TODAY your South Wales Argus publishes the full list of names of everyone who has signed our petition to Keep City Parking Free.

We launched the petition in November after Newport council announced it was to axe free parking in the city centre in February.

Traders had hailed the scheme, introduced in 2010, as a lifeline in tough economic times and shoppers have threatened to simply go elsewhere if charges are reintroduced.

A total of 5,345 people gave their support urging Newport City Council to reverse its decision to scrap free parking in its city centre car parks and the petition will be handed in to the council next week.

But despite the huge backing for our campaign, the council is still pushing through its plans before even seeing the petition.

Sue Williams, who runs the Elbow Room hairdressers in Austin Friars and has worked in the city centre for 33 years, said: “The council have to look at this petition and see how upset people are.

“We don’t need benches and flowers in the city centre that they have been spending money on. We are all struggling with our rates and rents and we need to keep people coming into the city centre.”

Newport Council published a public notice on page 32 of Thursday’s Argus stating that “On February 1, 2013, Newport City Council… intends to vary the charges for car parking in the following car parks.”

It went on to detail the introduction of a £1 charge for the first three hours parking in all council run car parks.

The council accepts the scheme has brought more people in to the city centre but have described it as “unsustainable.”

Cabinet member for infrastructure Ken Critchley said: “Free parking costs the council almost £1 million a year which is no longer sustainable at a time when central budgets are facing significant cuts and we face a funding gap next year of £8 million.

“To continue to offer free parking would adversely impact on other services such as street cleaning, waste collection and road repairs.”

Two hours' free parking at the Kingsway car park, which is not run by the city council, remains in place.

ARGUS COMMENT: Voice of the people

TODAY we show the considerable support our Keep City Parking Free campaign has gathered in just over six weeks by publishing all the names of those who signed our petition.

These are the voices of 5,345 people who are concerned at the plans to get rid of free parking in Newport council's city centre car parks next month.

The decision to get rid of free parking and introduce a £1 charge for three hours was taken with no public consultation and little interaction with traders.

But now you have had a chance to have your voice heard and the message is clear, thousands want free parking to stay.

Not everyone has supported our campaign, and that is fair enough, but you can’t ignore those who have taken part.

Thanks to all the readers and traders who helped gather signatures for our campaign.

Our intention is to hand our petition and all your signatures and comments to Newport City Council next week.

And we would expect the man behind the parking decision, cabinet member for infrastructure Ken Critchley, to accept this petition on behalf of all our readers so he can gauge the strength of feeling before the axe finally falls.


5,345 reasons to keep it free - the people who signed our petition:


James Mulchay, Newport
N Bashir, Newport
A Bashir, Newport
A Pickering, Newport
D Pickering, Newport
S Patreane, Cardiff
H Goodman, Newport
C Harris, Newport
L Rowe, Newport
C Rowe, Newport
S Davies, Newport
A Bishop, Newport
M Palmer, Newport
S O’Connor, Newport
L Roberts, Cardiff
J Hendy, Cornwall
S James, Stonehouse
K Mitchell, Gloucester
J Pascoe, Cornwall
P Barnes, Gloucester
C Evans, Newport
H Bond, Newport
M Collins, Pontypool
N Rowland, Newport
M Coombs, Pontypool
A Coombse, Pontypool
E Coombes, Pontypool
M O’Connor, Pontnewydd
A Howells, Newport
O Pearce, Cardiff
J Barnes, Chepstow
M Williams, Abergavenny
B Frampton, Cardiff
M Knowles, Newport
N Crockett, Cardiff
H Mills, Sully
D Woronycz, Chepstow
K Skellon, Govilon
M Jones, Cardiff
N Griffiths, Newport
B Amin, Newport
N Bishop, Cwmbran
W Bishop, Cwmbran
M Woodyatt, Newport
S Harley, Newport
D Taghdiri, Griffithstown
J Talw, Aberbargoed
D Neale, Newport
J Neale, Newport
M Neale, Newport
L Hacker, Goytre
C Barrows, Abergavenny
I Hopkins, Rogerstone
L Barrington, Newport
C Burrows, Caerleon
R Pearse, Caerleon
P Green, Newport
C Hales, Newport
K Walker, Newport
C Mackerness, New Inn
G Booth, Caldicot
A Watkins, Newport
C Clarke, Gwynedd
B Mansfield, Newport
D Mansfield, Newport
T Mansfield, Newport
B Glover, Newport
J Jones, Newport
B Rewowden, Mumbles
J Leeson, Cwmcarn
V Blackay, Newport
S McCarthey, Newport
K Kidd, Wattsville
G Kidd, Wattsville
A Kane, Newport
A Ranford, Newport
C Marsan, Newport
K Tom, Newport
G Spring, Langstone
T Shaw, Newport
C Donald, Caldicot
A Harrison, Monmouth
H Chard, Risca
A Davis, Newport
S Rowles, Newport
K Sarsfield, Newport
K Crank, Newport
Y Johnson, Newport
H Goode, Cwmbran
K Hill, Pontypool
J Blackley, Newport
K Barry, Newport
V Lewis, Newport
J Gibbons, Newport
L Gibbons, Newport
S Lewis, Newport
C Budgett, Risca
G Clayton, Newport
S Davies, Newport
C Parry, Cardiff
L Mansfield, Newport
L Howell, Newport
J Howell, Newport
D Howell, Newport
S Howell, Newport
G Howell, Newport
Mr Williams, Newport
N Morgan, Caldicot
J Frost, Chepstow
L Bond, Newport
M Bond, Newport
O Pornetta, Newport
W Dacey, Newport
G Morgan, Newport
A Curtis, Newport
R Cowan, Merthyr Tydfil
S James, Newport
M Turner, Newport
J Thomas, Newport
L Rosserm, Newport
N Taylor, Newport
L Taylor, Newport
L Vincent, Caldicot
T Ayre, Caldicot
D Jones, Cwmbran
J Stannard, Newport
S Stannard, Newport
A Bingham, Newport
S Stuart, Newport
C Booth, Cardiff
D Colley, Dinas Powys
S Priest, Newport
J Roberts, Newport
R Carter, Newport
M Liku, Newport
E Mackintosh, Swansea
L Lewis, Caldicot
R Rice, Caerphilly
D Edler, Bristol
C Difford, Newport
M Parker, Newport
A Visaldi, Newport
N Francis, Newport
C Bailey, Caerleon
H Trollope, Caerleon
J Rayson, Caerleon
D Rimola, Caerleon
W Bain, Cardiff
C Wood, Cardiff
J Alford, Caerleon
A Watkins, Pontypool
L Morgan, Caldicot
L Postle, Newport
L Mary, Newport
I Davies, Cardiff
C Kirwan, Cardiff
D Bowen, Newport
D Harris, Risca
A Sanders, Cardiff
P Patey, Newport
H Godden, Newport
N Cooper, Newport
S Williams, Newport
C Bond, Cwmbran
D Jones, Newport
Mr Snell, Newport
L Harris, Croesyceiliog
B Lockwood, Newport
M Thorn, Newport
A Thorn, Newport
S Smith, Cirencester
B Coles, Newport
K Saves, Newport
R Paginton, Newport
J Paginton, Newport
S Smith, Newport
D Perkin, Newport
R Perkin, Newport
J Elms, Newport
S Cox, Newport
M Williams, Caerleon
S Muir, Newport
L Withers, Newport
J Withers, Newport
K Jones, Newport
C Stephens, Blackwood
S Griffiths, Caerleon
S Burt, Caerleon
R Burt, Caerleon
GP Fitzpatrick, Newport
J Elworthy, Newport
J Carey, Newport
B O’Connell, Newport
Mr Bath, Newport
Karen Clemett, Newport
Shannon Curley, Newport
Michelle Curley, Newport
Ceriann Davies, Newport
Sue Pitman, Cross Keys
R Evans, Cross Keys
R Williams, Newport
R Halliday, Newport
P Turner, Newport
G Crum, Newport
L Hopkins, Newport
M Brett, Newport
S Allcock, Newport
C Allan, Pontllanfraith
C Hughes, Newport
P Wenberry, Newport
W Thomas, Newport
J Horton, Caldicot
A White, Newport
K Herbert, Newport
J E Smith, Newport
M A Preece, Newport
B Waters, Newport
P Thomas, Newport
Claire Shepperd, Rogerstone
D Wall, Newport
P Marlowe, Caerleon
A Tuck, Newport
A Sadler, Newport
J Campbell, Newport
V Edwards, Newport
Mildred Dymond, Newport
Thelma Keshane, Newport
K Davis, Newport
L Price, Newport
C Palmer, Newport
G Robinson, Newport
A Hughes, Blackwood
T Hughes, Blackwood
J Jones, Machen
P Hart, Newport
T Hart, Newport
M Waters, Newport
M Duggan, Newport
A Banford, Newport
L Davies, Newport
T Thomas, Newport
M Muirdin, Newport
S Lewis, Newport
M Spencer, Risca
Spencer Jones, Newport
Alexander O’Keefe, Newport
Lucy Ramy, Newport
Karl Cueto, Newport
David Mors, Newport
Eileen Fox, Risca
Neil Fox, Risca
J Fox, Risca
T Fox, Risca
M Williams, Newport
Tracey Jones, Newport
M Bowen, Newport
Gareth Jones, Newport
E Meede, Newport
T Morgan, Caerleon
M Douglas, Newport
R Bunge, Caerleon
W Lund, Newport
E Evans, Newport
C Payne, Newport
A Payne, Newport
K Fox-Smith, Newport
N Fox-Smith, Newport
C Hancock, Newport
C Dott, Newport
W James, Rogerstone
K Rogers, Newport
I James, Newport
Clive Richards, Newport
Babs Jones, Chepstow
P Maggs, Newport
S Maggs, Newport
B Thomas, Newport
T Tresine, Newport
Ruth Christoffersen, Newport
Tony Bowe, Newport
L Willis, Newport
A Willis, Newport
G Watkins, Newport
J Bevens, Newport
J Hennessy, Newport
A Kear, Newport
J Proctor, Newport
L Kunnell, Newport
S Bynham- Evans, Caerleon
C Bynham-Evans, Caerleon
A Bynham-Evans, Caerleon
B Williams, Abergavenny
A Hiscock, Newport
Steve Bird, Newport
L McNulty, Newport
S Freeman, Caldicot
M Lane, Magor
G A James, Rogerstone
M Ford, Newport
J Stevens, Henley-on-Thames
P Lane, Newport
P Rupert, Bristol
R Mit, Newport
R Marsh, Caerleon
HC Soyer, Newport
H Weir, Newport
L Stevens, Cwmbran
BJ Brown, Newport
M G Brooks, Newport
S Booth, Newport
A Booth, Newport
J Buchanan, Newport
P Watts, Newport
M Short, Newport
Mr Marsden, Newport
Sue Waters, Newport
J Olson, Newport
L Bray, Newport
S Quinn, Newport
D Edwards, Newport
L Edwards, Newport
A Rimble, Newport
C Armstrong, Newport
E Day, Newport
P Draper, Newport
GA Bellew, Newport
A Jones, Newport
Steven Lewis, Bedwas
Mary Lewis, Bedwas
Darren Lewis, Bedwas
B Jones, Caerphilly
A Phillips, Caerphilly
D Dash, Chepstow
P Dash, Chepstow
V Johns, Newport
G R L Johns, Newport
G Edwards, Rogerstone
S J Harris, Rogerstone
S Harris, Rogerstone
M Phillips, Newport
P A Lewis, Newport
O Sheward, Newport
P. Sheward, Newport
D Private, Newport
J Private, Newport
D Mirthwaite, Newport
B Marshall, Newport
Viv Michael, Newport
R Bowles, Newport
K Fletcher, Newport
PR Edmunds, Maesycwmmer
E Foxhall, Pontywaun
C Rossitor, Pontywaun
L Vigger, Pontywaun
David Jones, Blackwood
M Penaluna, Blackwood
E Day, Newport
P Gould, Newport
P Banks, Cwmbran
R Price, Newport
R Blight, Caldicot
R Morgan, Newport
T West, Undy
J Beaven, Newport
T James, Cardiff
L Robins, Ebbw Vale
W Roll, Ebbw Vale
N Price, Blackwood
S Brajer, Blackwood
L Mullen, Brigg
B Brayer, Fleur-de-Lys
N Bartlett, Newport
P Barlett, Newport
G Bartlett, Newport
B Punt, Newport
B L Purlis, Newport
D Pointing, Newport
Pat Priestnall, Newport
Stuart Priestnall
Mrs Ayres, Abersychan
Mr Ayres, Abersychan
Mr Schulle, Newport
J Barret, Newport
E Watkinson, Newport
Mrs Sally Park, Rogerstone
T Mcdonnell, Newport
D White, Newport
C Butler, Newport
J Sutcliffe, Newport
K Wren, Newport
B Rowland, Newport
J Finch, Caerphilly
P French, Newport
V G Lewis, Newport
L Lippiatt, Newport
E Jenkins, Rogerstone
S Lewis, Newport
S Harper, Newport
T Thomson, Rogerstone
J Saunders, Newport
Kerrie Harris, Newport
Chris Harris, Newport
P Constant, Newport
J Constant, Newport
RJ Page, Newport
G Harding, Newport
MP Payne, Newport
M Johnson, Risca
J Sayer, Newport
E Clayton, Newport
J Maitland, Newport
E Kehae, Newport
S Harley, Newport
M Bull, Newport
M Wickett, Cwmbran
Cllr David Ashwin, Caldicot
J Chambers, Newport
E Slocombe, Newport
Liam Walker, Newport
C Mabley, Caerleon
A Jones, Cwmbran
Nick Glanville, Newport
Mike Rossiter, Newport
Rachael Ball, Pontywaun
Sean Curran, Pontywaun
B Monship, Newport
W Monship, Newport
D Monship, Newport
D Allott, Newport
H Evans, Newport
B Abbott, Newport
A Evans, Newport
R Brett, Newport
E G Brett, Newport
A Ford, Caerleon
M George, Caerleon
M Rogers, Newport
AD Wall, Newport
R M Finge, Magor
AN Jones, Newport
D S Higgins, Newport
J Blower, Magor
I Halford, Newport
P Lydon, Newport
Mr Patterson, Newport
M White, Newport
JA Whel, Newport
R Mcdade, Newport
M S Jones, Newport
G Jones, Newport
J Wagstaff, Newport
T Condon, Newport
T May, Newport
K Bush, Newport
IT Hollis, Newport
D Hollis, Newport
V Hollis, Newport
P Jones, Newport
M Thomas, Rogerstone
A Lewis, Blackwood
M Harris, Blackwood
A Mayo, Newport
T Grady, Newport
Kisrty Vaughan, Newport
H Berry, Chepstow
K Brown, Newport
L Orr, Lydney
H Williams, Newport
R Ellis, Newport
M E Smoke, Newport
ME Redding, Abercarn
L Barrett, Newport
H Angove, Newport
J Pumford, Newport
W Mould, Newport
B Oven, Machen
Sha Mila, Newport
A Maslee, Newport
R Burden, Marshfield
A Waters, Newport
R Williams, Newport
C Fitsmaria, Newport
S Pearce, Newport
F Buchanan, Newport
Mr Williams, Cwmbran
Mr Marshall, Newport
J Jones, Newport
C Perry, Newport
D Bartlett, Newport
S Wiltshire, Newport
P Davis, Newport
CA Davis, Newport
A Merri, Newport
I S Davis, Chepstow
N Littlejohns, Newport
R Summers, Newport
S Vincent, Newport
K Grosman, Caerwent
D Howard, Newport
J Berrows, Caerwent
B Berrows, Caerwent
R Sloan, Newport
B Halleis, Newport
S Hayward, Blaina
Mr Scott, Rogerstone
P Hill, Newport
N Hill, Newport
J Baugh, Newport
P Gore, Newport
A Bateman, Newport
M Donovan, Newport
B Redding, Abercarn
C William, Newbridge
EA Fehler, Penhow
A Jarrett, Chepstow
G Beckell, Newport
P Ellis, Newport
L Dobbs, Caldicot
J Gupurell, Risca
C Knowells, Newport
Tom Smith, Coed-y-Paen
K Mills, Rogiet
J Gibson, Newport
AK Sohanpal, Cwmbran
J Mansfield, Newport
D Merru, Newport
M Ilic, Newport
S Corbett, Newport
S Hughes, Caldicot
Natalie Egford, Little Mill
Kay Reed, Caerphilly
L Kempson, Newport
J Davies, Rhoose
E Rolsiaso, Pontypool
A Williams, Newport
T Lawton, Newport
Jane O’Dwyer, Newport
S White, Newport
J White, Newport
G Roberts, Rogerstone
G Spring, Newport
A Price, Newport
D Vassallo, Newport
G Sweeny, Caerleon
N Edwards, Newport
L Ahern, Newport
N David, Newport
R Eubry, Newport
D Jaworska, Rogerstone
G White, Newport
B Amos, Newport
Ian Rogers, Risca
F Marogy, Newport
S Hardman, Newport
Chloe Taylor, Newport
Rhys Naylon, Newport
C Peplar, Newport
P Beechey, Abercarn
L Pooley, Abercarn
C Buckley, Newport
M Heare, Sebastopol
H Richards, Newport
Chris Hail, Newport
SL Carter, Newport
A Harries, Newport
D Weaver, Newport
S D Weaver, Newport
A Ledovskis, Newport
A Walker, Newport
Lesley Hall, Cwmbran
J Edward, Newport
W Murphy, Newport
G Bradshaw, Cwmbran
C Williams, Newport
G James, Crumlin
M Gilbert, Newport
H Rees, Ringland
S Whatley, Ringland
E M Osmond, Risca
T A O Sullivan, Kent
E Heard, Newport
Mr Turner, Newport
Mrs Turner, Newport
K Richard, Newport
B Marshall, Newport
M James, Newport
J Hammett, Newport
M Strong, Cwmbran
A Strong, Cwmbran
M Williams, Blaenavon
J Waite, Wattsville
C Waite, Wattsville
G Gibson, Newport
D Gronow, Cardiff
R Manley, Caerphilly
Levi Black, Bath
Nick Jago, Cardiff
Max Manganello, Newport
P James, Machen
A Pompton, Newport
J O’Sullivan, Surrey
D Reagan, Newport
K Price, Bridgend
C Gingeil, Risca
C Walsh, Newport
J Singleton, Newport
B Singleton, Newport
A Denneky, Pontywaun
S Murphy, Crumlin
SJ Murphy, Crumlin
J Graham, Ringland
L Smith, Newport
Linda Smith, Malpas
Jennifer Bevan, Coleford
M Bevan, Coleford
J Bevan, Coleford
L Davis, Newport
M Davies, Newport
S Hutchins, Newport
S Davies, Newport
C Davies, Newport
B Davies, Newport
A Mulchay, Newport
Lisa Russell, Newport
F Morrison, Pencoed
J Fowler, Newport
E Court, Newport
M Kerchett, Newport
B Hiscocks, Newport
G Corner, Newport
D Akpomedaye, Newport
JH Barry, Pontypool
G Jones, Caldicot
S Burrows, Ystrad Mynach
C Williams, Risca
P J Rees, Bassaleg
M B Teagut, Rogerstone
F Bateman, Newport
S Bateman, Newport
C Daniels, Newport
A McGlynn, Newport
C Asten, Newport
Stacy Appleby, Newport
T Whelton, Newport
CJ Davies, Newport
J Morgan, Newport
L Morgan, Newport
J Reynolds, Newport
J M Ross, Newport
N P Cassells, Caldicot
M Cassells, Caldicot
G Trump, Newport
F Trump, Newport
K Trump, Newport
S Brough, Newport
K Jackson, Newport
S Drinkwater, Newport
A Bartlett, Newport
S Drinkwater, Newport
M Bartlett, Newport
L Bartlett, Newport
N Drinkwater, Newport
K Tobin, Newport
J Hall, Newport
C Trounce, Newport
P Trounce, Newport
J Sheldon, Newport
J Buckley, Newport
A Steven, Newport
N Ward, Newport
S Bendon, Newport
S Hill, Bettws
B Cooper, Newport
HJ Dare, Pembrokeshire
Abi Gardner, Newport
June Morgan, Caerleon
S Preston, Newport
C Mace, Magor
W Mecele, Newport
K Burke, Bassaleg
G Bale, Caldicot
S Weaver, Abercarn
M Hemmings, Blackwood
PJ Routledge, Llanrhymney
Henry Parker, Bristol
L Marshall, Newport
A Hughes, Monmouth
John Bevan, Caldicot
Angela Bevan, Caldicot
Rachel Merrett, Caldicot
R Truckey, Rogerstone
D James, Blackwood
W Pritchard, Bargoed
R Martins, Cheltenham
W Hall, Cwmbran
V Jones, Newport
P Richards, Newport
R Eynon, Newport
J Travis, Rogerstone
GL Travis, Rogerstone
B Evans, Cwmbran
L Harris, Newport
G Harris, Newport
C Harris, Newport
L Harris, Newport
T Harris, Newport
S Brough, Newport
U Doms, Rogerstone
M O’Brien, Newport
P O’Brien, Newport
S O’Brien, Newport
Lyn Hall, Cwmbran
Lesley Hall, Cwmbran
Luke Roberts, Newport
J Roberts, Newport
G Roberts, Newport
Blanche Leenhowts, Caerphilly
Beryl Baston, Bassaleg
Pat Noulis, Newport
Tonya Satini, Newport
Tracey Hole, Newport
Clare Hole, Newport
Barbara Anthony, Newport
Lorraine Anthony, Newport
Brian Merrett, Caldicot
Sandra Merrett, Caldicot
Jayne Merrett, Caldicot
Andrew Merrett, Cwmbran
Donna Merrett, Cwmbran
David Bevan, Caldicot
Matthew Bevan, Caldicot
Giles de St Crai, Newport
S Lewis, Newport
L Rees, Newport
J Wylie, Newport
E Hiscot, Newport
M A Brown, Bettws
LA Williams, Newport
A Lockwood, Newport
T Wynne, Rogerstone
C Shaw, Newport
K Davies, Newport
B Jordan, Newport
S Tolch, Newport
J Besli, Newport
T Clarke, Pontypool
Roqia Kars, Newport
Kirstie McAuley, Newport
Bradley Hill, Newport
L Rogers, Newport
S Elliott, Newport
M Elliott, Newport
D Hourahine, Newport
T Walter, Newport
AWD Gilchrist, Newport
Selvin Wynar, Newport
Marlene Parnell, Bettws
I McCarthy, Newport
M Jones, Newport
Carol Phillips, Newport
Debbie Hill, Newport
EY Travis, Newport
B Harris, Blaenavon
C Harris, Blaenavon
MG Laird, Bassaleg
Kim Johnson, Newport
M Ross, Bettws
G Elmes, Newport
SA Walmon, Caerphilly
S Gough, Machen
G Morgan, Newport
E Bae Dyes, Newport
J Halpin, Newport
CR Keyes, Usk
D Lewis, Cwmbran
T Attewell, Newport
C Longing, Bassaleg
E Davies, Newport
G Hopkin, Newport
J Weeks, Newport
F Bateman, Newport
S Hugh, Newport
L A Brunnock, Rogerstone
J R Roberts, Cwmbran
Kadie Howell, Newport
J Price, Newport
S Williams, Usk
J Williams, Usk
Sarah Williams, Usk
L Neal, Abercarn
P Neal, Abercarn
S Davies, Newport
A Bishop, Newport
J Lakia, Blackwood
E Lakia, Blackwood
Lisa Goodreid, Caerleon
J Hughes, Bristol
P Williams, Newport
Joshua Josling, Newport
Sue Josling, Newport
R Griffiths, Newport
S Griffiths, Newport
A Griffiths, Newport
J Griffiths, Newport
A Cannon, Newport
T Fisher, Newport
Bryn Roberts, Newport
J Venn, Pontypool
J Dyment, Newport
B Hiscocks, Newport
G Chorley, Bassaleg
A Tanner, Newport
AE Morgan, Risca
A Protheroe, Newport
K Maloney, Newport
S Protheroe, Newport
A James, Newport
P Samson, Newport
A Batlitt, Newport
L Mansfield, Newport
B Currie, Newport
A Kent, Newport
K Lewis, Newport
S Bryan, Newport
C Brain, Gloucestershire
M Weatley, Gloucestershire
V Bowker, Newport
J Baker, Pontypool
DS Rowberry, Blackwood
B Isles, Pontypool
S Willis, Newport
C Bertie, Newport
J Clements, Newport
Maria Morris, Newport
F Southall, Cwmbran
Michael Webber, Newport
Andrew Shipton, Newport
Daniel Thomas, Newport
Rene Molch, Newport
Abbi Molch, Newport
M Cooper, Caerleon
P Essy, Newport
Alexandra Perez-Swain, Newport
Lauren Hill, Tredegar
Karl Cratch, Newport
J Harris, Newport
N Thomas, Newport
PF Hoppe, Rhiwderin
M Thomas, Newport
J Thomas, Newport
W Wilson, Newport
GP Hall, Newport
R Hutton, Newport
S Luscombe, Newport
R J Remfill, Newport
J Willis, Caerleon
L Griffiths, Abercarn
Emma Cranshaw, Newport
Diane Short, Newport
Katy Mason, Newport
Sam Ma, Newport
David Watson, Newport
C Parsons, Caerleon
Cath Bailey, Tredegar
Stacey Kavnagh, Newport
Katie Cameron, Newport
Gary Coleman, Newport
Cory Kennedy, Newport
G Joffrey, Newport
D Davies, Newport
SJ Jones, Newport
P Davies, Newport
C Lewis, Newport
N Shiells, Newport
Ann Lane, Newport
S Hobbs, Newport
A Silcox, Newport
S Parsons, Newport
C Bennett, Newport
R Chambers, Newport
J Miles, Newport
Morgan Lingard, Newport
Nikkita Parker, Newport
C Campbell, Bassaleg
A Pursell, Newport
J Williams, Newport
S Williams, Newport
C Lewis, Bettws
J Davies, Newport
G Cox, Newport
Huw O’Sullivan, Newport
AJ Adler, Newport
Rob Wiseman, Newport
M Stevens, Newport
K Gough, Pontywaun
J Hallam, Chepstow
J WIlliams, Usk
M Lambert, Blackwood
G West, Newport
A Leader, Newbridge
R Hughes, Cwmbran
B Jones, Cwmcarn
P Gibbons, Undy
J Sheldon, Blackwood
S Jones, Newport
M Feeley, Newport
N Webb, Newport
D Morgan, Llangybi
I Alijan, Newport
C Roberts, Cardiff
M Ayaz, Newport
J Stredwick, Chepstow
Z Stredwick, Chepstow
D Manship, Newport
D Joseph, Newport
J Robertson, Newport
M Hustler, Newport
K Beales, Rogerstone
R Attorre, Newport
R Gibson, Newport
G Brown, Newport
J Davies, Bassaleg
S Urquhart, Newport
S Brown, Newport
L Griffiths, Newport
M Oanes, Newport
R Fox, Caldicot
S Page, Caldicot
J Moynihan, Newport
H Moynihan, Newport
M Gibson, Newport
W Jacques, Newport
B Adam, Newport
C Hobbes, Newport
H Perrott-Douglas, Newport
D Scott, Newport
W Martin, Newport
S Bollen, Newport
S Grant, Wentloog
B Lewis, Newport
G Brady, Newport
S James, Rogerstone
T James, Newport
M James, Newport
J Manson, Newport
L Jones, Newport
J Morse, Newport
J Rogers, Newport
G Wills, Cardiff
J Lillie, Caldicot
C Sage, Llanmartin
L Mansell, Newport
M Evans, Caerleon
P Harris, Caldicot
L Harris, Caldicot
L Sutherland, Newport
J Ray, Newport
V Clarke, Langstone
R Moore, Blackwood
I Knight, Penhow
E Roberts, Penhow
P Lyster, Chelmsford
J Walsh, Newport
V Green, Newport
N Davies, Newport
B Price, Newport
S Davies, Bassaleg
J Jones, Risca
D Jones, Risca
J Jordan, Newport
N Gibson, Newport
G Barker, Newport
M Lewis, Newport
C Brown, Cwmbran
J Garforth, Langstone
B Thompson, Newport
G Castle, Newport
S Rogers, Langstone
C Parry, Cross Keys
M Adams, Rogerstone
P Davies, Newport
M Roberts, Newport
D Price, Newport
P Lee, Newport
A Davies, Newport
D Davies, Newport
J Swindly, Newport
A Webster, Newport
R Tucker, Cross Keys
S Webster, Risca
W Jones, Rogerstone
J Jones, Rogerstone
D Jones, Newport
Z Jones, Rogerstone
G Taylor, Caerphilly
J Harrison, Abertillery
L Harrison, Abertillery
J Hudson, Monmouth
C Hulme, Caldicot
M Hendon, Caerleon
B Simpson, Newport
J Hughes, Newport
F Longlands, Newport
D Price, Newport
J Harding, Caldicot
D Cottle, Newport
R Cottle, Newport
M White, Newport
A Stone, Newport
L Taylor, Newport
G Davies, Griffithstown
M Reynolds, Griffithstown
A Brewster, Bassaleg
L Rizza, Rogerstone
J Hughes, Caerleon
A Hughes, Caerleon
M Dunn, Caerphilly
M Lowe, Rhiwderin
R Lowe, Rhiwderin
R Cooke, Bassaleg
M Phillips, Rogerstone
R Brown, Cwmbran
P Goodland, Newport
S Ayers, Newport
L Smith, Newbridge
B Gifford, Llantarnam
M Davies, Caerphilly
S James, Caldicot
S Pugh, Caerleon
J Nutfield, Rogerstone
D Lloyd, Cwmbran
P Thomas, Newport
S Thomas, Newport
J Underwood, Newport
M Sharpe, Newport
H Jones, Newport
D Jones, Cwmbran
M Jones, Newport
C Lynch, Newport
A Talbot, Newport
D Shelley, Newport
D Draper, Newport
S Barnes, Rogerstone
R Collier, Newport
S Collier, Newport
H Smith, Newport
P Burns, Newport
R Knight, Newport
T Pitman, Newport
L Skillington, Newport
F Paginton, Newport
J Aston, Rogerstone
K Lott, Newport
S Pearce, Newport
B Fouweather, Newport
J Price, Newport
M Fouweather, Newport
B Brown, Newport
M Kempson, Newport
A Willis, Newport
Y Lonergan, Newport
R Belfield, Cwmbran
D Edgar, Newport
K Taylor, Newport
S Powell, Cwmbran
P Richards, Newport
C nash, Newport
S Richards, Newport
L Fitzpatrick, Newport
J Blake, Newport
H Evans, Bassaleg
S Ford, Penarth
T Capnos- Taylor, Rogerstone
S Smith, Newport
S Rockwell, Newport
R Sargent, Newport
S Clark, Newport
A Hooper, Newport
M James, Newport
I Hatch, Newport
J Avery, Newport
D Boothroyd, Newport
J Llewellyn, Newport
E Veyzey, Newport
L Lloyd, Pontypool
T Waters, Pontllanfraith
M Lewis, Pontypool
J Leighton, Pontypool
J Kerr, Newport
N Duke, Newport
C Sefton, Newport
M Baldwin, Newport
N Miller, Newport
A Pottenger, Newport
S Jones, Newport
A Duke, Newport
G Evans, Newport
R Wilson, Risca
R Wilson, Risca
C Wilson, Risca
C Wilson, Risca
L Lynch, Blackwood
J Soviene, Cwmbran
C Kearns, Bassaleg
G Wannell, Llanmartin
J Wannell, Llanmartin
A Evans, Newport
M Woods, Newport
C Hicks, Newport
N Curtis, Newport
J Haycock, Rogiet
R Butler, Newport
V Burroughs, Newport
E Parry-Jones, Newport
G Alonzi, Newport
F Alonzi, Newport
J Howse, Newport
I Smith, Newport
S Duggan, Newport
L Phillips, Newport
C Taylor, Newport
J Moore, Blackwood
J Phillips, Blackwood
R Thomas, Newport
O Sheward, Newport
W John, Rhiwderin
J Davies, Newport
V Davies, Newport
A Scanlon, Newport
D Turner, Newport
J Turner, Newport
J Nicholas, Newport
M Banks, Newport
S Scott, Newport
S Scott, Newport
P Firman, Langstone
R Cook, Risca
C Shingler, Newport
S Shingler, Newport
E Machin, Newport
S Roberts, Risca
L Tiernan, Risca
C Clement, Newport
G Hourahine, Newport
L Shefford, Newport
D Morrissey, Newport
K Malpas, Newport
M Parkin, Newport
B Perrot, Llanwern
J Ridler, Newport
S Edwards, Newport
D Ward, Newport
C Ward, Newport
C Maunder, Newport
K Haysum, Newport
R Aspinall, Newport
T Flagg, Newport
D Flagg, Newport
L Eddy, Newport
K Bellamy, Newport
R Wilks, Newport
L White, Caerleon
J Price, Newport
J Button, Newport
A Farley, Newport
L Murray, Newport
A Williams, Newport
L Dawe, Newport
A Lodge, Newport
C Bridgeman, Risca
R White, Newport
A White, Newport
K O’Connor, Newport
J Young, Coedkernew
L Hicks, Bassaleg
E Evans, Newport
G Williams, Newport
L Price, Newport
C Sidwell, Rogerstone
C Watts, Newport
M Harding, Newport
J Davey, Newport
A Davey, Newport
S Exton, Newport
F Higgins, Caerleon
L Thomas, Newport
J Graham, Newport
K Field, Newport
D Field, Newport
L Pratt, Newport
S Henderson, Newport
H Abd, Newport
J Kelly, Newport
C Jones, Newport
M Jones, Newport
D Jones, Newport
D Waite, Rogerstone
J Waite, Rogerstone
B Jones, Newport
V Walsh, Llanmartin
N Walsh, Llanmartin
C Walsh, Llanmartin
R William, Newport
B Orum, Newport
J Thomas, Newport
G Orum, Newport
D Margrett, Newport
M Bowden, Newport
D Boult, Newport
N Evans, Newport
A Newman, Newport
A Horton, Newport
A McCray, Newport
C Harris, Newport
D Daniel, Cwmbran
G Daniel, Cwmbran
A Farrow, Newport
M Meglio, Newport
F Meglio, Newport
D Meglio, Newport
C Meglio, Newport
J Woodward, Rogerstone
M Scott, Rogerstone
S Pennell, Caerleon
J Coleman, Newport
R Trigg, Newport
M Goodwin, Newport
L Beach, Newport
J Horne, Newport
F Parker, Newport
Y Smith, Newport
J Rodre, Newport
M Kidd, Newport
Mrs J Jones, Newport
B Taylor, Newport
S Maddox, Newport
J Lewis, Newport
S Lewis, Cardiff
C Scutts, Newport
C Thomas, Newport
N Jenkins, Newport
R Smith, Newport
Mrs GM Tiles, Newport
D Williams, Newport
T Gray, Newport
RP Hill, Newport
R Phillips, Newport
C Phillips, Newport
D Thompson, Newport
E Thomas, Newport
J Thomas, Newport
S Berry, Newport
E Seabourne, Newport
G Smith, Newport
P Edwards, Newport
MV Nann, Newport
Paul Smith, Newport
J Murphy, Newport
L Paimensano, Newport
M Matthews, Newport
Alex Eagle, Newport
Wendy Rider, Newport
Lynne Barclay, Newport
Amy Doney, Newport
Jo Perrott, Newport
S Hedley, Newport
N Hedley, Newport
K James, Newport
CM Weeteh, Newport
Kevin Bowen, Neath
Gemma Wallis, Newport
Linda Meredith, Newport
P Dielk, Newport
TA Mitchell, Pontypool
Wayne Burgess, Newport
M Rose, Newport
Mrs West, Newport
P Goldup, Newport
Chris Cox, Newport
S Holland, Newport
KJ Ellaway, Newport
R Channing, Newport
D Verrinder, Newport
Steve Godwin, Swindon
J Abbott, Newport
R Butcher, Newport
Mrs Fulis, Newport
M Bailey, Newport
T Richards, Newport
M Thomas, Newport
C Thomas, Newport
C Grifton, Newport
K Smith, Newport
J Proctor, Newport
P Webb, Newport
S Winsborrow, Newport
J Winsborrow, Newport
A Williams, Newport
Mr Smith, Newport
M Russ, Cardiff
A Russ, Cardiff
S Reece, Newport
D Price, Newport
Isabella Prundugsi, Newport
A Babon, Newport
A Leone, Newport
L Bannister, Newport
S Thomas, Newport
E Smith, Newport
G Smith, Newport
S Thomas, Newport
E Cayford, Newport
B Jones, Newport
CM Street, Cwmbran
C Lloyd, Newport
P Randle, Newport
L Wesson, Newport
P Goldup, Llanmartin
T Thomas, Newport
M Spruce, Newport
J Spruce, Newport
SE Ailmore, Newport
A Ball, Caldicot
M Bedford, Newport
AN Kreuser, Newport
P Davis, Newport
P Hendrickson, Newport
B Tesura, Newport
C Price, Newport
Mr Aram, Newport
L Harris, Newport
P Vogel, Newport
E Brown, Newport
M Cormis, Newport
W Bolt, Newport
T Isaac, Newport
S Weckrski, Newport
M Lee, Newport
M Paye, Newport
H Griffiths, Newport
T Mills, Newport
R West, Newport
B Price, Newport
H Price, Newport
T Frederick, Newport
J Welch, Newport
T Hewbis, Newport
R Harris, Cardiff
F Facey, Newport
D Lewis, Newport
J Nicholas, Newport
W Nell, Newport
H Clary, Newport
John Hill, Newport
M Hill, Newport
C Baynton, Newport
EJ Davies, Newport
T Thomas, Newport
A Molley, Newport
V Molley, Newport
B Stephen, Newport
C Wattes, Newport
J Turner, Newport
T O’Connell, Newport
H Rogers, Newport
S Caron, Newport
Jack Jards, Newport
Sharon Fels, Newport
K Crawley, Newport
V Densley, Pontypridd, S Tite, Newport
T Balin, Newport
D Baker, Newport
K Sulikowsia, Newport
K Rusuislae, Newport
M Havilaiti, Newport
Mary Jones, Newport
Louise Medlicott, Newport
Jessica Walker, Newport
M Evans, Caerphilly
A Herrington, Caerphilly
C Day, Cardiff
D Bale, Newport
B Felts, Newport
H Lord, Newport
D Geavy
S Wilkins, Newport
M Jacka, Caldicot
H Cadman, Cwmbran
J Goodwin, Newport
G Balt, Newport
F Jamie, Newport
C Watkins, Newport
E Ryan, Newport
J Ridge, Newport
D Rogers, Newport
Max Barbour, Newport
E Davis, Newport
E Hellnor, Cardiff
A Bont, Newport
J Saunders, Newport
C Bowe, Newport
ME Lovell, Newport
M Gardener, Cwmbran
J Pride, Newport
S Pride, Newport
F Jones, Newport
Alisa Yendk, Newport
Jaime English, Newport
Michael Collin, Caerphilly
L Kidd, Newport
A Willetts, Ystrad Mynach
Staci Morgan, Newport
J Penaan, Newport
M Harris, Newport
Mr Krepkowske, Newport
D Cooper, Newport
P Cooper, Newport
N Walker, Newport
Ian Jones, Newport
G Rees, Newport
V Clarke, Newport
N Tarr, Newport
A Barrett, Newport
L Morgan, Caldicot
G Summers, Chepstow
J Harrhy, Newport
J Cheshire, Newport
M Jenkins
A Tag, Pontypool
J Tayhdiri, Cwmbran
L Maguire, Cwmbran
Kirsty Davis, Newport
M Conter, Newport
D Dawkins, Rogerstone
Dale Hardman, Newport
J Williams, Newport
Chris Barnes, Newport
Rhys Jones, Newport
A Jones, Newport
M Book, Newport
J Witt, Newport
CA Preece, Newport
A Gore, Newport
Paul Parry, Newport
V Hall, Newport
S Speak, Newport
F Hassan, Newport
R May, Caldicot
M Watts, Newport
C Watts, Newport
MJ Watts
S Morris, Newport
M Robins, Newport
B Lewis, Newport
Steve Bartlett, Newport
K Davies, Newport
H Edwards, Newport
E Lindoe, Newport
S Lindoe, Newport
R Plow, Newport
D Plow, Newport
D Hughes, Newport
L Edge, Newport
C Jacobson, Newport
L Rogers, Newport
S Jean, Newport
Sue Price, Newport
S Bennett, Newport
Rob Price, Newport
B Brook, Newport
G Turner, Newport
Y Meyle, Newport
S Forrest, Newport
D Bidder, Newport
A Bartlett, Newport
N Thomas, Newport
V Griffiths, Newport
L Parrett, Newport
Nicole O’Shea, Newport
Glynn Ruabuski, Newport
B Elliott, Newport
BS Elliot, Newport
D Rees, Newport
R Davies, Newport
D Howell, Cardiff
J Evans, Newport
S Callghan, Newport
G Dembo, Newport
M Jenkins, Newport
V Gibbs, Newport
S Jans, Newport
Mr Levis, Cardiff
G Rice, Newport
G Morgan, Newport
D Austin, Newport
A Robson, Newport
C Bull, Newport
K McConnell, Cardiff
H Hadden, Newport
V Large, Newport
B Large, Newport
E Madden, Newport
Mrs Price, Newport
J Large, Newport
Sian Large, Newport
H Ashton, Newport
T Ashton, Newport
Shelley Camara, Newport
Pat Bassham, Newport
C Prosset, Newport
P Rome, Newport
P Prosset, Newport
A Thomas, Newport
Nathan Giulletti, Newport
Leah Potts, Newport
Lea Barnes, Newport
Jackie Jarvis, Newport
Joanne Jarvis, Newport
Robert Jarvis, Newport
Keren Atkinson, Newport
Keeley Atkinson, Newport
C Jones, Newport
N Fisher-Jones, Bristol
J Dew, Bristol
L Bell, Bristol
J Chapman, Newport
K Neale, Newport
D Alanssi, Newport
A Hassan, Newport
EJ Connor, Newport
A Hoders, Rumney
D Brock, Newport
Jordan Thomas, Newport
B Vaughan, Newport
D Pei, Caldicot
S May, Newport
J Mills, Newport
Shirley Mills, Newport
C Newberry-Jones, Newport
P Amos, Newport
M Burns, Cwmbran
J Knight, Newport
John Frunds, Newport
BA Banfield, Newport
D Bennett, Newport
R Bennett, Newport
R Millenship, Newport
G Morgan, Newport
Julia Thomas, Cardiff
L Smith, Newport
F Smith, Newport
R Sutton, Newport
E Brown , Newport
J West, Newport
L Cole, Newport
EL Williams, Newport
M Williams, Newport
GB Roberts, Newport
Sam Hermanis, Newport
CE Wasley, Newport
Georgia Long, Cardiff
Annie Hiscox, Newport
Mark Hiscox, Newport
Rebecca Poole, Newport
Wayne Jones, Newport
J Jalinsy, Newport
W Benfield, Newport
S Haoahine, Newport
J Lyons, Newport
J Hand, Newport
WE Hand, Newport
L Webb, Newport
M Pitt, Newport
S Logue, Newport
GR Reid, Newport
C Fereday, Newport
R Hewiren, Newport
Irene Knight, Newport
Carol Allsop, Newbridge
Diane, Newport
Donna, Newport
J Sato, Newport
C Dovey, Newport
E Hoskins, Newport
C Tait, Newport
R Saisam, Newport
C Nichells, Newport
C Coldrick, Newport
S Dunlop, Newport
F Dunlop, Newport
Lesman, Newport
J Johnson, Newport
I Johnson, Newport
NA Davies, Blackwood
A Saway, Blackwood
C Mogford, Newport
M Bale, Newport
E Bath, Newport
C Curr, Newport
M Cummins, Newport
S Roper, Newport
I Bandan, Newport
SR Davies, Newport
Dave Corbell, Blackwood
Nichor Porter, Newport
Mike Smith, Newport
J Market, Newport
A Smart, Rogerstone
Shannon Dwyer, Newport
Carolyn Parker, Newport
Julie Morris, Newport
William Parker, Newport
LD Price, Blackwood
Cyril Price, Newport
Ignatia Bewielt, Newport
Florence Bennett, Rogerstone
Dilek Lare, Newport
Charlotte Lloyd, Newport
H Burton, Newport
Mrs Blake, Newport
Mrs Dawater, Newport
DM Crowley, Newport
A Crowley, Newport
P Lewis, Newport
M Donnell, Belfast
J Ronmons, Newport
C Stroud, Newport
R Morgan, Newport
K Banis, Newport
Ken Morgan, Newport
Natalie Hanlon, Newport
Callum Green, Newport
B Pilot, Cwmbran
T McFarland, Newport
M Gass, Newport
A Wilely, Newport
J Mundy, Newport
N Mundy, Newport
C Davies, Newport
P Day, Newport
J Witts, Newport
J Hamias, Newport
TP Chapman, Newport
B Chapman, Newport
D Snide, Newport
EB Pachan, Newport
J Thomas, Newport
A Smith, Newport
Regan Cramer, Newport
Tuesday Hawkins, Newport
Joan Iles, Newport
E Dixon, Newport
H Jones, Newport
D Bond, Newport
LA Fox, Newport
EJ Grace, Newport
L Grace, Newport
LCharles, Newport
DWitheridge, Newport
M Peach, Caldicot
Pat Bush, Newport
Jim Bush, Newport
Charlotte Watkins, Newport
S Sadler, Newport
Lewis Watkins, Newport
N Jones, Newport
Janet Jones, Newport
Teresa Kershaw, Newport
Claire Redmon, Newport
T Maggs, Newport
J Flynn, Newport
W Window, Newport
AW Illin, Newport
T Lennox, Newport
C Hiscox, Newport
M Davis, Newport
E Davies, Newport
S Peters, Newport
Z Johnanssa, Newport
S Etons, Newport
S Little, Newport
S Little, Newport
TA Cook, Newport
LC Cook, Newport
DJ Brown, Newport
G Warner, Newport
T George, Newport
C George, Newport
C Holt, Newport
RE Huffel, Newport
R Clewer, Newport
GE Harris, Newport
L Guscott, Newport
A Aspell, Newport
G Aspell, Newport
H Hammond, Newport
P Warman, Newport
T Warman, Newport
TM Domel, Newport
RM Davies, Newport
J Pullen, Newport
K Pullen, Newport
M Taylor, Pontypool
J Taylor, Pontypool
V Turnock, Newport
Mrs Hunt, Newport
J Maloney, Newport
C Webb, Newport
KBarclay, Newport
D Nagra, Newport
S Thomas, Newport
J Thomas, Newport
J Wilkins, Newport
A Rees, Newport
J Perrett, Newport
J Hammill, Newport
N Mubook-Ali, Newport
I Pascall, Newport
C Scott, Newport
S Hedley, Newport
A Dymond, Newport
Mrs Dullea, Ebbw Vale
Byron Hoder, Newport
Lindsey Baker, Newport
D Wright, Newport
J Baggott, Newport
D Johnson, Newport
G Johnson, Newport
Mike Kidd, Newport
R Gauntlett, Newport
E Sakke, Newport
K Sakke, Newport
C Jones, Newport
H Wilson, Newport
V Stevens, Newport
Kenny Cullen, Newport
Lucy Pile, Newport
Gethin Rees, Newport
Anne Wright, Newport
V Perrins, Newport
S Perrins, Newport
J Hurley, Newport
L Hurley, Newport
J Hancocks, Abercarn
P Jug, Abercarn
L Luca, Newport
MB Scourfield, Newport
Karen Dinba, Blackwood
C Luca, Newport
Joanne Belcher, Newport
DA Beleher, Newport
Neil Mahoney, Newport
Joanne Dantorn, Newport
C Stevens, Newport
E Stevens, Newport
L Stevens, Newport
M Stevens, Newport
T Roberts, Newport
Tammarah Fowler, Newport
Carl Fowler, Newport
Gill Fowler, Newport
W Nelson, Newport
K Carfield, Newport
R Ford, Newport
T Parry, Newport
C Thomas, Cardiff
P Siggins, Newport
JD Cantor, Newport
F Tender, Newport
T Meredith, Newport
M Fender, Newport
L Siggins, Newport
J Henson, Newport
D Webbes, Abertillery
C Webbes, Abertillery
V Evans, Newport
OJ Price, Newport
N Read, Newport
M Read, Newport
F Fender, Newport
Aron Webb, Newport
Julie Winter, Newport
Keith England, Newport
Jackie Parry, Newport
Linda Campbell, Newport
Martin Campbell, Newport
Julie Pavitt, Newport
Sarah Hardy, Newport
Ruth Dawkins, Newport
Bryce Jones, Newport
Delwyn Golden, Newport
Judith Carr, Newport
F Ball, Newport
V Ball, Newport
Janet Barrett, Newport
S Hanbury, Newport
K Edwards, Newport
L Culvernell, Newport
Mrs Carr, Newport
Jim Carr, Newport
R Thomas, Newport
J Grace, Newport
J Smith, Newport
R Parsons, Newport
MJ Parson, Newport
L Kennard, Newport
Nicole Russ, Newport
P F Bale, Newport
J Rees, Halifax
N Rees, Halifax
Gareth Wilks, Halifax
Jeff Rees, Halifax
Chris Knight, Halifax
G Doyle, Newport
Charlotte Kersey, Newport
Gail Thomas, Newport
Marie Hadley, Newport
Ruth Evans, Newport
Jane Richards, Newport
Becky Thompson, Newport
T Foster, Newport
Katie Francis, Newport
Simon Hodep, Newport
B Holder, Newport
AJ Hood, Newport
L Probert, Newport
DJ Hammond, Newport
Mr B Glitz, Newport
P Lang, Newport
P Harper, Newport
H Trigger, Newport
A Appleby, Newport
G Wilson, Newport
L Baker, Newport
F Phelps, Newport
T Phelps, Newport
S Francis, Newport
David Pearce, Newport
M Haines, Newport
C Pritchard, Newport
L Broadfield, Newport
AM Bisha, Newport
BE Goldsmith, Newport
JJ Goldsmith, Newport
S Williams, Newport
S Richards, Newport
M Richards, Newport
S Screen, Newport
C Adams, Newport
J Iravis, Newport
B Bird, Aberbargoed
J Harris, Newport
D Osman, Newport
Steve Todd, Newport
D Todd, Cardiff
D Todd, Cardiff
B Truman, Newport
J Wayne, Newport
A Perkins, Newport
L Vaughan, Newport
R Wright, Newport
R Evans, Newport
A Evans, Newport
Laura, Newport
L Lawrence, Newport
M Bartlett, Newport
A Hein, Newport
M Gregory, Blaenavon
P Rees, Newport
Jo Powell, Newport
N Rogers, Newport
J Thomas, Newport
Greg Johnston, Newport
Ceri Johnston, Newport
J Hill, Blaenavon
M Hill, Blaenavon
W Hill, Blaenavon
G Brown, Newport
J Mark, Newport
Carl, Newport
Rachael Leveson, Newport
Pamela Leveson, Newport
Julie Gibson, Newport
J M, Newport
J Powell, Cwmcarn
J Woodlin, Cwmcarn
J Smith, Hereford
G Davies, Newport
S Mayhew, Newport
Mr Phillips, Newport
S Level, Newport
Russell, Blackwood
Mr Brown, Newport
Mr Sanges, Newport
M Winfrey, Newport
Richard Hopkin, Newport
Michelle Kempson, Newport
Elizabeth Breeds, Newport
Janet Breeds, Newport
R Lloyd, Newport
L Fricker, Cwmcarn
S Hancock, Newbridge
K Fricker, Cwmcarn
J Fricker, Cwmcarn
B Roberts, Newport
Robert Wixey, Newport
Donna Cheshire, Caldicot
Amanda Bennett, Newport
S Casins, Caldicot
L Casins, Caldicot
M Cage, Newport
K Mallord, Newport
E Curtis, Crickhowell
Olivia Carrell, Newport
Wayne Perkins, Newport
Jess Mogford, Newport
S Wright, Newport
G Tudor, Newport
GR Morgan, Newport
Luke Smith, Newport
Jessica Dossan, Newport
Chris Morgan, Newport
Charles Goodred, Newport
Marios Mataitis, Newport
J Anderson, Newport
L Anderson, Newport
H Ryan, Caldicot
J Jeffries, Newport
S Davies, Newport
L Boutts, Ynysddu
G Wadsworth, Newport
J Smith, Monmouthshire
L Weakley, Caerleon
P Sheward, Newport
M Johnson, Chepstow
S Webb, Risca
L Webb, Risca
Pamela Morrell, Undy
Susan O’Donovan, Newport
B Hawkins, Newport
S Cooper, Magor
G Lee, Newbridge
R Smith, Newport
G Leverrier, Newport
M Davies, Newport
M Pasr, Magor
J Barnett, Newport
E Newman, Newport
N Lewis, Newport
D Lewis, Newport
G Richards, Newport
C Beech, Bridgend
Craig Smith, Newport
Z Newman, Newport
Maria Atwell, Newport
L Westacott, Newport
Dave Westacott, Newport
C Booth, Newport
C Barker, Newport
C Porter, Cwmbran
S Porter, Cwmbran
P Wilmot, Monmouth
W Collier, Newport
J Fernquest, Newport
A Reynolds, Caerleon
Amy Pask, Undy
Ann Brimble, Newport
Janet Jones, Newport
Gaynor Sinton, Llanvaches
Helen Scott, Newport
S Rock, Caerphilly
John Barretts, Newport
Gill Hancocks, Cwmfelinfach
Sonia Davies, Crumlin
L Lawry, Caldicot
Pat Gibbons, Undy
M Chapman, Newport
Lyn Jones, Marshfield
L Williams, Newport
R Ellis, Newport
L Griffith, Newport
M Jones, Newport
M White, Raglan
E Hicks, Newport
J Stone, Newport
S Brown, Newport
M Chappell, Newport
K Tansley, Newport
B Well, Usk
Janet King, Newport
Ann Hadwick, Caldicot
S Evans, Newport
C Powell, Newbridge
E Russell, Ponthir
R Jones, Hengoed
Pamela Thomas, Pontypool
Sue Clarke, Pontypool
S Rutter, Chepstow
S Tudball, Cwmbran
S Wainwright, Newport
J Davies, Newport
M Sterry, Caldicot
L Sterry, Caldicot
L Sansom, Newport
A Saunders, Risca
R Rowland, Newport
R Phillip, Newport
V Pennels, Cwmbran
A Wood, Newport
J Vowles, Newbridge
D Crowley, Risca
B Smith, Newport
S Dymond, Cwmbran
G Watkin, Blackwood
T Pitman, Newport
J Rees, Newport
A Rees, Newport
G Edmunds, Newport
M Matthews, Newport
A Clatworthy, Newport
I Ryan, Newport
S Tobin, Newport
Gwilym Richards, Chepstow
Joanna McDowell, Cwmbran
Mary Howell, Caerleon
U Halliwell, Crumlin
C Barker, Newport
B Davies, Crumlin
S Baker, Newport
S Baker, Newport
C Thomas, Risca
Matthew May, Newport
S Cocks, Newport
Christine Salmon, Newport
C Preece, Caerleon
Sonia Stokes, Newport
Gloria Shakesheft, Chepstow
Shirley Megraw, Newport
J Harris, Newport
V Lucas, Newport
Diane Potter, Newport
C Hopkins, Machen
L Harris, Newport
M Warner, Newport
S May, Newport
T Barnes, Caerleon
Bethan Evans, Newport
C Davies, Rogerstone
Desrae Tucker, Caldicot
M Barry, Newport
D Perrott, Newbridge
B Perrott, Newbridge
K Parsons, Newport
Ruth Morgan, Newport
Elizabeth Road, Newport
Janet Jones, Newport
T Wright, Newport
N Bond, Newport
M Morgan, Newport
L Kenny, Newport
J Penticost, Wattsville
P Tovey, Newport
C Jones, Newport
G Brown, Risca
V Jones, Newport
J Williams, Risca
G Munkley, Newport
C Munkley, Newport
T Davies, Rogerstone
J Hill, Newport
K Hill, Newport
M Hutchings, Newport
K Thomas, Newport
L Mould, Newport
Colin Morgan, Newport
Joan Williams, Newport
Gwyneira Beddoe, Newport
Daisy Vassallo, Caerleon
N Fisher, Newport
S Fisher, Newport
Ray Burnap, Cwmbran
A Billot, Newport
Carolyn Tucker, Newport
Terry Tucker, Newport
Karen Crawley, Newport
J Isaac, Newport
J Chamberlain, Newport
Liz Davies, Bassaleg
Keith Davies, Rogerstone
Jo Brown, Newport
J Charles, Cwm
M Charles, Cwm
Michael jones, Newport
Karen Jones, Newport
Dennis Lee, Newport
Ray Hall, Newport
C Daley, Newport
T Harris, Newport
S Jones, Newport
O Hall, Newport
R Shaw, Newport
Imogen Stock, Newport
S Magill, Newport
J Magill, Newport
B Dixon, Rogerstone
R Dixon, Rogerstone
V Tindle, Newport
G Wood, Newport
C Wood, Newport
P Moore, Newport
R Kidd, Newport
A Watson, Newport
P Howells, Newport
L Lippiett, Bassaleg
C Hillman, Ynysddu
C Kostin, Blackwood
M Saunders, Newport
A Powell, Newport
Amanda Marshall, Newport
A Marshall, Newport
S Bennett, Draethen
J Bowen, Bassaleg
J Evans, Rogiet
P Taylor, Newport
L Stevens, Newport
J Allford, Ynysddu
E Davies, Newport
C Donovan, Newport
E Williams, Newport
S Rees, Newport
G Rees, Newport
K Clarke, Newport
V Clarke, Newport
J Bissap, Newport
S Bailey, Bassaleg
P Allen, Blaenavon
M Derrell, Chepstow
S Tracey, Newport
B Sutton, Bassaleg
M Smith, Bassaleg
S Moon, Rogiet
D Hicks, Cwmbran
S Wilkins, Rogerstone
D Clark, Newport
B Gill, Risca
R Case, Abercarn
J Duke, Newport
I Duke, Newport
N Corfield, Newport
S Coles, Risca
P Coles, Risca
L Hopkins, Newport
G Hopkins, Newport
M Watson, Rogerstone
J Davies, Newport
S Davies, Newport
E Roche, Newport
B Biddlecombe, Newport
C Price, Newport
P Price, Newport
T Young, Newport
T Young, Caerphilly
S Smith, Newport
L Lord, Newport
R Harris, Caldicot
A Riley, Caldicot
Kaye Fletcher, Newport
Abbie Saunders, Newport
R Giles, Newport
F Giles, Newport
P Maloney, Newport
N Maloney, Newport
Y Wyatt, Newport
D Wyatt, Newport
S Bevan, Newport
L Cooper, Newport
Faith Cooper, Newport
James Campbell, Marshfield
Catherine Campbell, Marshfield
A Harding, Risca
J Jones, Caldicot
Ian Smith, Cross Keys
C Hart, Trethomas
D Wilson, Cross Keys
G Skippon, Newport
C Thomas, Rogerstone
M Bates, Rogerstone
N Mack, Newport
N Smith, Blaenavon
S Taylor, Newport
M Morris, Caerleon
T Dumelow, Newbridge
L Cheshire, Risca
D Rosen, Newport
L Doyle, Newport
R Jones, Newport
T Duffield, Newport
J Gill, Newport
P Lewis, Chepstow
J Walker, Ponthir
G Jones, Newport
E Vandermeer, Caerleon
R Poynter, Caerleon
Judith Thomas, Risca
Ian Thomas, Risca
Karen Wilkinson, St Brides
Pauline James, Cardiff
Steve Paddock, Bristol
A Wainwright, Newport
G Ullah, Newport
M Palmer, Newport
K Kingston, Risca
C Carpenter, Newport
Andrea Clark, Rogerstone
D Skippon, Newport
M Elliott, Church Village
Pat Patey, Newport
E Johnson, Newport
M Johnson, Newport
N Bates, Newport
L Gibson, Newport
Chris Davis, Llanhilleth
E Phillips, Newport
L Jones, Cwmbran
M Anderson, Newport
R Copeland, Newport
Amanda Perkin, Newport
L Perkin, Newport
Joan Mizon, Newport
A Pulham, Llandogo
N Mutlow, Newport
J Jones, Newport
S Deakin, Newport
M Deakin, Newport
G Standerwick, Tredegar
S Standerwick, Tredegar
P Andrews, Newport
P Sheen, Newport
S Hudspith, Newport
S Rees, Bassaleg
J Duggan, Newport
Julie Griffiths, Newport
Gareth Griffiths, Newport
M Nolan, Newport
S Shahid, Newport
Pat Brown, Llanwern
N Deacon, Newport
Shumon Alom, Cardiff
N Seahouse, Newport
J Howells, Newport
L Power, Newport
A Mitchell, Newport
M Leach, Newport
W Stokes, Caerleon
L Trask, Newport
D Collins, Newport
L Linton, Newport
P Morgan, Newport
P Brady, Newport
T Brady, Newport
C Williams, Newport
J Hunt, Newport
J Harvey, Newport
L Harvey, Newport
P Harvey, Newport
M Richardson, Newport
Mike Lewis, Newport
S Ward, Newport
Amy Griffiths, Newport
D Richards, Newport
J Livingstone, Newport
Z Leighton, Newport
A Jackson, Newport
T Richards, Newport
Angela Holland, Newport
P Barry, Newport
S Pearton, Newport
S White, Newport
J White, Newport
D Welsh, Newport
J Hibbs, Newport
S Hussain, Newport
H Watkins, Newport
A Dallimore, Newport
M Trainer, Caerleon
L Jones, Newport
S Price, Langstone
J Pearce, Newport
K Yussef, Newport
H Stent, Caerleon
S Jenkins, Newport
D Wilmott, Newport
N Evans, Newport
T Friend, Newport
L Hazlewood, Newport
P Hallett, Newport
J Donoghue, Newport
A Wilks, Newport
L Kerr, Newport
A Woodsford, Newport
V Clark, Newport
S Southan, Newport
N Vaughan, Newport
L Jones, Newport
A Morgan, Newport
E Taylor, Newport
S Taylor, Newport
M Anderson, Penhow
J Beer, Newport
Mike Hanner, Newport
Debbie Anderson, Langstone
A Nolan, Newport
C Smith, Newport
K Higgs, Caldicot
B Thomas, Newport
D Thomas, Newport
S Hiscocks, Newport
C Price, Newport
B Brown, Newport
Ian Morgan, Newport
J Fairfax, Newport
M Phillips, Rogerstone
A Davis, Newport
A Cox, Newport
E Edwards, Newport
A Morgan Jones, Newport
Jenny White, Newport
A Roberts, Newport
G Hockey, Newport
E Griffiths, Newport
G Bell, Newport
P Tanner, Newport
S Jenkins, Newport
A Webb, Newport
Steve Hutchings, Undy
Christine Holliday, Chepstow
K Russell, Caldicot
J Jenkins, Sebastopol
S Jolley, Caldicot
P Evans, Caldicot
V Roberts, Caldicot
S Buffery, Caldicot
R Francis, Caldicot
S Francis, Caldicot
F Francis, Caldicot
R Francis, Caldicot
Peter King, Caldicot
D Thow, Caldicot
A Moreton, Devauden
J Harris, Caldicot
T Edwards, Caldicot
D Harris, Caldicot
P Collington, Caldicot
M Davies, Caldicot
S Thomas, Llanyrafon
N Olley, Gloucester
S Simmons, Caldicot
J Harrison, Caldicot
J May, Portskewett
S Lane, Caldicot
M Henderson, Cardiff
M Gibson, Risca
K Fewings, Newport
N Ash, Newport
A Hamber, Newport
M Griffiths, Risca
T Keyne, Newport
B Westcott, Cwmbran
A Westcott, Cwmbran
B Laidler, Newport
J Culliton, Newport
S Skillan, Newport
D Ross, Newport
T Walton, Newport
C Waters, Cwmbran
P Mayers, Pontypool
K Mayers, Cwmbran
J Jones, Blaenavon
A Hayden, Newport
J Neale, Newport
M Hayden, Newport
D Hayden, Newport
D Monday, Newport
T Ham, Cardiff
T Court, Newport
E Goward, Newport
J McHugh, Newport
J Cullen, Newport
A Hurley, Newport
A Johnson, Newport
K Johnson, Newport
A Kestle, Newport
R Kestle, Newport
L Roberts, Newport
A Richards, Newport
D Scott, Newport
R Orchard, Newbridge
I Orchard, Newbridge
J Furness, Newport
T Jones, Newport
D Collins, Newport
M Collins, Newport
G Cox, Newport
C Jones, Newport
M Neale, Newport
Sue Jones, Ebbw Vale
I Evans, Newport
A Stowe, Undy
Laeia Setterford, Newport
Liam Saunders, Newport
P Belwell, Newport
M P Edward, Newport
M Steven, Newport
M Rees, Newport
M Corner, Newport
N Taylor, Newport
L Flynn, Newport
S Flynn, Newport
R Chamberlain, Newport
M J Tyler, Pontypool
Monica, Newport
Lyn Hillier, Newport
Mrs Johns, Newport
J Wills, Newport
O Marr, Newport
J Perrett, Newport
J Burns, Bassaleg
P Cook, Newport
L Churchill, Bassaleg
A Hill, Newport
T Shah, Newport
Mr Shah, Newport
Mrs Ali, Newport
S Williams, Newport
Mike Yarnold, Cwmbran
A Kumar, Pontypridd
B Desmond, Newport
L Oliver, Newport
J Way, Penarth
A Lang, Newport
S Hallam, Newport
G Jones, Newport
A Smith, Newport
A Blake, Newport
B Davies, Newport
K Cook, Newport
A Clewer, Risca
A Fitzgerald, Newport
H J P A, Newport
D Hodges, Newport
P W Hodges, Newport
L Williams, Newport
C Powell, Newport
M Harvey, Cross Keys
J Donaldson, Newport
Sevgi Fergor, Newport
J Steddar, Magor
D M Steddar, Magor
Liz Lord, Newport
B Stylum, Bullwark
L Clements, Risca
J Channing, Newport
E Channing, Newport
Leanne Perm, Newport
J Cutler, Newport
E Mulls, Newport
B Davies, Weston-Super-Mare
J Morgan, Newport
T Mcilroy Newport
K Mears, Newport
V A William, Newport
A Harvey, Newport
D Brady, Duffryn
J Carl, Newport
Zoe Ever, Rogerstone
C Seall, Newport
Jane, Cwmbran
S Street, Risca
Alan Whitler, Caerleon
L Smith, Maesglas
M Smith, Maesglas
Johnsey, Newport
R Kerne, Newport
G Connor, Newport
D Pearl, Newport
M Henson, Newport
A Bartlett, Rogerstone
R Ellis, Blackwood
L Ewan, Blackwood
S Dawson, Newport
N Dawson, Newport
S Eaves, Newport
S Taylor, Newport
P Edwards, Newport
M Butcher, Newport
K Crocker, Newport
C Williams, Newport
A Harlings, Newport
S Cullett, Newport
K Weale, Caerleon
P Bevan, Gloucester
N Sean, Caerleon
A Jones, Newport
A Dode, Newport
E K Hall, Caldicot
P Patter, Cardiff
S Edwards, Newport
I Davies, Newport
M Davies, Newport
S Gamivon, Newport
H Gamble, Newport
O Lloyd, Newport
K James, Newport
L Munslow, Newport
M Thomas, Machen
C Dennis, Newport
L Smith, Newport
L Capel, Newport
L Bennett, Newport
F Simpson, Cardiff
J Maye, Newport
M O’Nelsen, Newport
Byron Hill, Cwmbran
S Vaughan, Pontypool
R Edward, Newport
B Rees, Newport
M Sullivan, Newport
S Sullivan, Newport
L Driscoll, Cardiff
G Morgan, Vale of Glamorgan
B Ford, Newport
C Rerel, Newport
C Wills, Newport
J LeBeau, Newport
P Cox, Newport
l Mavis, Caerphilly
W Hitton, Newport
Joe O’Connor, Newport
P Faulkner, Newport
C Sayed, Newport
C Newman, Pontypool
P Watkins, Newport
S Watkins, Newport
C Fielding, Newport
R Hemming, Newport
Kenneth Jones, Newport
G Fasker, Newport
P Smith, Newport
N Jones, Newport
C Chaffey, Newport
A Herbert, Newport
J Furnish, Cardiff
M Wallace, Newport
N Coilsher, Newport
T Raymond, Newport
M Fielding, Newport
S McGrath, Newport
R Southam, Newport
CR Mapps, Newport
L Mapps, Newport
MB Scourfield, Newport
C Jones, Newport
D Evans, Newport
C Tonks, Newport
H Prest, Newport
A Cumming, Newport
LR Christafferhn, Newport
S Bishop, Newport
C Vlahos, Newport
Gail Morgan, Newport
K Downing, Rogiet
Annie Garrett, Newport
L Steele, Newport
Vicky Ford, Newport
Alana Ford, Newport
Cara Ford, Newport
Nia Ford, Newport
Natalie Richards, Cwmbran
Sarah Morgan, Newport
Dianne Pring, Newport
Ann Jones, Cwmbran
G Jones, Cwmbran
A Fisher, Cwmbran
J Davies, Duffryn
M Crowley, Cardiff
S Payne, Machen
V Davies, Newport
H Case, Rogerstone
L Scott, Newbridge
J Joklin, Bassaleg
N Richards, Pontypool
C Curley, Newport
S Bonham, Newport
D Richards, Cwmbran
Gareth Savigar, Cwmbran
Jan Savigar, Cwmbran
Lauren Savigar, Cwmbran
Parisa Taylor, Newport
Parvonah Taylor, Newport
Mary Morgan, New Inn
Malcolm Morgan, New Inn
Parvis Taglolin, Griffithstown
Adam Taglolin, Griffithstown
M Burton, Cwmbran
A Burton, Cwmbran
S Varey, High Cross
Carvell Morgan, Newport
Malcolm Morgan, Newport
K Dawe, Newport
W Dawe, Newport
A Rice, Newport
J Davies, Bassaleg
Sonia Jones, Risca
V Whitcombe, Risca
C Cooper, Newport
A Griffin, Newport
G Hughes, Newport
A Hughes, Newport
D Chambers, Newport
P Woodcock, Newport
V Hardy, Newport
M Rees, Risca
P Williams, Risca
K Evans, Newport
E Powell, Newport
P Ford, Newport
C Hurley, Newport
S Davies, Newport
A Davies, Newport
S Hastings, Newport
M Simpson, Newport
J Escott, Magor
Andrea Higgins, Newport
Alice Higgins, Newport
Angela Houlding, Newport
Keith Houlding, Newport
A Glover, Newport
C Powell, Newport
E Walker, Newbridge
A Simpkins, Newport
K Jenkins, Cwmfelinfach
E Stanley, Newport
S Stanley, Newport
L Hodge, Newport
L J Hodge, Newport
N Williams, Newport
A Price, Newport
A Davison, Newport
E Jones, Newport
A Hodson, Newport
C Shaw, Newport
C Hall, Newport
Helen Sherlock, Kilmarnock
Chris Singh, Newport
Amanda Ward, Newport
Laura Sharkey, Newport
J Jones, Newport
A Jones, Newport
A Mabunda, Newport
J Hodges, Newport
M Downey, Newport
V Nightingale, Bettws
R Nightingale, Bettws
A Cain, Newport
L Cain, Newport
A Matthews, Newport
D Boulton, Cardiff
P Barrett, Newport
J R, Ebbw Vale
S Slight, Newport
L Slight, Newport
M Francis, Risca
J Hewitt, Rogerstone
Sue Beavon, Newport
Sam Snelling, Newport
Rebecca Rosser, Griffithstown
D Greenhaf, Machen
D Smith, Newport
Judy Curry, Newport
C Smith, Newport
B Sullivan, Penarth
A Payne, Caerphilly
A Macarthur, Newport
T Powell, Newport
K Bish, Newport
L O’Neill, Risca
R Giulietti, Newport
D Urch, Abertillery
Anita Cook, Six Bells
Caroline Dwyer, Newport
C Felvus, Cwmbran
A Jones, Newport
M Harris, Caerphilly
D Harris, Caerphilly
S Martin, Newport
J Francis, Newport
M Pitman, Newport
S Tonks, Newport
S Richards, Newport
G Price, Cardiff
V Jones, Portskewett
K Ryan, Newport
J Willis, Caerphilly
L Cook, Cardiff
L Lamsdale, Newport
D Bell, Newport
A Stewart, Newport
T James, Newport
N Edwards, Newport
C Edwards, Newport
B Thomas, Newport
T Edwards, Newport
T Beech, Newport
K Cecil, Newport
I Landry, New Inn
C Landry, Cwmbran
J Pugh, Newport
E Perry, Cwmbran
M Jones, Newport
S Chapman, Monmouth
V Edwards, Newport
Keith Horton, Newport
Nicola Horton, Newport
Rose Hughes, Rhiwderin
Fiona Hughes, Rhiwderin
V Quirk, Bassaleg
B Quirk, Bassaleg
R Chadney, Cwmbran
J Chadney, Cwmbran
L Knight, Bassaleg
K Wilmot, Rhiwderin
J Arscott, Newport
L Tutton, Bassaleg
L Gibbs, Rogerstone
J Tutton, Bassaleg
E Richards, Bassaleg
D Richards, Bassaleg
D Fortey, Machen
S Fortey, Machen
E Mattock, Rhiwderin
B Collins, Newport
A Stone, Newport
K Collins, Newport
A Tuvnes, Newport
S Shurmer, Newport
R Ball, Newport
C Shurmer, Newport
M Price, Newport
K Anstice, Newport
G Oakley, Newport
G Cairns, Newport
C Lewis, Newport
M Cook, Newport
R O’Brien, Newport
M Drew, Newport
J Drew, Newport
G Drew, Newport
S Brewster, Newport
W Brewster, Newport
C Edwards, Newport
A Lee, Newport
J Courtney, Newport
C Lee, Newport
M Lee, Newport
J May, Newport
S May, Newport
J Welch, Newport
J Edwards, Newport
K Edwards, Newport
L Banatyne, Undy
S Been, Caerphilly
M Hamblin, Ebbw Vale
D Fouweather, Newport
A Duggan, Newport
C Bailey, Ponthir
T Bell, Newport
C Bell, Newport
L Gibbon, Newport
Mario Berry, Newport
T Woodsford, Newport
N, Fowler, Newport
A Boustead, Newport
N Fowler, Newport
C Weillier, Newport
L Foscob, Cardiff
N Allaway, Newport
M Smith, Newport
L Loydd, Newport
A Davies, Newport
P Jones, Newport
M Thomas, Newport
D Rogers, Newport
P Campbell, Newport
I Takashesh, Newport
RP Conway, Newport
H Sayer, Newport
A Malin, Newport
R Kaur, Bristol
D Ripley, Newport
S Lewis, Newport
L O Daffin, Newport
D Hill, Newport
D Parry-Jones, Newport
P Rowies, Newport
C Roberts, Newport
P M Robins, Newport
P Septon, Newport
D Pembridge, Newport
R Pembridge, Newport
R Pembridge, Newport
T Pembridge, Newport
N Pembridge, Newport
M Bull, Newport
D Mellish, Cross Keys
D Jones, Magor
J Blower, Magor
J Davies, Newport
D Dixon, Newport
Butt, Newport
M Ramzan, Newport
Sameer, Newport
Airish, Newport
N Green, Newport
Cici, Newport
C Foster, Newport
L Haji, Newport
A Prakash, Newport
S Morgan, Newport
CThomas, Newport
P Jones, Newport
C Morgan, Newport
J Summerhill, Newport
Phillip Pugh, Bassaleg
C Baugh, Newport
D Dowling, Newport
P Saxon, Newport
N Aston, Newport
C Williams, Newport
G Terry, Newport
P Green, Newport
HM Price, Cardiff
M Stephens, Creigau
R Willis, Newport
W Foley, Newport
NA Williams, Barry
K James, Newport
R Rabbit, Newport
P Williams, Newport
Cedric Neil Bevan Todd, Newport
R,Downing, Newport
T Glover, Swansea
D Pring, Newport
L Gabb, Newport
L Dolman, Rogerstone
BR Rogerstone
C Arnold, Newport
Christine Green, Newport
Sam Hislop, Newport
Ken Hall, Newport
DJ Thomas, Newport
M Thomas, Newport
Pam Sorano, Newport
C Smith, Newport
K Osmand, Newport
C Bone, Newport
B Pine, Newport
M Jones, Newport
Sue Tudball, Cwmbran
M Long, Newport
S Daniels, Newport
S Jones, Newport
E Waite, Newport
Lisa Martina, Newport
Rob Needham, Newport
Sarah Clarke, Newport
Phillip Smith, Newport
S Hargreaves, Newport
Joanne Hargreaves, Newport
C Ellis, Newport
Ronald Berry, Newport
Jean Berry, Newport
Sylivia Scott, Newport
R Mazey, Newport
A, Parry, Cross Keys
C Pennells, Newport
B Plowman, Newport
P Bruce, Newport
Z Ahmed, Newport
A Lucas, Cwmbran
AT Gough, Newport
GR Gough Newport
L Miller, Newport
JH Bowen, Llangybi
SA Bowen, Llangybi
T Hall, Newport
A, Aberdeen, Abertillery
J Harris, Newport
A, Scott, Newport
D, Winmill, Newport
Maria Jobes, Newport
R Jobes, Newport
R Cottle, Newport
M O’Keefe, Newport
D, Garrett, Risca
MJ Harris, Risca
J Hughes, Newport
B Thomas, Newport
Pat Prosser, Newport
J Jones, Chepstow
M, Hurley, Newport
C Hurley, Newport
E Coles, Newport
S, Brunnock, Newport
S Sheppard, Newport
M Corfield, Newport
S, Seaborne, Newport
W Berry, Newport
G, Bowen, Newport
J Morgan, Newport
EA Maidment, Llanmartin
D Maidment, Llanmartin
S Maidment, Llanmartin
K Maidment, Llanmartin
M Maidment, Llanmartin
M Pring, Newport
K McAfee, Newport
M Davies, Newport
S Palmer, Llanbradach
S Davies, Newport
E Collins, Newport
Gareth Griffiths, Newport
M Smith, Newport
G Powell, Underwood
T Horton, Newport
H Cole, Newport
John Clifford, Newport
M Kingham, Risca
S Cox, Newport
Z Cox, Newport
Thomas Reardon, Newport
M Ridlew, Newport
Chris Morgan, Malpas
Mary Ackeman, Risca
Tony Bond, Duffryn
Rebecca McAlley, Newport
Guy Singh, Newport
L Richardson, Risca
S Morris, Newport
S Thomas, Risca
N Samuel, Cardiff
J O’Connell, Risca
S Williams, Usk
Danny Watkins, Brynmawr
Michael Hathaway, Cardiff
Kim Griffiths, Pontypool
Tracy Pearce, Caerphilly
Sarah Pocock, Newport
Lois Pearce, Bedwas
Diane Pearce, Bedwas
Larissa Ralph, Cwmbran
Connor Pearce, Bedwas
Danielle Johnson, Newport
Katie Res, Newport
Nick Jago, Newport
Jon Lovell, Newport
Danielle Fletcher, Newport
J Watt, St Brides
Jeanne Mogford, Wattsville
Janice Mogford, Wattsville
Andy Roberts, Newport
S Brettell, Newport
K Edwards, Newport
G Harris, Newport
A Brummitt, Newport
S Powell, Newport, JG Watkin, Newport
C Evans, Newport
Melanie Clifford, Newport
Vicky Clifford, Newport
Kathryn Jones, Caldicot
V Doel, Bedwas
M Chappell, Newport
H Chappell, Bettws
J Leith, Newport
D Miles, Brynmawr
E Garland, Pontywaun
L Griffiths, Pontypool
L Evans, Underwood
C Beecham, Newbridge
A Jones, Newport
DB Jones, Newport
JM O’Boyle, Newport
C Brown, Newport
N Brouillette, Newport
V McCarthy, Goytre
A Morgan, Newport
F Miles, Magor
J Miles, Magor
P McKidd, Magor
A Jones, Newport
T Parkman, Newport
K Parkman, Bettws
W Pitt, Newport
H Evans, Newport
C Hampton, Newport
S Booth, Newport
K Booth, Newport
E Davies, Newport
C Rossiter, Newport
J Baker, Newport
S Audin, Newport
ME Whitfield, Rogerstone
Septimus Gray, Newport
E Hendy, Caldicot
Terry Jones, Caldicot
Joanne Sherperd, Pontypool
M Edwards, Cwmbran
M James, Rogerstone
N Selwood, Newport
P Selwood, Newport
M Kelly, Bettws
B Avery, Blackwood
Gemma Motley, Malpas
Y Evans, Newbridge
A Wales, Newport
J Worth, Cardiff
L Powell, Newport
L O’Connor, Newport
R O’Connor, Newport
E Clark, Magor
J Phillips, Newport
R Summers, Gaer
S Vincent, Gaer
S Haywood, Newport
P Hill, Newport
W Hill, Newport
J Baugh, Newport
Jade Davies, Chepstow
Sue Gibbons, Caldicot
M Wild, Newport
S Leo, Newport
D S Reilly, Abercarn
V Brock, Newport
Jim Brock, Newport
S Davies, Newport
D Hughes, Newport
C Davies, Newport
N Samuel, Newport
D Nagra, Newport
C D Scott, Newport
D Shipley, Newport
C Lewis, Newport
V Young, Cross Keys
R Jones, Newport
ML Young, Newport
S Morgan, Newport
J Andrews, Newport
P Morgan, Newport
ME Shepherd, Newport
PF Morgan, Cwmfelinfach
B Morgan, Cwmfelinfach
M Hodge, Newport
R J Summers, Risca
DH Gumm, New Inn
M Gumm, New Inn
D Chaney, Newport
G Carpenter, Newport
Ceri Edmnds, Blackwood
Nicky Marment, Newport
Chris Jones, Caerleon
R Keene, Newport
H Keene, Newport
A Legge, Risca
E Jones, Newport
J Daneer, Risca
P Gregory, Rogerstone
B Cox, Newport
E Newberry, Newport
G Phillips, Newport
SA Forman, Newport
VA Forman, Newport
JP Evans, Newport
N Sutton, Newport
S Parker, Newport
M Parker, Newport
M Short, Rogerstone
G Short, Rogerstone
Ben Rabbitt, Newport
J Watkins, Bargoed
S Benger, Blackwood
H Morris, Newport
J Hale, Newport
Louise Jones, Newport
M Hathaway, Croesyceiliog
T Murphy, Newport
L Doroshenko, Newport
M Hill, Newport
C O’Neill, Newport
Shane Kalter, Caldicot
Fern Dors, Bristol
W Moore, Caldicot
S Bearcroft, Caldicot
C Roberts, Newport
M King, Newport
S Watkins, Bristol
Paul Dilger, Newport
Neil Caradone, Bristol
L Wallis, Newport
L Wallis, Newport
C Gibbons, Undy
J Butcher, Newport
V Edworthy, Caldicot
W Williams, Ebbw Vale
D Fletcher, Newport
S Fletcher, Newport
M Way, Newport
M Way, Newport
K Palmer, Newport
C Pook, Newport
A Hurley, Newport
T Morris, Newport
L Chard, Newport
J Sefton, Newport
B Jackson, Bedwas
R Barnett, Newport
B Baston, Newport
J Matthews, Newport
L Hall, Cwmbran
W Hall, Cwmbran
H Hall, Cwmbran
S Hall, Cwmbran
J Orchard, Cwmbran
S Orchard, Cwmbran
D Orchard, Cwmbran
M Jenes, Cwmbran
G Childs, Newport
G Beckett, Newport
H Davis, Newport
S Walles, Newport
Lisa Bryan, Newport
Gloria Wayman, Newport
Molly Davis, Cwmcarn
C Mawatt, Chepstow
H Brown, Chepstow
V Vodden, Newport
S Evans, Newport
J Evans, Newport
B Godwin, Newport
P Gibbons, Undy
S Daniels, Bettws
Laurence Hue, Newport
A Cox, Newport
J Hughes, Newport
M Thomas, Newport
D Enos, Newport
N Wileman, Abercarn
F Mansfield, Newport
Roger James, Newport
H Mallett, Caerphilly
P Harrald, Newport
C Harrald, Newport
S Roulston, Newport
Jodie Gattrell, Newport
Liz Gattrell, Newport
A Edwards, Newport
W Porter, Magor
P Porter, Magor
H Collins, Newport
C Parry, Newport
J Willows, Newport
N Vincent, Newport
G Crowley, Newport
M Crowley, Newport
B Crowley, Newport
J Workman, Newport
K Thomas, Newport
A Jones, Newport
Steven Whitcombe, Newport
Anita Whitcombe, Newport
Kyle Jones, Newport
A Johnson, Newport
J Johnson, Newport
D Robinson, Newport
V Roberts, Newport
D Templeton, Cefn Hengoed
D Wylie, Magor
D Jenkins, Caerleon
L Dent, Newport
S Smith, Newport
A Jolie, Newport
D Bradford, Caerleon
B Jackson, Pontypool
L Stone, Newport
L Harrhy, Talywain
R King, Newport
P King, Newport
K Parfitt, Abertillery
P Wylie, Magor
Sarah Sutcliffe, Newport
S Payne, Newport
M Partridge, Croesyceiliog
J Partridge, Croesyceiliog
J Jones, Newport
S Hodges, Newport
Z Collier, Newport
J Long, Caldicot
L Wells, Newport
S Harris, Newport
J Harris, Newport
H Rowson, Newport
J Caldwell, Llanhilleth
J Hemmerman, Newport
R Martin, Newport
H Richards, Cwmbran
D Lane, Newport
I Burton, Newport
I Herbert, Newport
D Cox, Griffithstown
L Howells, Newport
J Harris, T Jones, Bettws
K Thomas, Newport
P Sweet, Newport
Nathan McCarthy, Newport
Lee Perry, Newport
S Horton, Bettws
J Brown, Risca
N Brown, Risca
M Crook, Newport
C Mason, Newport
L Bond, Newport
H O’Connor, Newport
A Colclough, Newport
J Rogers, Newport
M Dowsell, Bettws
D Jones, Risca
D Witheridge, Newport
L Carter, Newport
S Nicholson, Newport
L Pile, Newport
D Nicholson, Newport
J Ferran, Cwmbran
C Young, Newport
L Vickery, Newport
Marion Thomas, Magor
Mary Pring, Newport
Pat Jones, Newport
Linda Hems, Monmouth
N Beal, Newport
J Cording, Newport
D Wilson, Newport
A Barrett, Newport
N Jones, Newport
M Atwell, Newport
A Atwell, Newport
J Brown, Cwmbran
Chris Hunt, Newport
H Hayward, Cardiff
N King, Newport
Emma Davies, Newport
J Lawton, Newport
M Thomas, Newport
S Dymond, Cwmbran
J Wylie, Cwmbran
M Symond, Newport
A Symond, Newport
S Jones, Newport
V Gelder, Newport
S Lewis, Newport
L Mackie, Newport
M Charles, Newport
J Saunders, Risca
G Saunders, Risca
P Edge, Newport
B Lucas, Newport
M Attwell, Risca
C Davies, Risca
Patricia Phillips, Newport
Anne Marshall, Newport
Dean Whatley, Cwmcarn
R Moreland, Newport
S Morris, Newport
P Jones, Newport
W Hopkins, Newport
T Richardson, Newport
R Dowling, Risca
E Harwood, Risca
N Harwood, Risca
V Wymer, Newport
M Water, Newport
R Jones, Newport
S Grey, Newport
S Williams, Newport
B Meredith, Newport
L Lamsdale, Newport
J Steed, Cwmfelinfach
David Pratt, Newport
Oscar Nelson, Pill
Lyndon Mort, Newport
Mel Jones, Pill
Richard Davies, Pill
Terrence Lewis, Newport
A Quatrini, Newport
C Bartlett, Newport
G Stewart, Newport
O Davies, Newport
V Murray, Newport
D Lloyd, Newport
J Brown, Newport
M Gregory, Newport
T Abbott, Cwmbran
Michael Jones, Newport
Jennifer Jones, Newport
Debbie Bailey, Newport
Mr Wills, Newport
Mrs Mills, Newport
Teresa Chapman, Malpas
M Vaughan, Newport
Emma Jones, Newport
Julie Viner, Newport
Amanda Ward, Newport
M Grender, Newport
Amanda Willetts, Newport
Mr Pritchard, Newport
Mrs Pritchard, Newport
Mr Shillard, Newport
Mrs Shillard, Newport
Mr Roberts, Newport
Mrs Roberts, Newport
H Burton, Llanmartin
I Burton, Llanmartin
J Stanton, Newport
S Appleby, Newport
C Evans, Cwmbran
M Hayes, Newport
Lee Pring, Newport
Denise Jones, Newport
Lyndon Bridges, Trevethin
Edward Lawrence, Newport
Janet Westacott, Cwmbran
Philip Peard, Cwmbran
Raf Biskup, Rogerstone
Carl Davies, Newport
Carol Thomas, Newport
Gordon Thomas, Newport
Kate Jones, Newport
Westley Jones, Newport
Byron Jones, Newport
P Micheal, Newport
A Micheal, Newport
M Derrovan, Newport
H Morgan, Newport
S Tarabarelli, Newport
B Harrison, Ponthir
A Harrison, Ponthir
A Davidson, Newport
T Davidson, Newport
Caroline Morgan, Pontfaen
Colin Morgan, Pontfaen
C Powell, Pontfaen
E Powell, Pontfaen
M Powell, Newport
A Powell, Newport
P Flynn, Pontypool
M Cook, Pontypool
J Howe, Newport
C Camillier, Newport
L Camillier, Newport
A Flynn, Malpas
P Hammett, Magor
V Hammett, Magor
L Wilcox, Chippenham
K Upton, Newport
R McBain, Newport
I Williams, Newport
Mary Davies, Newport
M Rocke, Newport
Edna Long, Newport
Eleanor Price, Rogerstone
Doreen Kay, Newport
I Stevens, Newport
M Chan, Ponthir
R Exton, Ponthir
S O’Shea, Newport
P Marlowe, Caerleon
V Cox, Newport
B Phillips, Newport
D Everett, Newport
Tony Phillips, Newport
B Bollen, Caerleon
M Morgan, Malpas
K Ford, Newport
A Pugh, Rhiwderin
N Jukes, Newport
Mark Thomas, Newport
Thomas Mort, Newport
J Bush, Newport
P Bush, Newport
Chris Mort, Newport
J Shuttleworth, Newport
T Parry, Newport
C Lloyd, Newport
J Jones, Newport
C Thomas-McClintock, Newport
R Parnell, Cardiff
N Howells, Newport
T Howells, Newport
P Yendle, Newport
R Mort, Newport
Mrs Harley, Newport
Mr Harley, Newport
Mrs Saxton, Newport
E Davies, Newport
A Davies, Newport
John Marasco, High Cross
Scott Marasco, Rogerstone
James Stansfield, Caerleon
Kathleen Warr, Caerleon
Sarah Marasco, Newport
Chris Stansfield, Newport
Ray Stansfield, Newport
Jonathan Stansfield, Newport
Anne Marasco, Newport
Joe Stansfield, Newport
Dave Marasco, Newport
Matalene Marasco, Newport
A Ransome, Cwmcarn
R Ransome, Cwmcarn
R Williams, Rogerstone
A Jackson, Carmarthen
Paul Williams, Rogerstone
A Williams, Rogerstone
A Miller, The Gaer
Sylvia Hodge, Newport
Melville Hodge, Newport
Tricia Underwood, Newport
Arthur Underwood, Newport
Pat Foster, Newport
Pat Pearce, Newport
Rosemarie Price, Newport
D Gappon, Newport
Mark Pitman, Newport
David Price, Caerleon
Mika-Rion Price, Caerleon
Edna Howells, Maindee
M Kreuser, Newport
A Kreuser, Newport
Karen Bowles, Risca
Kim Cleere, Risca
Rhys Cleere, Cross Keys
Alicia Harris, Risca
Claire Williams, Risca
John Harris, Newbridge
E Thomas, Rogerstone
Hayley Cooper, Crosskeys
Danielle Bowles, Cross Keys
M Wallace, Risca
Mandy Whitehill, Bassaleg
Ian Whitehill, Bassaleg
Rosa Hicks, Bassaleg
Madison Whitehill, Bassaleg
Maggie Whitehill, Newport
Gill Ross, Newport
Norah Thomas, Newport
Ann Frost, Newport
Charlotte Whitehill, Bassaleg
John Cox, Newport
Mr Taylor, Newport
Janet Bombroffe, Newport
Roger Bombroffe, Newport
Mr Hunt, Bassaleg
Mrs Hunt, Bassaleg
P Norton, Newport
S Norton, Newport
S Norton, Newport
S Norton, Newport
A Norton, Newport
I O’Connor, Newport
F O’Connor, Moorland Park
P Waters, Whitson
B Waters, Whitson
G Waters, Whitson
N Robinson, Bristol
M Waters, Bristol
D Waters, Whitson
M Laing, Caerleon
N Laing, Caerleon
K Cooke, Caerleon
Mr Walliker, Bassaleg
Mr Turner, Malpas
Mr Stokes, Malpas
C Redmond, Abercarn
S Evans, Risca
A Viney, Blackwood
L Richards, Pontyclun
C Ley, Cardiff
Sally Thomas, Wylie
Cara Wills, Crumlin
S Davies, Rogerstone
Ian Plaister, Brynglas
Carol Williamson, Blackwood
Richard Clead, Tonyrefail
Darryl Nighting, Pontypool
H Lloyd, Pontypridd
E Lewis, Newport
Sue Titman, Cardiff
Keri Williams, Cross Keys
A Browning, Rogiet
T Browning, Rogerstone
N Griffiths, Rogiet
S Browning, Rhiwderin
L Taylor, Undy
G Gregory, Rogerstone
Carl Ecaevarria, Cwmfelinfach
Rhys Cleverly, Caerphilly
Brian Sprod, Aberdare
Amanda Harry, Newport
Margaret Malarczyk, Cwmfelinfach
Nathan Thomas, Newport
Gareth Davies, Newbridge
John Coneyworth, Rogerstone
Martin Williams, Pontllanfraith
Zoe Havelot, Griffithstown
A Cook, Pontnewydd
Ceri Davies, Llanyrafon
G Wheatstone, Newport
Laura Derraven, Cwmbran
Gloria Dent, Bassaleg
Cath Farr, Pontypool
Julie Long, Newport
Sarah Giblin, Newport
Sandi Hill, Rhondda Cynon Taff
Helen Slatter, Cwmfelinfach
D Gray, Cross Keys
R Wescombe, Aberbargoed
D Ford, Newport
C Gaffney, Newport
L Daly, Newport
N Tretton, Newport
C Price, Newport
Debbie Carbury, Risca
Charlie Carbury, Risca
Nick Carbury, Risca
Chris Carbury, Risca
E Randall, Ringland
Mr Dent, Ynysddu
H Fiore, Bargoed
D Jones, Newport
H Duggan, Newport
C Chorley, Newport
M Jones, Newport
G Heath, Abertillery
E Cairns, Newport
P Cairns, Newport
Thomas Suller, Newport
DH Waite, Rogerstone
J E Waite, Rogerstone
O Davis, Newport
RV Garner, Newport
J Powell, Newport
R Harris, Newport
R Kennard, Newport
M Birchall, Newport
Mona Ali, Newport
J Keane, Newport
S Pretvy, Newport
M Johansson, Newport
E Griffiths, Newport
S Sarah, Newport
M Harley, Newport
GR John, Newport
J.Parker, Newport
A.Shaw, Newport
Mrs Van den Heede, Newport
Mr and Mrs.Radford, Newport
Mr Jenkins, Newport
Mr Ossett, Newport
E G Ambam, Newport
J Dallen, Newport
K Dallen, Newport
R Butler, Newport
MM Browny, Newport
L Johnston, Newport
P Rotoyczek, Newport
J Smith, Newport
H Santini, Newport
G Beckett, Newport
A Brown, Newport
BGG Gelf, Newport
P Saunders, Newport
E Marks, Newport
P Rutsmurce, Newport
RW Barns, Cardiff
B Annetts, Swffryd
L Annetts, Swffryd
J Marie, Newport
B Cashman, Newport
David Brown, Blaenafon
Savamah, Newport
Scott Dance, Newport
D Simkins, Newport
Matthew Evans, Newport
I Smith, Newport
P Ball, Cross Keys
S Sharple, Newport
Johns, Newport
Carlee Walker, Newport
Andrew Jones, Newport
P Dewlis, Caerleon
M A Owen, Newport
J Wilson, Newport
J Pagne Disso, Newport
J Pittard, Newport
J Connors, Newport
S Morgan, Newport
L Morgan, Newport
J Morgan, Newport
J Horton, Risca
C Fauffollee, Newport
T Elston, Newport
A Barnes, Rogerstone
M Hannum, Cwmbran
A G O’Gorman, Newport
LJ Posser, Sebastopol
L Slim, Newport
V Edwards, Newport
P Opal, Newport
V Roberts, Newport
S Roisson, Rogerstone
L Brown, Newport
E Mullins, Newport
S Brooks, Newport
P Appleby, Newport
M Griffiths, Newport
E Bidmead, Newport
L L Blud, Newport
S Anderson, Newport
D Blud, Newport
J Blud, Newport
L Bidmead, Newport
G Nennessy, Newport
Lee Stickland, Newport
M Higgins, Newport
E Doible, Newport
M S Pittman, Newport
S Higgier, Newport
S Batten, Newport
J Powell, Newport
K Jones, Risca
F Westwood, Cwmbran
J B Buckley, Newport
M Kioi, Newport
R Marggs, Newport
R Michael, Newport
Chris Hames, Newport
Shayn Flower, Newport
C Bugeja, Newport
P Cox, Newport
A Cox, Newport
A Jones, Newport
G Rogerson, Newport
Jan Williams, Newport
D Willotts, Newport
Cherub, Undy
S Rover, Newport
S Humphrey, Undy
E Davies, Newport
R Guest, Newport
G Marshall, Newport
FL Spokes, Newport
Mrs P Amos, Caerleon
D Thomas, Newport
R Thomas, Newport
C Larder, Newport
M Aevy, Newport
Amjid Rafiq, Newport
P Sansome, Newport
P Fog, Newport
J Elloway, Newport
J Stokes, Newport
C Vowles, Pontymister
RRJ Caster, Newport
E Wright, Risca
D Williams, Risca
Richard Brunnock, Newport
Paul Watt, Newport
Gareth Jones, Cwmbran
M Perkins, Newport
J Leedy, Newport
H Key, Caldicot
F Graham, Newport
D C Graham, Newport
B Stephens, Newport
B Barry, Newport
P Williams, Newport
l Lampton, Newport
J Isaac, Ebbw Vale
V Collins, Newport
K Hallam, Newport
S J Merry, Cwmbran
F Kent, Magor
M Kent, Magor
M Blythe, Chepstow
P Blythe, Chepstow
M Maloney, Newport
Mr Wallis, Newport
R Greening, Newport
D W Lloyd, Newport
TM Blythe, Newport
D Beer, Newport
G Owen, Usk
G St John, Newport
L Jenkins, Newport
D Evans, Newport
T Chisapeen, Newport
FFee, Newport
M Rimola, Newport
R Gibbons, Newport
F Ganfarm, Newport
T Vaughan, Caerleon
D Maggs, Newport
H Maggs, Newport
A C Edwards, Newport
L Powell, Newport
D Bush, Newport
J Powell, Newport
M Goodwin, Newport
T Phillips, Newport
D Hay, Newport
S Phillips, Newport
M Corenda, Newport
S Reynolds, Newport
J Grenda, Newport
H Phillips, Newport
A Cross, Newport
B Dunn, Newport
W Tadman, Newport
M Dunn, Newport
O Farmer, Newport
P Warwick, Newport
J Lalies, Newport
J A Lalies, Newport
R G Haywood, Newport
M Fobal, Ponthir
J Pisani, Newport
Mr Balakrishoran, Sebastopol
N Willarise, Newport
Mr Butcher, Newport
A Murray, Newport
R Murray, Newport
G J Watts, Newport
M Watts, Newport
Caroline Francis, Newport
Terry Howard, Pontllanfraith
Andrew Sharp, Newport
Yvonne Evans, Newport
Stuart Macdonald, Newport
W Ford, Newport
R Hill, Cardiff
Sidney, Newport
Mike New, Newport
J M Phillips, Newport
S Taw, Newport
J McDonald, Newport
Randall Phillip, Newport
S Higgins, Newport
Chris Nash, Newport
W Day, Newport
R Lillie, Newport
A Dow, Newport
R Poole, Newport
R Naylor, Newport
O Bowan, Newport
C Dare, Cwmbran
S Ali, Newport
R Hemmings, Newport
S Kinsella, Cross Keys
V Poole, Newport
A Grainger, Newport
G Williams, Caerphilly
M Lanigan, Newport
S Yeasmin, Newport
M Waseem, Newport
F Rahman, Newport
J Yousaf, Newport
S Sadiq, Newport
N Imran, Newport
Z Sadiq, Newport
R Aamir, Newport
M Fouweather, Newport
R Fouweather, Newport
K Hemmings, Newport
M Hemmings, Newport
D Hemmings, Newport
M North, Newport
G Meek, Pontypool
PB Meek, Pontypool
R Davey, Newport
R Taylor, Newport
J Blake, Newport
J Reynolds, Newport
R Emms, Newport
S Large, Newport
C Jones, Newport
T Lewis, Newbridge
Mr and Mrs Head, Newport
Mr and Mrs Smith, Newport
J Wine, Newport
J Saunders, Newport
P Humphries, Caldicot
S Griffin, Newport
Keir O’Kife, Newport
N Frowen, Newport
L Doyle, Newport
Steve Bird, Newport
L Stielay, Newport
Julie Stoodley, Newport
J Espin, Newport
Pat Sullow, Newport
G Coles, Newport
F Lewis, Newbridge
L Rogers, Newport
L Bright, Newport
Tim Rogers, Newport
G Inser, Newport
Pauline Kelly, Newport
M Meddermor, Newport
P Meddermor, Newport
P Meddermor, Newport
R Lloyd, Cwmbran
L Doyle, Newport
A Lloyd, Newport
L Fernivill, Newport
Liz Veysey, Newport
Jane Llewellyn, Newport
M Campbell, Newport
S Sommerton, Newport
E M Baynham, Newport
Jess Gregg, Bishton
Christine Gregg, Bishton
A Jenkins, Newport
T Alonzi, Newport
J Paske, Newport
B Paske, Newport
W Rogers, Newport
G Leaman, Newport
K Leaman, Newport
N Olvfsen, Newport
S Olvfsen, Newport
Nancy Jones, Newport
T Marsden, Newport
P Brown, Newport
K Bannister, Newport
J Stokes, Newport
A Ubaldi, Newport
N Bradford, Newport
J Mears, Caerleon
J. Soden, Newport
Kirsty Lewis, Wattsville
D Powdam, Blackwood
Lynne Kocimbas, Newport
Mr Grand, Newport
J Litt, Newport
P May, Newport
S Beach, Newport
Mr Scott, Newport
Mr McCartney, Newport
S Mavley, Newport
C Mavley, Newport
D Morgan, Newport
M Clark, Newport
G Taylor, Newport
C Anderson, Newport
Gavin Edwards, Newport
Jane Marshall, Newport
A Hopkins, Magor
N Hopkins, Magor
M Hopkins, Magor
J Copus, Newport
S Higgins, Newport
S Pritchard, Newport
D Williams, Risca
K Woodbury, Newport
B Clayden, Newport
S Clayden, Newport
B Pearce, Caldicot
K Beirne, Newport
D Beirne, Newport
D Thomas, Cwmbran
T Arneson, Newport
M Gay, Rogerstone
T Brown, Newport
S Thomas, Risca
A Thomas, Risca
PA Davies, Newport
AR Ditt, Newport
J Thomas, Newport
L Leach, Newport
L Taylor, Newport
G Butcher, Newport
Z Morgan, Newport
B Waitld, Newport
Clare Fletcher, Newport
Adrian French, Newport
J Balls, Bedwas
T Davies, Bedwas
D F Clifford, Newport
TD Bennett, Newport
H A Barrow, Newport
A Patterson, Newport
E Thomas, Newport
R Pugh, Caldicot
F Pugh, Caldicot
A Brown, Newport
L Ford, Newport
S Bailey, Newport
A Gizzi, Newport
D Gizzi, Newport
G Lloydd Jones, Newport
D Joves, Newport
K Watkins, Newport
A Copeland, Newport
I Stanton, Newport
Mrs Stanton, Newport
S Thomas, Newport
S Madley, Newport
S Backham, Newport
Agathe Gowchon, Newport
Gaynor Davies, Newport
Mark Davies, Newport
Ian Smith, Newport
Kirsty Beecham, Newport
Lindsay Williams, Caldicot
Donna Davies, Cross Keys
B Lister, Newport
G Brooks, Newport
Jo Fitch, Plymouth
Dave Tovey, Newport
Rosemary Phillpott, Newport
A Abela, Caerleon
C Goldsnets, Newport
A Harris, Newport
W A Lewis, Ponthir
S Delaly, Newport
C Johnstone, Newport
Jo Maddow, Newport
W M Allen, Newport
J Moore, Newport
Gavin Morrison, Caerleon
L Abraham, Cross Keys
R A Cox, Newport
P Day, Newport
J Smith, Newport
I Smith, Newport
P Johnston, Newport
P C Bowden, Newport
B Lane, Risca
M Sullivan, Risca
D A Oliver, Newport
M Oliver, Newport
V Taylor, Newport
M Taylor, Newport
D Webb, Newport
R M Willis, Newport
I Clark, Newport
M Clark, Newport
P Guest, Newport
D Mercy, Chepstow
A King, Newport
I Clemes, Newport
C Bully, Newport
A Thomas, Newport
T Pointer, Newport
A Nelson, Newport
I Davies, Newport
B E Lewis, Newport
W R Lewis, Newport
M J Brooks, Newprt
A Sykes, Newport
N McCarhy, Newport
J Ford, Griffithstown
J Bowie, Pontypool
P Mercer, Newport
C Appleby, Newport
B Pritchard, Newport
P E Glynne, Newport
R Stevens, Newport
A Stevens, Risca
I Kerr, Newport
Teri Cresswell, Newport
Wayne Cresswell, Newport
Liz Goodwin, Risca
Pat Hope, Risca
Dave Goodwin, Risca
Simon Morgan, Newport
Claire Burgess, Newport
Sue Woodruff, Newport
R Woodruff, Newport
P White, Cross Keys
R W Cheesman, Newport
Ray Firgeraid, Newport
F William, Newport
A Beard, Cwmbran
N McCarthy, Newport
J Sweet, Newport
C R Sweet, Newport
M Ruiz, Newport
A Davies, Newport
J Leighton, Cardiff
B Steer, Cardiff
E Goodger, Newport
J Stapleton, Risca
P Heeks, Risca
A Oliver, Newport
M Oliver, Newport
S Johnston, Newport
D Johnston, Newport
J Smith, Newport
Graham Bolt, Newport
Susan Bolt, Newport
J R Edwards, Newport
Sue Nolan, Caerleon
S Hielty, Cwmbran
L Wells, Newport
L Pagnem, Newport
A J Houghton, Newport
Rhys Jones, Newport
Matt Halstad, Newport
Dave Parry, Blaenavon
S Bromley, Newport
D Bromley, Newport
L Smith, Newport
S Oliver, Newport
D Jewitt, Newport
R W Harris, Undy
S Thorpe, Newport
Fatima Abuthur
A Welhorn, Newport
D Holland, Caerleon
J Hart, Caerleon
E Lonergran, Newport
R Fox, Bargoed
J Moore, Caldicot
H Marpell, Cwmbran
T M Gibson, Newport
L Campbell, Newport
K Campbell, Newport
Claire Mathias, Newport
Martin Mathias, Newport
B Lane, Newport
Emma James, Newport
Ellys Stanworthy, Rogerstone
Jeffrey Parker, Newport
David Reeves, Newport
Jack Bullivant, Newport
Aimee Gray, Newport
Rebecca Gray, Rogerstone
Mary Silmne, Newport
L Powell, Newport
J S Powell, Newport
R Griffiths, Newport
Mr Russell, Newport
R Taylor, Oakdale
S Taylor, Oakdale
G Dawkins, Risca
L Richards, Newport
F Clifford, Newport
Thomas Abraham, Caerleon
Sian, Pier, Newport
S Owens, Newport
J Owens, Newport
A Rees, Abertillery
F Rees, Abertillery
S Mason, Newport
L Redman, Newport
M Martin, Cross Keys
H Wootton, Caerleon
R J Lewis, Risca
G Price, Newport
J Rhyls, Caerleon
R Fortt, Caerleon
A Way, Newport
P Harris, Newport
Kurt Griffith, Newport
C Bartlett-Legg, Newport
Awills, Newport
J Harding, Cefn Hengoed
S Porter, Newport
J Stone, Newport
R Morgan, Cwmbran
E Boshein, Cwmbran
J Daniels, Pontypool
S Selway, Abercarn
D Selway, Abercarn
R Holdsworth, Newport
B Richards, Newport
A Richards, Newport
F Mason, Newport
J Williams, Usk
C Reynolds, Newport
A Reynolds, Newport
E Hellya, Caerphilly
M Prritchard, Newport
Paul Robinson, Newport
I Collison, Newport
Janet Williams, Risca
C Hope, Cardiff
S Kent, Cwmbran
M Howell, Cwmbran
J Williams, Newport
D Williams, Newport
R Harding, Cefn Hengoed
M Richards, Rogerstone
A Whittingham, Newport
K Thomas, Newport
S Poppleton, Newport
J Hill, Newport
J Gibson, Newport
G Wathen, Cwmbran
R Wathen, Newport
D Grimshawell, Newport
YM James, Risca
J Roche, Newport
K Corbett, Newport
D J Weaver, Newport
M Williams, Newport
C May, Abersychan
D Cross, Ystrad Mynach
C Jones, Caerleon
O Smith, Newport
S Silver, Newport
L Roberts, Newport
A Roberts, Newport
C Roberts, Newport
J Rowe, Newport
A Rowe, Newport
C Fullwood, Newport
Mrs J Fullwood, Newport
Mr J Fullwood, Newport
Mr Phillips,Newport
Mrs J Phillips, Newport
A J Coulombe, Newport
BW Hodgson, Newport
G Kean, Newport
J Murphy, Newport
I Murphy, Newport
V Roberts, Newport
M Nicholson, Newport
B Davies, Newport
G Walsh, Newport
S Davies, Newporrt
D Davies, Newport
S Pratley, Pontymister
J Brewer, Rogerstone
R Bailey, Newport
J Campbell Newport
S Koliymbas, Newport
J Kerr, Newport
D Merrett, Newport
G David, Newport
Gerry Johnson, Newport
Grace Johnson, Newport
Carl Johnson
Graham Palfrey, Newport
J Turner, Newport
R Thomas, Newport
G Kelly, Newport
T Wall, Newport
M Webb, Newport
S John, Rogerstone
T John, Rogerstone
Bryce Marshall, Newport
Teresa Turner, Newport
Mike Lewis, Newport
Anthony Lewis, Newport
K W Gwldd, Newport
C Carter, Newport
Sheila Shoney, Newport
Ron Jones, Abercarn
Gail Jones, Abercarn
D Cooper, newport
Z Hickman, Newport
R Sullivan, Newport
M Horner, Newport
A Bowman, Newport
J Dawes, Newport
P Fitzgerald, Newport
M Wright, Machen
L Webb, Newport
D Thomas, Newport
P Mullin, Newport
J O’Meara, Llanmartin
P Yang, Newport
A Yang, Newport
H O’Sullivan, Newport
O Waters, Newport
R Bale, Rogerstone
E Pavits, Newport
Dave Thomas, Newport
Tom Doherty, Newport
Mike Kempson, Newport
Victoria Bevens, Newport
Wayne Higgins, Newport
Leanne Ferris, Newport
Nick Lewis, Newport
Len Kalter, Newport
J Mustable, Newport
T Carroll, Newport
Marion Lewis, Newport
Colin Simpson, Newport
Terri Kalter, Newport
P Dowsell, Newport
A Fitzpatrick, Newport
P W Fitzpatrick, Newport
E Booth, Caldicot
RJ Anderton, Cross Keys
P Anderton, Cross Keys
R Mullen, Newport
S Rees, Newport
S Andrew, Newport
T Osborne, Abercwmboi
T Edmunds, Newport
A Brown, Newport
J Whitcomb, Newport
Groucal, Rogerstone
L Hughes, Blackwood
T Hughes, Blackwood
L McGrew, Newport
P Lusardi, Newport
S Lusardi, Newport
O Davies, Newport
S Davies, Newport
J Hersey, Newport
K Hersey, Newport
T Hairday, Newport
R Weilan, Newport
D Mumes, Newport
D Mott, Newport
A Skillern, Newport
G Williams, Newport
MJ Ford, Newport
Mr & Mrs Hewlekl, Newport
Ben Powell, Newport
SJ Pearce, Cwmbran
M Wyostek, Newport
R Taylor, Newport
A Ralph, Newport
J Browning, Newport
D Richards, Newport
B Andrews, Cwmcarn
L Andrews, Cwmcarn
Kirsty Stone, Newport
Craig Dunkley, Newport
Matt Smooth, Magor
C Brown, Newport
E Brown, Newport
L Draper, Cwmbran
G Harris, Newport
R Newman, Newport
Cath Fielden, Newport
S Jones, Newport
R O’Connor, Newport
P O’Connor, Newport
DY Swan, Newport
Mr TH Everson, Machen
L Fiage, Newport
J Coopey, Newport
Chloe Powell, Newport
Mary Williams-Wadley, Newport
Danny Clements, Newport
S Hodge, Newport
LM Green, Newport
T Singleton, Newport
M Marks, Newport
RG Watts, Newport
D Hemmings, Newport
C Morgan, Newport
K Parsons, Newport
J Ridge, Newport
S Tinklim, Risca
D Ridge, Birmingham
J Lewis, Newport
G Granger, Newport
P Dunkin, Newport
S Palfrey, Newport
K Kyle, Newport
G Winters, Newport
A Tuck, Newport
J Lee, Newport
G Philip, Newport
Babs Hancock, Newport
M Taylor, Rogerstone
K Beddow, Rogerstone
SM Pritchard, Ystrad Mynach
Mr and Mrs Urquhart, Newport
Mr and Mrs Taylor Newport
Paul York, Newport
A Hardwick, Cardiff
Mr Parsons, Newport
M Neath, Newport
L Tribey, Bassaleg
M Alsot, Newport
D T Westacott, Newport
S Westacott, Newport
R Wortlehech, Newport
B Watson, Newport
MR Kenvy, Newport
N Dallimie, Newport
P Colleyfrei, Newport
AL Jbourg, Newport
H Ker, Caerphilly
R Honywood, Newport
Mr Saunders, Newport
L Perry, Langstone
S Victery, Newport
Brenda Manby, Newport
R Manby, Newport
A Solter, Newport
P Oswas, Newport
Mr Stitt, Llanmartin
Mr Pickering, Newport
B Stonfield, Newport
Mr and Mrs J Hill, Newport
Mrs Shelley, Newport
L Pummell, Pontypool
S Bay, West Bromich
P Jovice, Cardiff
B Hara, Newport
L Hara, Newport
DP Javier, Newport
Illya Kautai, Newport
L Mansell, Newport
S Llewellyn, Magor
JA Lloyd, Pontypool
D Warwick, Pontypool
G Bull, Newport
A Machill, Risca
A Rappell, Maindee
Mrs Hicks, Bassaleg
Callum Mincher, Newport
W Covell, Newport
J Dain, Newport
J Whittam, Newport
B Hopbery, Newport
B Fern, Newport
Mr S Logue, Newport
D Osman, Newport
L Auro, Newport
J Lewis, Cwmbran
Mr Jones, Newport
Mr Tattesrhall, Griffithstown
Mr Teall, Newport
Mr Albert, Newport
Mr Ross, Newport
Mr Walsh, Newport
Mr Cape, Llandaff
Mr Courtney, Newport
Donnya Taghelin, Griffithstown
Michele Taghelin, Griffithstown
Laura Bowen, Llanmont
N Mercy, Risca
L Levesconte, Newport
RE Bidddiscombe, Newport
M Turner, Newport
MB Viggs, Cwmcarn
H Tanner, Newport
P Waring, Newport
D Lawton, Newport
J Spanswick, Pontnewydd
G Matthews, Newport
M Pitman, Machen
M Burtlett, Newport
V Burtlett, Newport
Vanessa Lawson, Newport
Jeff Day, Newport
Helen Godden, Newport
G Taylor, Newport
D Ripley, Newport
L Matthews MBE, Newport
N Sefton, Newport
Sue Hathaway, Newport
J Gambarine, Newport
BJ Walker, Newport
C Roberts, Newport
SA Dewar, Malpas
Y Bidgard, Newport
CJ Jarvis, Newport
C Duffin, Newport
SJ Wilson, Rhiwderin
D Barnes, Rogerstone
S Malttis, Usk
A Wright, Newport
S Hussain, Newport
F Hussain, Newport
Mr Saaj, Newport
Vivek Sharma, Newport
Abhinav Sharma, Newport
I Hussain, Newport
P Merrett, Newport
SL Hisplop, Newport
S Constair, Newport
P Gittins, Newport
L Gabb, Newport
C Jeffries, Caerleon
SA McGorrigan, Newport
L Dimie, Newport
G Arnold, Newport
C Arnold, Newport
J Jones, Newport
Bill Collier, Newport
Bonita Dowles, Newport
B Roysland, Rogerstone
R Watters, Newport
Mr Needham, Newport
Mary Needham, Newport
Fiona & Mike Vry, Caerleon
Raquel Ruasa, Newport
D Ford, Risca
P Loxton, Newport
M Loxton, Newport
R Roberts, Cwmbran
E Coghlan, Newport
Jun Au, Caldicot
E Lomas, Newport
R Lomas, Newport
P Chanti, Newport
G Chanti, Newport
J Coghlan, Newport
R West, Brynglas
H Wayle, Machen
T Knight, Portskewett
F Lawday, Caerleon
A Donovan, Newport
J Anderson, Rogerstone
L Hughes, Newport
John Atkins, Newport
Elaine Griffin, Henllys
Kieran Farr, Newport
FM Carlin, Newport
P Ramage, Newport
M Young, Newport
Anne Pegington, Newport
C Mason, Langstone
A Martin, Newport
S Aksoy, Newport
O Aksoy, Newport
R Jaynes, Caerleon
Ian Moss, Newport
R Baker, Newport
T Carter, Machen
S Varnett, Malpas
A Christoffersen, Bishton
J Kennaly, Newport
S Bates, Newport
A Read, Newport
H Guilo, Newport
C Willis, Newport
H Howen, Newport
C Olsen, Swansea
A Towl, Marshfield
J Hobson, Rogerstone
A Payne, Newport
B Mayo, Newport
W Wong, Worcester
G Howles, Newport
J Goodwin, Newport
P Harwood, Newport
Y Lomax, Newport
R Thorpe, Cwmfelinfach
S Williams, Newport
G Williams, Newport
A Mcmanus, Newport
H Mcmanus, Newport
R Chamberlain, Newport
D Read, Newport
Y Poyner, Newport
M Lloyd, Newport
M Baker, Newport
P Fackerell, Newport
P Cocchiara, Newport
J Miles, Newport
C Taylor, Newport
P Doyle, Newport
M Jones, Newport
B Lewis, Newport
V Shadbolt, Somerset
Mrs Hugh, Cardiff
M Boyle, Newport
R Ainsworth, Bristol
C Andrews, Ystrad Mynach
A Gartland, Newport
P Moulton, Newport
M Rees, Cardiff
C Humphrey, Caldicot
J Williams, Newport
M Jenkins, Newport
T Kennedy, Pontypool
D Rowlands, Newport
P Rowlands, Newport
M Kassem, Newport
S Roberts, Newport
B Scrunt, Newport
R Cinto, Newport
R Davey, Newport
M Bantell, Newport
G Bantell, Newport
V Hugh, Newport
G Toman, Cwmbran
J Goggins, Newport
Mr Edmund, Caerleon
Ms Westacott, Newport
N Morgan, Newport
K Shackso, Newport
C Bryant, Newbridge
J Orchard, Newport
H Johnsey, Newport
S Cleary, Caldicot
D Davies, Cwmbran
C Jones, Newport
K Morgan, Newport
R Willis, Newport
Mr Harding, Llandevaud
L Mills, Newport
D Howard, Newport
J Berrow, Caerwent
B Berrow, Caerwent
Mr Evans, Blaina
Mrs Scott, Rogerstone
H Lucas, Newport
C Hughes, Newport
G Shears, Newport
R Vaku, Newport
P Beirne, Newport
N Beirne, Newport
J Oldfield, Newport
R Mann, Newport
S Forman, Newport
M Sheedy, Newport
C Sheedy, Newport
M Bryant, Newport
J Herbert, Newport
S Coombes, Newport
H McDermott, Newport
R McDermott, Newport
S Clarke, Newport
A Clarke, Newport
C Field, Newport
S Griffiths, Newport
M Nortney, Newport
M Danaher, Newport
D Ryall, Cwmcarn
A Morgan, Newport
R Main, Risca
C Thomson, Newport
R Leyshan, Newport
A Rajaw, Newport
E Wyatt, Newport
L Peat, Newport
L Stanworth, Newport
A Jones, Newport
W Llloyd, Undy
K Newman, Magor
E Thorpe, Newport
S Packer, Caldicot
H Perkins, Newport
J Mallett, Newport
E Morrish, Newport
S Hopkins, Monmouth
J Williams, Risca
S Baker, Newport
T Drew, Newport
S Healy, Newport
Mrs Davidson, Newport
S Benjamin, Caldicot
H Luscombe, Newport
K Castagna, Newport
K Murphy, Newport
H Rees, Bassaleg
M Hart, Newport
J Hennah, Newport
P Shier, Newport
L Blenkin, Newport
R Kirtland, Newport
C Ferris, Newport
C Henry, Newport
C Haine, Newport
M Lomas, Newport
N Bristow, Newport
H Jones, Newport
L Vacara, Newport
Nigel Malcolm, Newport
A Buller, Newport
L Power, Newport

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Mandi Howe
Anne Perry
Michael Bradley
Jack Cobner
Gareth Thomas Hale
Gabrielle Williams
Cliff Edwards
Will Butler
Sarah Woods
Nicholas Webb
Dawn Webb
Barbara Blok
R Russell
Clare Erickson
Rachel Gibson
Sarah Wigmore
John Pope
Andrew Twinam
JM Locke
Nicholas Boyd
Mark Taylor
Paul Smith
DG Evans
Kate Davies
Matt Thomas
Gwyn Jenkins
David James
Llyneth Millard
Alwyn Pumford
Nigel Stowe
Tim Lewis
Annette Stowe
M Hassan
Mavis Stowe
Paul Harley
Lisa Greenfield
Katie H
Julie Gibson
Ryan L
Karen Collier
Sally Wallis
Jeffrey Quarterly
Robert Evans
Helen Black
Kevin Ward
Mr M Kyi
Lyndon Godwin
Ethan Parry
Chris Pascoe
Terrace Restaurant
Lisa Spencer
Karrina Mitchell
Andrea Thackeray
Karen Smith
Simon Thomas
Chris Hall
Jeffrey Chave
Linda Stokoe
Gloria Williams
Mark Roberts
Victor Penaluna
S Jefferies
Robin Hall
Ivor Robert Shillabeer
Ryan Mills
Jason Nichols
Lewis Fitzroy
Chris Taylor
M Ganderton
Shane Maggs
Hannah Parry
Simon Robert
Simon Roberts
Paul Matthews
Julie Glover
Netty Edwards
Eileen and Peter Basham
Damien Downes
William Reynolds
Chris Curry
Christine Summers
Susan Westacott
Stuart Baddley
J Davies
Janet Campbell
J Clement
Brynley Jones
Kerry Price
Natalie Read
Sally Lee
Martin Wade
Francesca Evans
Deborah Laidlaw
Christine Ormond
Candy Fuller
Gareth Toon
Sean Walsh
Chris Hill
Aisling Morgan
Mrs GI Haig
D Davies
Gina Robertson
Catherine Hayman
JE Samuel
JC Jeffery
D Young
Royhema Khatun
Alistair McCormick
Natasha Langmaid
D Evans
Jennie Ashton
Ben Jenkins
Kat Maslowska
Andrew Harley
Jacqueline Davies
Phil Bessant
Andrew Phelps
Katherine Lewis
Mike Jones
A Jones
Mrs Pugh
David Pring
Dianne Pring
Tina Weatherbed
K Bessant
Tanya Williams
Charlie Easton
Alan McCarthy
D Cook
Linda Thomson
Miriam Sweet
I Bollington
T L O’Shea
Lynn Jones
C Sweeting
N Templar
Cath Morgan
Rosemary Jackson-Kilham
Gaynor West
Catherine and Tim Davidson
John Ferris
Dave Rose
Hannah Ward
D Goulding
Lise Hull
P Edwards
P Edwards
Brian Hoskins
Mike Ronan
Mrs Angela Lewis
Tony Flower Cerys Davey
G Williams
Cath McLaughlin
Pete McLaughlin
Susan Screen
J Lloyd
Lizzy B
Gary Harvey
Pam Robson
Shani Rendell
L Sheedy
Adrian Harris
Angela Thomas: Helen Francis
Nova Stevens
Royce Clifford
Lisa Kirby
Mark Sanders
Caroline Tucker
Haydn Morse
Kristy Morgan
Jodie Powell
Jessica Harris
Elaine Harris
Christopher Harris
Urmila Kotecha
Terrance Smith
Anne Bayliss
Dean Griffiths
Arj wain Wright
Rosie Thomas
Jessica Good
P Tremayne
Debra Manley
Loretta Watkins
Rhiannon Atkinson
Steven Lucas
A Dack
Jacky McCarthy
Rhian Pascoe
Mark B
Mark Cheshire
Helen Beddow
Andy Johnston
Mrs R E Gunter
Ian Waters
Philip Pugh
Lisa Channing
Elizabeth Stanley
Mr and Mrs B Broome
Tony Williams
Sarah Jones
David Beech
Simon Stanley
Phil Herbert
Brian Matthews
Jayne Lewis
Zoe White
Gloria Silbor
Glyn Davies
Jeff Jones
Jan Hull
Kris Holland
Janet Smith
Brian Hughes
Linda Harris
Michael Perry
Neil Jones
H Freeman
Caroline Cox
Ted Clevely
David Bond
John Taylor
R Turner
Sally Morgan
Matthew Fido
Steve Symes
Nena J
Stephanie Roberts
Sharon Coates
PJ Wivell
Gary D
A Birch
Jon Collier
John Trueman
Judith Hunt
Kristie Oliver
Gareth Croft
Justin Walker
David Clarke
Mike Walsh
Louise Grimstead
Gareth George
Ann Alonzi
Nick Webb
Rula Brustad
Darren Mercer
Jill Porretta
Brian Taylor
Nicola Cawley
Mandy Gore
Martyn Truman
Angela Morelli
Kahla Delahay
Pablo Riesco
Dave Key
Sally Cunliffe
Sam Davies
Steven Terrett
Norman Seward
Edwin Corstin
Gerald Lock
Alan Coombs
Felicity Roberts
Robin Hilborne
Paul Howlett
Sylvia Sully
James Crook
Brian Terry
B Banfield
Julie Griffiths
Clare Goold
Moira Voisey
Sarah Raines
Les and Jan Curtis
David Jones
Jean Bartlett
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Ian Giles
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A Cross
Mr J H Romer
Peter Horleston
Ian MacKinlay
Chris Hall
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S Arandjelovic
Elizabeth Wilson
Lynne Simmonds
Gemma Matthews
Keith Dobbs
Jenny Jones
Mrs Griffiths
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Karl Plaisted
Chris JH England
R Pocock
Nathan Wilson
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Aaron Healey
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Gillian Passey
Peter Georgiou
Ben Hardwidge
Lloyd Murray
Mike Daly
Brenda Shea
Liz Willey
David Willey
Sarah Bishop
Luke Rogers
David Thomas Williams
Hilda Williams
Mr P Biggins
Mrs G Pritchard
Tessa Perry
M Yearsley
Ann Davies
John Davies
Charlie Roberts
Ms Margaret Lilian Roy
Kat Fieldhouse
Kathleen Baker
L Knight
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Barry Armstrong
Alan Bignell
Margaret Barrow
Kath Wilson
Anwar Taylor
Raymond Fitzgerald
Samantha Gilchrist
Julie May
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Valerie Churchward
Mr H D Benson
Michael Morse
Donald Duce
Jai Marshall
Rita Treen
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June Neal
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Robin Davey
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Thomas Ken
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Michelle Davey
David Grimstead
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Edith Clarke
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Christopher Whelton
Martin Prosser
James Pearce
Francis Savage
Richard Verrinder
Brian Stacey
Kevin Dodd
Robert Challingsworth
PM Morris
Rebecca Wilson
Stuart Palfrey
Richard Lockett
Barbara Cornwall
Rod Thomas
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Gill Nicklin
Diana J Wilkins & Stanley Wilkins
Tracey Hodges
Zep Bellavia
Nikki Thomas
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Dianne Suffield
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Mrs M Franklin
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Sharon Williams
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Andy Wilkins
Gwyn Kemp-Philp
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Cllr Nigel George
Helen Baker
Denise Brawn
Karen Coghlan
Rob Nelson
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Ms U L Kotechal
Gerard Dowdall
Nita Deacon
Alison Blanford
Helen Cadman
Claire Woodman
Pauline Corten
Dermot Carroll
Patricia Bailley
Steve Morgan
Karen Pyke
M Cornelious
Barrie Greenhaf
Cllr David Williams
Mr Andrew J Ross
D Clifford
Charles Dawson
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Helen Horton
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W Bradley
Vera Wall
Jeanette Lawrenson
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Mrs M Franklin
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D Powell
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Mrs B. Locke
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A Strangward
Tracey Vowles
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J Bowley OBE
Hayley Smith
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T Anderson
Laura Maisey
L Evans
A Whittington
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Kirstyn McAdorey
Samantha Robinson
Sally Morgan
Roger Rowland
Charlie Rowland
Phillip Thackeray
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Leah Davies
Michael Lister
Andrew Jones
Delyth Jones
Nicholas Corfield-Hensby
Nikki Malpas
A Lloyd- Coombs
Martin Richards
Alexia Evans
Wendy Cooney
Ria Phillips
Hayley Nash
Joanna Bull
Ieuan Berry