TAEKWON-Do and kickboxing students based at Newport’s Martial Arts and Fitness Centre (MAFC), Maindee, scooped a fantastic 50 medals at a recent tournament in Exeter.

The students represented Gassor’s Tournament Team at the UK ITF Spring National Taekwon-Do Championships and had a very successful day.

Forty-four students represented the team and they came away with seven gold medals, 18 silver medals and 25 bronze medals. The whole club are very proud of all of the 44 students who competed.

The full medal results were: Gold medals: Adam Reed – Sparring, Caitlin Nail – Special Technique (Jumping High Kick), Jade Rendle – Special Technique (Flying Kick), Lexie Smith – Sparring, Owen Carter – Sparring, Russell Parfitt – Sparring, Sam Chand – Sparring. Silver medals: Arron Rose – Sparring, Bailey Collier – Sparring, Chayton Worrell – Sparring, Courtney Kyte – Special Technique (Flying Kick), Ethan Kyte – Special Technique (Jumping High Kick), Gareth Ellison – Sparring, Grace Bassage-Morgan – Special Technique (Flying Kick), Gwyn Blackmore – Sparring, Harmesh Chand – Patterns, Harvey Jones – Sparring, Jake Rendle – Patterns, Lexie Smith – Special Technique (Jumping High Kick), Nick Rendle – Sparring, Owain Thompson-Reynolds – Sparring, Owen Powell – Sparring, Rhiannon Nielsen – Special Technique (Jumping High Kick), Tariq Kheir – Special Technique (Flying Kick), Thomas Pelosi – Sparring. Bronze medals: Adam Reed – Patterns, Adam Shaw – Sparring, Akeel Miah – Sparring, Alex Hemming – Sparring, Bethany Parfitt – Sparring, Caitlin Nail – Sparring, Charlie Harvey – Sparring, Craig Radford – Sparring, Ethan Kyte – Sparring and Patterns, Grace Bassage-Morgan – Sparring, Harmesh Chand – Sparring, Harri Radford – Sparring, Harvey Jones – Special Technique (Flying Kick), Jade Rendle – Sparring, Jake Rendle – Sparring, James Shaw – Sparring, Kai Stewart – Sparring, Lewys Burge – Sparring, Liam Rossiter – Sparring, Owen Powell – Patterns, Rhiannon Nielsen – Sparring, Roman Thacker – Special technique (Flying Kick), Russell Parfitt – Patterns, Tomos Sharwood – Sparring.

The club also congratulates Cody Butler, Emilio Thacker, George Williams, Jasper Jones, Kian Luton, Megan Baynton and Myles Bassage-Morgan, who also all gave good performances.

The team were pleased to have their Chief Instructor International Senior Master Gary Gassor 8th degree black belt with them at the tournament, along with their Senior Coach and Instructor Mrs Leanne Gassor-Jones 5th degree black belt and coaches Mr Chris Thomas, Mr Arron Rose, Mr Mark Sharwood, and Mr Alun Davies. The Instructors and coaches are really proud of all of their students. They would also like to thank their students and families for their continuous support.

If you are interested in trying a class at the MAFC or at one of its satellite clubs in Caldicot, Cwmcarn, Risca, Rogerstone, Undy or Usk, please call 01633 222260 or view the MAFC website at www.mafcmartialarts.com Gassor’s Tournament Team are also fundraising for the ITF World Championships which is being held in Brighton. If you would like to help or sponsor the team, please call 01633 222260.