BASKETBALL coach Asa Waite may have plenty on his plate at the moment but the dad-of-three insists he “can stretch further if needed” if it means getting more people into the sport he loves.

As well as being a parent to seven-year-old twin boys and a daughter aged 11, Waite is a sports coordinator for Newport Live and gives up his spare time to run Newport Aces Basketball Club.

Having formed the club five years ago, the 32-year-old has seen the Aces grow from two to seven age groups and engaging more than 100 children every week at the Newport Centre.

Waite, from the Gaer, also plays club and international level basketball for Cardiff Met Archers and the Wales national team respectively.

While helping Wales qualify for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham is high on his agenda, the charismatic Waite is keen for the Aces to continue to flourish.

The club’s profile has received a boost over the last few weeks with their head honcho picking up the BBC Get Inspired Unsung Hero prize at the Wales Sport Awards on Tuesday night.

“The main thing I want to see from this is people buying into it a little bit more because we are self-run, all voluntary, and always looking for funding to help us keep going,” he said.

“If we can get a bit more corporate investment or government involvement, even if they asked us if we wanted to go and help with schools a bit more, anything which would help us grow and be a bit more sustainable would be good.

“The kids are incredible. They enjoy it, but I have a laugh with them as well. We always have good banter, all age groups, and you just play basketball really.

“You haven’t got to be the best or playing for years, just come and play and you’ll have fun when you do.

“Through the club we engage over 100 kids every week throughout the whole year.”

He added: “I play as well and that’s the challenging thing because there’s always more you could do from a coaching standpoint.

“I do ask myself if I should continue playing but I do enjoy it and it is a bit of a stress release for me.

“They say that once you play any sport for a certain amount of time it’s entwined in your life and it’s a big decision to stop.

“I’m really stretched with everything I’m doing but I can stretch further if needed.”

Choosing basketball over football, rugby and cricket was, says Waite, “one of the best decisions of my life”.

“It means everything to win the award," he said. "I do put in a lot of work and don’t expect recognition."

For more information about Newport Aces you can visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @Acesbball