TONY Borg is adamant that Josh Warrington won’t be getting his hands on Lee Selby’s IBF world featherweight belt tomorrow night, insisting the Welshman is a “level above” his rival.

Trainer Borg has overseen Selby’s rise to the top over the last decade and, while respecting Warrington’s perfect pro record, can’t see past a fifth title defence for the St Joseph’s star.

Selby’s fans are set to be vastly outnumbered by Warrington’s at Elland Road, the home ground of the latter’s beloved Leeds United, but he feels it’s nothing his man can’t deal with.

“Up to now, Lee’s opponents have all been pretty hospitable, but Warrington seems to have the bit between his teeth and there have been a few underhand comments,” said Borg.

“Lee’s not about that, he just wants to get the job done, and we’re looking forward to shutting up Warrington.

“When Lee walks out into that crowd he won’t freeze.

"You can worry about things like that or thrive off it, and Lee will thrive off it.

“Warrington’s said Lee has slagged off all the Leeds supporters and all Yorkshiremen, which he hasn’t.

“Lee has said that at the end of the day he’s not a footballer, he’s a boxer, and he’s not interested in the football crowd and what they’re going to be doing and chanting.”

He added: “Warrington has done all that’s been asked of him. Having said that, he’s picked up all the belts that Lee has dropped.

“Lee was British and Commonwealth champion, gave those titles up and Warrington fought for them.

“Lee won the European title, gave it up and Warrington fought for it, then he won the eliminators and WBC international title and Warrington did the same again.

“We respect every opponent and we prepare properly for every opponent.

“He’s a very good fighter but Lee’s elite, a level above, and if he performs like he does his class will show after six or seven rounds and it will be too much for Warrington.”

A fight between the two seemed to be on the cards in 2016 but Warrington declined a summer showdown as it would have been too close to his wedding.

However, to Borg and the rest of the Selby camp’s amazement, Warrington then agreed to face Irishman Patrick Hyland on the same date.

“We said to him to forget it, he wasn’t going to get a shot at Lee after that,” said Borg.

“Everything seems to have come from that and gone on and on.

"He’s been calling Lee out all the time and all the usual nonsense.

“It makes for a quite explosive fight because Warrington’s strengths are his fitness and dedication, and he wants to go forward all the time.

“Lee enjoys that sort of fight so I think it’s going to be an exciting one.

“I’d be lying if I said the build-up hadn’t been more exciting this time.

“It has generated a lot of interest, and not just among boxing fans, people on the street know about this fight.

“Warrington’s name is out there because of the way he has behaved, or misbehaved, coming up to this one.”

Another of Borg's St Joes stable, Fred Evans, also fights on the Leeds show tomorrow night.

The unbeaten middleweight (4-0) meets Cameroon's Serge Ambomo (6-7) over four rounds.