FUTURE Steelmen and Ponty prospects got the chance to play under the bright lights of Eugene Cross Park last week.

Youngsters aged between six and 10 from RTB Ebbw Vale took on their counterparts from Pontypridd last Wednesday in a festival of rugby.

The event was organised to give young talent a chance to play on a Premiership pitch and its success is likely to lead to more festivals in the future.

"We were keen to build on the excellent work of RTB and create events that help encourage rugby participation and retain the talent," said Ebbw Vale secretary Ian James.

"Ebbw Vale and Pontypridd are determined to be in control of our own destinies. A huge part of that involves the future players from our respective areas seeing a clear and exciting pathway that gives them the opportunity to be the best they can.

"Congratulations to the future Steelmen and women involved and a big thanks to all at Pontypridd for travelling midweek and sharing our vision."