THE lodge pools at Bigwell have been coloured for most of the week due to the flood water arriving down the stream.

They quickly begin to clear with the great flow of spring water but then colour up again just as quickly, but this does not affect the catch rate from the lodge pools. The gin pool and top pool remain crystal clear.

Dewi Abell landed 4 fish on catch and kill, 3 on a white snake and 1 on a green snake. His heaviest fish was 3lb 8oz.

Mick Paine 4, Lionel Davies 3, Harry Webb 2, Richard Morgan 3, Pete Morgan 2, Graham Jones 4, Mathew Freeman 3, Eddie Smith 3.

On catch and release and catching their bag limits were Jason Williams, Chris Laidlaw, John Burton and Hughie Wilson. Adam Price-Hunt caught 8 fish, including 1 brown trout caught on a klinkhammer from the stream.

Father and son James and Len Brazier caught 9 fish between them from across all pools, including 2 blue trout and 1 tiger trout, using a variety of flies, including hoppers, blood worm, chamois and blue flash damsels.