Today, we are publishing election statements from the candidates in the upcoming Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner elections. Here, Chris Wright makes his case for election I am a true Independent candidate because to politicise policing is simply wrong.

I retired after thirty years of policing; always in uniform and always committed to DIRECT community policing but also specialising in planning police operations and community safety plans. In my last week of duty I worked a night shift. No other candidate has such real, recent and relevant knowledge of any policing.

It is this extensive knowledge and experience of front-line and support to policing that makes me the perfect person to analyse the whole of Gwent constabulary and decide whether, their policies, direction and strategies will work, and whether these are right for the communities of Gwent, then be able to cut crime and deliver an effective & efficient police within our force area; be responsible for consulting with the public of Gwent to set local policing priorities; personally ensure these priorities are suitably funded by setting the budget; ensure your community's needs are met as effectively as possible, and hold the Chief Constable to account for the performance of Gwent Police.

As your Police and Crime Commissioner, I have already begun dialogue with important partners, like Victim Support, to ensure that once a victim is identified or an offender is brought to justice then a whole gambit of actions will take place to support or reassure the victim and drive home the repulsion our communities feel about criminals and their actions.

I am not a political candidate. I have rejected political support. I want to assure everyone that my full-time goal is to continue the community policing and crime reductions of Gwent.

I am standing for election because I do not want politicians running our Police.