BLACKWOOD’S Bradley Dredge has admitted injury and illness have threatened and still threaten his playing career.

In a frank and honest interview with Argus Sport, Dredge, the two-time European Tour winner, confesses he’s faced a difficult time since losing his Tour card in 2012.

The ex-World Cup winner and Seve Trophy winner, not to mention a former member of the world’s top 50, is battling back after an enforced hiatus.

Dredge was given a two-month medical exemption for action this summer and took full advantage; finishing second is successive weeks at the Made in Denmark event and the Czech Open to ensure he will return to the European Tour next season – with something to spare as well.

One of the most popular players on the circuit, Dredge confesses he’s found the well-wishes from within the sport to be hugely uplifting.

Dredge will be in action this weekend after making the cut at the Wales Open and after missing the event 12 months ago, is determined to enjoy himself.

“Being away from golf has been hard, good in terms of the time I’ve spent with my wife, and struggling can be good in terms of... I’ve never had a problem with ambition, but struggling can be good for your game and learning some lessons about yourself,” he said.

“I had a serious thing, a personal thing and it’s still ongoing and I am still trying to sort it out.

“A couple of my friends know, my family and that’s it, it is a personal and private matter than hopefully will be sorted out sooner rather than later and allow me to get back in the swing of things, so to speak.

“It threatened my career, we thought that could be the end of that, but hopefully things will go well now and I’ll get it sorted out and next season I’ll be back to full fitness.

“But the way I’ve been treated since returning, it has provided a real boost.

“Everybody, from caddies, players, officials, reporters, anyone to do with the Tour, they have been so kind and so generous, sending text messages or whatever. And for me, my wife and the family, we really appreciate it.

“It hasn’t been easy, if you lose a bit of form, that’s one thing, but with the other stuff on top of it, it isn’t very nice, it’s difficult, but you come out of it really appreciating what is good in life. There are always plusses to every situation.”