FOR the first time in four years, not only is the bottom spring running into the lodge pool at Bigwell, but the higher spring is also flowing well.

This means a really good supply of water in the underground network which, in turn, is supplying the pools with copious amounts of fresh, oxygenated water, which makes the fish fighting fit.

The fishing has been challenging over the last week, but patience and commitment has proved worthwhile as the fish that have been caught have provided excellent sport.

Leon Blake was very happy to catch a 3lb 11oz rainbow on his first fly fishing trip. Leon has done sea fishing and coarse fishing but seems to have taken to fly fishing.

Lovely to see Mark Beacham, who is a regular here, with his grandson Riley Challenger, aged five, and Riley’s dad David. The grown-ups were passing on their knowledge to young Riley, who really enjoyed his day and can’t wait for his next trip.

Happy 81st birthday to one of our young-at-heart anglers Ron Baker, who journeys from Buckingham to come fishing. Just goes to prove fishing is good for you. Ron landed 8, mostly using his white bloodworm type pattern, and lost as many.

Luke Bradley caught 10, including 2 tigers, all on apps bloodworm. Nice to know these elusive fish can be caught.

Adam Price-Hunt caught a wild brown trout from our stream using a deer hair sedge.

Popular flies this week have been apps blood worm, blue flash damsel, squirmy wormy, zonkers, deer hair sedge and small dark nymphs.

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