Silly season is well and truly upon us, that time of year when 'the man in the know' becomes the most popular person on social media.

I have been asked many times over the last few weeks about who is signing for us next season and most don't believe me when I reply that us players are usually the last to find out!

So I'm sorry, but I won't be revealing any names or giving any clues because I have absolutely no idea.

What might be a 'silly season' for supporters is very often the opposite for many players and coaches alike.

This time of year can cause very strange atmospheres in rugby clubs as you have those who are brimming with excitement with either new clubs for the following season or an improved financial deal.

Then you have those who are wondering how they are going to pay June's mortgage and find themselves in limbo.

In a changing room with a 50/50 split of fortunes, it doesn't take much for someone to snap or tell others where to go.

The problem is that it is totally out of the player's hands at this point and you can find yourself relying on your agent's negotiating skills or the right club to be looking for the right type of player at the right time.

Rugby is a game of opinion and players will always be one coach's hero and another's zero. That's just the way it works in professional sport.

You only have to look at players who have left us in the past and gone onto achieve great things with their next club, and I have no doubt a few leaving us this season will do the same, and I'm sure we all wish they do.

This is when I implore you as fans to be considerate when posting about players and where you wish they'd rather be than at the Dragons next season.

Many of us who have been involved with or supported the Dragons from the start have seen our fair share of turnover when it comes to players, coaches and backroom staff, and it's clear to see it won't be any different this year.

But, as you always do, I'm sure you'll give new arrivals the warmest of Rodney Parade welcomes and support them through the good and bad times.

Let's not beat around the bush, this season has been a disaster but every home game the same 4 to 5,000 turn up, whatever the weathers throws at them, and cheer on the lads until the end. It's support like this that will attract new players and sponsors.

I couldn't write this column without congratulating our rivals from down west for their amazing achievement of qualifying for the semi-finals of the Champions Cup.

The way the Scarlets play rugby and the confidence they have with each other really shines through, and it shows more than anything that last season was not a one-off.

The biggest factor for me, though, was the crowd and general support for them on Good Friday.

There are many people who say that regional rugby doesn't work and people don't buy into it but, like anything in life, the masses will always congregate to success and good times.

The fact they sold out in 45 minutes is testament to this and should act as a huge carrot to the other regions.

Success breed success and it's only good for Welsh rugby in general, but I hope that's the Dragons in three to five years' time instead of the Scarlets.

The lads set off today to hopefully complete the Italian Job on both Benetton and Zebre. Lewis Evans will update you next week on what they are getting up to over there and review tomorrow's game, but let's hope for all ours sakes that we can have a positive end to the season and get the away game monkey off our back.

If you need any inspiration to carry on through the tough times you just have to look at what ex-Dragon Ed Jackson achieved last weekend.

Twelve months from breaking his neck in a freak accident, he climbed Snowden surrounded by friends and family.

It is an amazing achievement and they guys who were there said it was very moving to witness. Ed has set up a just giving page to raise money for Restart Rugby, the charity that has helped him out so much, so please give what you can to support Ed in the future.