CHRIS Coleman admits he might never get to grips with international management, hinting that he’s ready to walk away when his contract expires, writes Ian Morgan.

Coleman says he is frustrated at having to wait four months for Wales’ next match He also revealed he even dismissed a couple of opportunities to work abroad in the early days of his Dragons’ reign.

But the Wales boss is targeting a top-three finish in Group A after their World Cup qualifying dreams were shattered.

“I have never once said that I have any other plans not to be manager of Wales,” said Coleman, whose contract expires at the end of the qualifying campaign.

“If we are going to do something exciting, I get excited with the players we have.

“But I get frustrated because there is no game in the next four months. I struggle with that.

“I have nothing for three or four months and I am not sure I am ever totally going to get to grips with that.

“We are not going to qualify now but we can finish third and I just get zoned out.

“We come together for 10 days and there’s a 10-day period where it’s intense and I throw myself into it.”

Coleman, a former Fulham manager, says he has had ‘one or two opportunities to work abroad’ in the past 15 months.

“We weren’t winning at the time and there was a lot of pressure but I still didn’t jump ship and I wouldn’t do,” he said.

“My next job after Wales probably won’t be on this island.

“I like working aboard – I learned more when I was working in Spain and Greece. I have no aspirations to join a British club.

“If I left after this campaign, I would probably want to move abroad again.”

Despite Wales’ qualification hopes being crushed, Coleman says there is plenty to play for.

“We are in our own league because Croatia and Belgium are in one league,” said Coleman.

“Serbia, us, Scotland and Macedonia are in the other league. We need to finish top of that league to put us in a better position for qualifying in the next championships. I am happy with the group of players we’ve got and excited when everybody is fit.

“I think we’ve got a good chance if we can finish strongly this time and put in a kind group next time.” Coleman added: “We have got four games left and I will speak with the powers that be and we will see after that.”