BRITISH champion Scott Cardle insists he can crush the dreams of St Joseph’s boxing gym once again as he readies himself for a second successive fight against a boxer from Tony Borg’s stable.

Scotland’s Cardle, unbeaten in 18 fights and considered a top prospect, won a war last time out against Blackwood’s Craig Evans to claim the vacant British lightweight title.

However, there are mitigating circumstances; mainly that Evans, untested at championship level, was also stepping up a weight.

And Cardle admits he can take no chances against Buckland, himself a former British champion and a boxer now renowned in the UK for being involved in hugely entertaining fights.

Indeed, Buckland has been in so many wars – including two fight of the year contenders with ex-world champion from Newbridge, Gavin Rees – that some pundits believe he won’t have much left in the tank.

“I don’t think Buckland’s over yet,” Cardle told Boxing Monthly.

“I think he’s got a lot left in the tank and I think he’ll show that on the night. It’s a crowd pleaser and I’m getting more excited for the fight. I think the clash of styles will be quite exciting and I’m looking forward to it.

“I’ve just got to stay switched on throughout the whole fight and make sure there are no places for errors. If all goes according to plan it’ll be a great fight and a great night for myself.

“As soon as you win the British title, it’s time to excel from there. Hopefully, I can do that in the next couple of fight and maybe get to European status. The Lonsdale belt was a dream for many kids and it’s always been a dream of mine to win it, but I’m not satisfied in a way. I want more. It spurs you on to go on for much more than that.”

The honour of holding the Lonsdale belt, which Buckland would claim outright should be beat Cardle, isn’t lost on the champion.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve felt like that since winning the belt [a different fighter],” Cardle said. I know we have a lot of titles in the gym (Cardle boxes out of Joe Gallagher’s gym) but when you walk in you’re just a beginner.

“Everyone is on the same level as each other. I don’t feel much different to be honest. I’m the same old ‘Scotty’ and I’ve got to keep that momentum and mentality. I don’t like getting too far ahead of myself and the likes of the Gary Buckland fight could be an upset because he’s still got a lot in the tank.”