WE’VE all had bad days at the office and the Newport County AFC players endured a nightmare 90 minutes on Saturday.

That 6-0 defeat to Yeovil was the equivalent of backing into the boss’ BMW in the car park, crashing the company-wide IT system and then setting fire to the kitchen before flooding the toilet and ending up in A&E after falling down the stairs on your way out.

I can’t comment on the performance as I was fortunate to have been on annual leave last week so I missed the biggest home defeat I can ever remember for the Exiles.

I was as shocked as anyone as I checked the score on Saturday afternoon – especially after the dogged defending and excellent goalkeeping on display in the wins at Port Vale and Oldham Athletic.

Hopefully it was just a blip and normal service will be resumed when the team and I return to the road for the weekend trip to Tranmere Rovers.

Before then we must switch our attention to the bigger picture and the future of the ownership of the club, which will be discussed at a supporters’ meeting on Thursday night at the Neon in Newport’s Clarence Place.

The meeting follows the supporter survey undertaken at the end of last season, which asked fans for their views on Trust donation levels and potential ownership models.

Starting at 7.30pm, it’s promised that Thursday's meeting will recap on current Trust donation levels, provide fans with detailed results of the supporter survey and actions taken by the Trust board to expand income streams.

There will also be details of proposed new Trust membership fees and benefits, an explanation of how different ownership models might look, a view from Supporters Direct and a timetable for the next steps, followed by a questions and answers session.

No decisions will be made on potential ownership models at the meeting.

Any potential changes to the current ownership model will be discussed and debated fully by Trust members before firm proposals are agreed ahead of a vote and, ultimately, it will be Trust members who decide the future of their club.

Speaking to BBC Radio Wales ahead of Saturday’s debacle, operational chairman Gavin Foxall said: “It’s an evolving process. The vote won’t be on Thursday but what we will be doing, as we always do, is informing the fans of the options and revealing what we’ve done with the survey results and what it looks like going forward.

“The fans play a critical part and not just on match days.

"We’re probably one of very few clubs that at the moment owns our own pub and the reason we’ve done that is to bring a revenue stream in.

Asked if the club is up for sale, Foxall said: “No. We certainly haven’t got a ‘for sale’ sign outside.

“The club at the moment is owned by the Trust and there are various options. It will be the members to vote which way they want to go.

“At the moment the overwhelming view is that the fans want to still remain involved.

“I think they’d like to see some investment as well, in whatever form that takes.

“But that’s what Thursday’s meeting is about – to continue that dialogue with the fans and the members and owners and there will be an outcome from that.”

So if you care about the future of your club, on and off the pitch, the Neon is the place to be this Thursday night.