GAVIN Henson says he will quit rugby once his drive for the “perfect game” goes – but the Dragons ace definitely wants another contract at Rodney Parade.

The double Grand Slam winner turns 37 next February and knows he might not be a regular starter for the Men of Gwent during the forthcoming season.

However, he is eager to extend his professional career and hopes to impress Bernard Jackman enough for the head coach to offer him a new deal when his current one runs out.

"For the last however many years I have always treated it as my last but hope that is not the case," said Henson, who missed the second half of last term with a hamstring injury.

"I would love to go one more year professionally.

"I'm hoping to get another contract but there's a lot to do yet.

“That's a big drive for me to get that next year.

"I'm always looking for perfection, even at my age.

“I'm still dreaming of that perfect game, that's what keeps my drive in training.

“As soon as I lose that I will finish."

The former British and Irish Lion, who signed a two-year contract last March, has seen Jackman bring in a number of new faces to his squad in recent months.

Henson is set to start the Dragons’ pre-season friendly against Ealing on Saturday among the replacements, a position he may have to get used to throughout the 2018-19 campaign.

"It's a little bit different now because I'm getting older and they have recruited well," he added.

"I have got to take a little bit of a back-seat to start, to see if those boys take their chance.

"I'm covering 10, 12 and 15, wherever they need me, but hopefully I can force my way in the team.

“When I get my chance I have got to take it and put pressure on the other boys.

"The management is under pressure because of how we finished last year so we need wins.

“This year is going to be more serious. There's going to be no messing around.

“Bernard is probably going to pick his strongest team every week, hopefully I will get in that."

Henson says he could go into coaching when he has to hang up his boots, although obviously he is hoping that can wait for at least one more season after this.

“I think coaching is something I want to go into,” said Henson. “I have been under a lot of coaches so I kind of feel I know what the best way is.

“But I have got to do my levels first and maybe I’ll learn a bit through that.

“Naturally, I’d coach as I train, as I play with the boys, more a one-on-one.

“I think I can break down skills really well and teach boys how to do them properly so maybe that would be a strength of mine.”