NEWPORT-based Gassor’s Tournament Team are celebrating after winning 31 medals at their last tournament of 2019.

The team, from the Martial Arts and Fitness Centre in Maindee, attended the GTI British Open Taekwon-Do Championships in Cheltenham with 30 students and came away with a brilliant 10 gold medals, 14 silver medals and 7 bronze medals.

Their proud team coaches Leanne Gassor-Jones, Craig Radford and Owen Powell attended the tournament and are overjoyed with the team’s results.

Head coach Gassor-Jones said: “Today has been a fantastic day.

"We started the day on our team bus with the announcement of six students being appointed as new Gassor’s Tournament Team members: Ella O’Boyle, Jacob Amos, Louie Weare, Oliver Webb, Rufus McCormick and Seren Drohan.

"We have a selection process for our students to be invited to compete in tournaments and then go on to try and become Gassor’s team members, and all of the six new team members have taken a year or longer to be appointed.

"The Gassor’s students competing at the tournament then went on to represent the team, Newport and Wales brilliantly.

"I am very impressed, pleased and proud with how Gassor’s Tournament Team have performed for the whole of 2019.

"The team and their families have been committed, hard working and loyal and they are all progressing brilliantly.

"We are really looking forward to 2020. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has supported Gassor’s Tournament Team this year: thank you."

Gassor’s full results were: Adam Reed – gold patterns and silver sparring, Alfie Amos-Smith – gold sparring, Bailey Collier – gold sparring, Brooke Pratlett – silver sparring, Chayton Worrell – good performance, Cody Butler – good performance, Courtney Kyte – bronze patterns, Ella O’Boyle – silver sparring, Ella Radford – silver sparring, Ellie Boswell – bronze sparring, Ethan Kyte – bronze sparring, George Thomas – silver sparring, Harvey Jones – silver sparring, Jacob Amos – silver sparring, Jade Rendle – gold patterns and gold sparring, Jasper Jones – silver patterns and silver sparring, Kian Luton – bronze sparring, Leanne Reed – gold patterns, Liam Rossiter – silver sparring, Louie Weare – silver sparring, Megan Baynton – gold patterns, Myles Bassage-Morgan – gold sparring, Nia Fox-Pritchard – silver patterns, Oliver Webb – bronze sparring, Poppy McCormick – gold sparring and bronze patterns, Rufus McCormick – good performance, Seren Drohan – bronze sparring, Thomas Pelosi – silver patterns and silver sparring, Tomos Sharwood – good performance and William Fox-Pritchard – gold sparring.

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