3

Reebok is selling its own branded face mask on its website. The mask is a simple black design with the Reebok logo in white on the right hand side of the mask.

The website states: “Help stop the spread. Made with soft, breathable fabric, the Reebok Face Cover is comfortable, washable and reusable for practicing health habits every day.”

The masks are available in a pack of three in either large or small size for £12.95, and shipping costs an extra £3.99.

The website explains that £2 from every pack of face coverings sold goes to Save The Children’s Global Coronavirus Response Fund.

You can see their face masks online here.

Waylife Star Wars Darth Vader Face - Etsy, £7.90

The clothes we wear are an expression of who we are, and the same thinking can be applied to face coverings.

This best selling face mask on Etsy comes with the design of Darth Vader's mask on the front, and a pocket in the back that allows for a replaceable filter to be changed out for each usage.

The mask itself costs £7.90, but shipping will cost extra depending where you’re located.

You can check out the mask on Etsy here.

Etsy offers a huge variety of face masks in different designs, patterns and colours, meaning you can find one that suits your personality - even if you’re not a Star Wars fan.

Adidas Face Cover - £12.95 for 3

Adidas is selling its own face covering as well, which is similar to Reebok in the sense that it is a plain black mask with the Adidas name and logo in white on the right hand side.

The masks are also sold in packs of three in either large or small for £12.95.

£2 from each mask sold is also donated to the Save The Children’s Global Coronavirus Response Fund.

The Adidas face masks are sold out at the moment, but you can enter your email address to be alerted when they’re back in stock.

Check out the face masks online here.

Nike Strike Snood - £16.95

While Nike doesn’t specifically sell a face covering, it does sell a snood, which offers the same coverage as other face masks on the market, as none of these face masks are medical grade or PPE quality.

The snood, featuring the Nike tick, covers your nose, mouth and neck with soft fleece, and it locks over your ears for full coverage.

It’s available in black or brown in S/M or L/XL sizes for £16.95.

You can have a look on the Nike website here.

Great British Designer Face Coverings - £15

Great British Designer Face Coverings: Reusable, for People and Planet is a joint campaign between the British Fashion Council and Bags of Ethics.

The campaign aims to manufacture and sell face masks that are sustainable and reusable.

The masks have been designed in London by six British designers: Halpern, Julien Macdonald, Liam Hodges, Mulberry, RAEBURN and RIXO.

The aim is to raise £1 million with 100 per cent of sale profits being split between NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Urgent Appeal, British Fashion Council Foundation Fashion Fund and Wings of Hope Children’s Charity.

The face masks come in loads of different designs and patterns and are available for £15 for a pack of three which also includes two protective pouches.

You can check out the range here.

Nanotech face mask - £11

This Nanotech face mask from Scientific Labs has a water resilient layer that prevents droplets filtrating both in and outside the mask.

Reusable and washable, it’s made in the UK using sustainable materials.

The mask itself is plain black with no logos or branding, and is available in one size for £11.

You can check it out online here.

Bespoke Face Coverings from Alice Cox Creative - £10 - £15

If you’re looking for a face mask that’s unique rather than choosing from pre-made designs, Alice Cox Creative is the place for you.

With more than 30 different fabrics to choose from, you can have a specially made bespoke mask that you’re not going to see someone else with.

They are sold for £10 each, potentially £15 depending on the fabric you want.

Features include a pocket for filters and non-elastic straps that won’t irritate your ears.

You can find out more on the Alice Cox Creative website here.

Contrado Custom Face Masks - £20 for 4

Contrado is the perfect brand for creatives who want to design their own masks. However, you can also shop pre-made designs as well.

Masks are available in small, medium, large or extra large and in packs of four for £20.

You can visit the Contrado website to find out more.