MICA Moore insists she has no regrets taking a break from bobsleigh, despite former teammate Mica McNeill’s medal-winning start to the new winter season.

Having finished eighth alongside McNeill at the Winter Olympics last February, Moore, 25, opted to go back to university to studying for an MSc in Sport Broadcasting and Media.

She hasn’t ruled out a return to the ice but for now the Commonwealth Games sprint relay runner from Newport is focusing on the course and getting back into athletics.

Moore is setting her sights on this month’s Welsh indoor championships in Cardiff and February’s British indoor championships in Birmingham.

In the long term, the 2017 Welsh 100m champion, says she would love to compete at the 2022 Commonwealths, which also take place in Birmingham, not far from where her mum was born in Dudley.

For now, Moore is enjoying her time as a student again, making the most of the chance to prepare for life after hanging up her spikes.

And when asked if McNeill’s back-to-back North American Cup golds with Montell Douglas made her wish she hadn’t taken a break from sliding, she said: “No, not at all.

“I never really have feelings like that when I’ve moved away from sports because I’ve done what’s right for me.

“I’m having such an incredible time on this course and the weeks before choosing to do it were very difficult.

“I felt a little bit lost trying to decide what I was going to do with my life after the Olympics, but the course is so much fun and hopefully good things will come from it.

“The course is amazing. It’s very full on and has taken some adjusting to, but it’s so much fun and I’m really enjoying it.

“We do a bit of everything and the course is making me feel really comfortable in all the high-pressure situations.”

She added: “Mica’s been so busy I haven’t been able to talk to her, but I’ve been following how they’ve been getting on and it’s great to see they are doing well.

“The boys had such a terrible time at the Olympics and it’s nice to see they’ve come out this season and really put in some good performances.

“Hopefully that continues in the World Cup.”

As for her hopes for 2019 on the athletics track, she said: “It’s great being based at Cardiff Met, I can focus on my athletics and I’ve been able to put in some really good work.

“My dad’s always been my coach and being able to have him there in my sessions on a consistent basis is really going to help.

“I’ve been able to really focus on my technique because that’s something which has taken a back seat for a few years and it’s just been about getting fast.

“I haven’t set any particular targets for this year, it’s just about enjoying sport, especially the year after such a big event like the Olympics.

“It’s nice to be able to take that pressure off and go back to loving the sport and see what comes of it.

“I haven’t sat down and thought about which ones I’m going to do, but I’d want to do the Welsh indoors and would hope I could make the British trials.”

Commenting on the next Commonwealths, she continued: “I’d be 30 then and it would be a lovely icing on the cake for my career.

“I never ever want to think about finishing sport, it’s something that really makes me sad.

“If there’s a point in my career that I had to end it then that would be a lovely one.”