KIERAN Gething has chosen to go vegan in preparation for his second shot at a Welsh title – but he couldn’t resist a bit of turkey on Christmas Day.

Newport's The Neon hosts Gething’s super-lightweight championship clash with Cardiff’s Henry Janes on February 2 as both men look to claim a maiden strap in the pro ranks.

For Pontypool ace Gething, 24, the contest comes some three months after he was beaten to the welterweight crown by Tony Dixon.

But with another chance of a title coming his way so soon after the first, Gething (6-2-1) is determined to make this opportunity count.

Like any boxer worth his salt, diet will be a major part of Gething’s preparations for his next fight, the Groundhog Day showdown with 35-year-old Janes (12-23-3).

He has tried vegetarianism in the past, but this time the Welshman is going vegan, cutting out all animal-derived substances from his diet.

“I just wanted to try something different,” he said. “I’ve seen others benefit from it – and I’m also quite sick of eating fish!

“I always enjoy challenging myself, and this is another challenge.

“I’m dropping from welterweight to super-lightweight for this fight and the weight has been coming off well on a vegan diet.”

Veganism, it would seem, is becoming a more and more popular way of life for many people, with an increasing number of celebrities extolling its health benefits.

A quick internet search will tell you that famous vegans include actors such as Woody Harrelson, Tobey Maguire and Casey Affleck, as well as the likes of talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and musician Bryan Adams.

Beyoncé has also gone vegan in readiness for performances and former world heavyweight king David Haye, speaking in 2016, reckoned it made him “fitter than I’ve ever been”.

“I’ve tried a vegetarian diet before and this is a bit harder with the lack of protein, but it’s definitely doable," added Gething.

“I’m just sticking to the diet and doing the right things – though I did have some turkey on Christmas Day!

“I’m having all my meals prepared through a company which does that sort of thing, so I haven’t got to think about cooking.

“That can be hard if have to cook a steak for my wife, and I can’t be around too many people who are eating meat!”

Asked if there were any risks involved in trying a new diet, especially when he will be dropping down in weight, he said: “It’s not a worry for me.

“I’ve never been in a situation where I haven’t performed because my energy levels have been low – I wouldn’t take that risk.”

Janes has taken the fight after his planned rematch with Craig MacIntyre for the vacant Celtic super-lightweight title failed to materialise.

“It’ll mean a lot to me to become Welsh champion,” said Gething.

“It’s something I can build on and having lost by a point in my last title fight, I really want to kick on now.

“I know Janes has been around for a long time.

"He’s lost before but he’s been on a good run since he’s put the effort in.

“I’ve just got to go in there and make my advantages pay dividends on the night.

“I’ve got confidence and size over him. I believe they’ll be big factors in this fight.

“I know he’s used to boxing guys taller than me, but I’m used to fighting in higher weight classes than he is.”

The British Warriors Boxing Promotions show will also feature Newport lightweight Craig Woodruff, as well as fellow Welsh fighters Maredudd Thomas, Angelo Dragone and Rhys Edwards.