RETIRED former Commonwealth champion Bradley Pryce says he would go to a different optician every year and “blag” eye exams to pass boxing medicals.

Pryce ended a 63-fight 19-year stay in the professional ranks on Saturday night when he lost to Pontypool’s Kieran Gething at the Ice Arena Wales in Cardiff.

Afterwards, the 37-year-old spoke about the eye problem that has forced him to hang up his gloves, stating that he shouldn’t have been boxing for the last four years because of the issue.

And now the Newbridge ace has opened up further on the circumstances surrounding his eyesight, including a “pretty scary” clash with Chris Eubank Jnr in December 2012.

Explaining the situation that led to him quitting the ring, he said: “Each eye on its own is pretty much fine, it’s when they come together that one turns.

“With boxing medicals they never checked both eyes together, it was one at a time, so I was passing.

“I was getting away with it at the opticians because the eye exam with the medical was so easy to pass.

“It got to a stage where I would go to a different optician every year and just blag it.”

“Maybe they want to look into making the medicals a bit tougher to pass."

He added: “I knew the risk I was taking, and it was a massive risk.

“It probably affected me most when I was fighting Chris Eubank Jnr.

“I knew he was going to be no mug and I was risking my eyesight – it was pretty scary at the time.

“When they offered the fight to me I didn’t actually know what was wrong with me.

“I knew I had bad eyes but assumed it was something to do with my brain.

“When I passed my brain scan I definitely knew something was wrong but never really looked into it fully until about six months ago.

“Every fight I went into after that I was worrying about my health, so I’m thankful I came out of it like I have.

“They were a few frightening years and I’m happy to be able to concentrate on life now.”

On getting to the root of the problem, he continued: “I went to my doctor and told them about it and that I couldn’t see properly.

“I also went to an optician and they told me I have had damage to one eye from the age of 18 when I turned pro.

“I dragged my career on for maybe four years longer than it should have lasted.

“I managed to get away with it in medicals but my eyesight is really bad and age has caught up with me – it’s the right time to call it a day.

“After the fight on Saturday I told the board (British Boxing Board of Control) that my eyesight was bad and I shouldn’t have been boxing for the last four years.”

Pryce plans to continue working in security while watching his three children grow up.

His two daughters were in Cardiff on Saturday to see their dad take part in what proved to be his last bout.

The Welshman’s finest hour came in his native Newport 12 years earlier when he dethroned Ossie Duran to claim the Commonwealth super-welterweight crown.

“The highlight was winning the Commonwealth title," he said. “He beat quite a lot of the British guys and no-one expected me to win that.

“That was my best achievement in boxing.

“I probably should have studied the sport a bit more but wasn’t a fan. If I had given 100% to it I could have been fighting for major titles.”

He added: “I think my career died when Enzo Calzaghe called it a day.

“I guess I never really gelled with any other trainer after he closed the doors of the gym (in Newbridge).

“I went with four or five trainers after Enzo but none of them lasted. I was just going to different gyms but never felt at home at any of them.

“I enjoyed my time in the sport, the experiences I had and I met some great people, but I’ve never been a boxing fan, so it will take a back seat for me.”