TORFAEN Taekwondo Club members were recently in action at the English Championships, which were held at Worcester Arena.

There were more than a thousand competitors from around the UK taking part in this competition and the club did really well, taking home 16 gold, 12 silver and 6 bronze medals.

In the individual events, gold medals went to Mia Williams (sparring), Chris Lloyd (patterns), Summer Underwood (patterns), D'arcey Jordan (sparring), Lauren Neale (patterns and sparring), Jill Griffin (sparring), Sofea Levan (patterns), Catty Langford (sparring), Maya Levan (patterns) and Kieran Sullivan (sparring).

As for the team events, Team D'arcey, Holly & Summer (synchronised patterns), Team D'arcey & Summer (sparring), Team Fraser (sparring), Team Kian (sparring) and Team Catty, Jasmin & Sofea (sparring) took the gold medals.

Lucy Sharp (sparring), Kalim Hussain (patterns), D'arcey Jordan (patterns), Summer Underwood (sparring), Liam Neale (patterns), Rhys Thomas (sparring), Libby Morgan (sparring), Sofea Levan (sparring) and Holly Davies (sparring) took silver medals.

Team Callum, Neo & Kalim, Team Catty, Jasmin & Sofea (synchronised patterns) and Team Maya (sparring) also took silver medals.

Bronze medal winners are Joe Underwood (patterns and sparing), Ashley Lloyd (sparring), Kian Griffin (sparring), Kieran Sullivan (patterns) and Team Maya, Cameron & Lee (synchronised patterns).

The next competition will be the Welsh Closed (later this month in Newport) and Welsh Championships in May in Cardiff. This will lead to the main event of the year, the World Championships, which will be held at the end of July at the Birmingham Arena.

The club also runs a 4-6 years-old only session on Tuesday at 5pm in Pontypool Active Living Centre.

For further information regarding the club, contact Master Tao Levan on 07979 037616 or leave a message at Facebook: TAGB Cwmbran & Pontypool Taekwondo Clubs.