ASHLEY Brace found it hard to take comfort in her European bantamweight title clash with Melania Sorroche being declared a draw after the Spaniard was originally announced as the winner.

Sorroche thought she had claimed the vacant belt with a split decision victory in Merthyr Tydfil, but a huge blunder by the officials later saw the result changed.

Ringside judges Grzegorz Molenda and Beat Hausammann gave 97-93 and 96-94 verdicts to Brace and Sorroche respectively.

Referee Leszek Jankowiak scored the contest 95-95, though a miscalculation meant it was initially read out as a 96-95 win in favour of Sorroche.

While Brace’s unbeaten professional record remains intact and there is the prospect of a rematch, the St Joseph’s-trained 26-year-old was disappointed not to be given the verdict.

“I thought I won it by two or three rounds so a draw doesn’t feel any better,” she said.

“A draw is like a loss, whatever way you look at it, but obviously it’s not a loss on my record now.

“She’s not taken the belt home because there will be a rematch, which is good for me because it was a tough 10 rounds and perhaps that’s what I need to get ready for the bigger fights.

“Hopefully I can improve on what I didn’t do on Friday and give myself a bit more space and not get caught with some silly shots.

“I knew I couldn’t stay too close but my problem is I like to fight and I was opening myself up a little bit too much.

“I needed to box a bit more but when I did I thought I boxed her head off.

“She wasn’t a step up for me in terms of technical ability, I’ve boxed better people, but she brought the bad stuff out of me.

“You can tell she has fought the world champion and knows how to wear you down.

“It was challenging and she made me not look as good as I can be, so I’ve got to watch it back and see how I can improve.

“I made a massive mistake in the second round and got caught with a hell of a shot to the body.

“Most people didn’t realise but it took a lot out of me.

“I dealt with it well because I had to box for eight more rounds.”

When asked what her overriding emotion was, she added: “I’m more embarrassed than anything.

“I don’t like losing in front of other people.”

Brace is willing to travel to Spain for a rematch.