USK Valley Trampoline Club started the new competitive season in great style with no less than 14 individual winners, along with seconds, thirds, team places and qualifiers.

At the Welsh Trampoline Grades, held in Cardiff at the weekend, individual winners of their groups were: Ellie Jones, Mirelle Gipson, Taryn O'Rourke, Eve Shutt, Amelia Evans, Caitlin Lea, Olivia Marshall, Rowan Peres Da Costa, Seren Cheriton Mason, Lizzie Booth, Millie Forrest, Evie Forrest, Cody Davies and Ellion Gipson.

Individual second places went to Molly Watkins, Emily Lewis, Keira Kettle, Bethany Whalley and Ruby Ainge.

And in third were Esme Jaros Reynolds, Emily Pilsworth, Caitlin Joyce, Ciara McKenna, Evie Watkins and Grace Pattinson-Phillips.

Highest club score of the day was Millie Forrest with 53.4, only point one below the highest score all day across all clubs in Wales.

Gold team medals were awarded to: Caitlin Lea, Emily Lewis, Ella Tutton, Skyla Eve Lawton, Amelia Evans, Evie Watkins and Ruby Ainge, Taryn O'Rourke, Molly Watkins, Abi Lay and Grace Pattinson-Phillips, Evie Forrest, Amy-Rose Shutt, Eleri Davies, Evie McLoughlin, Mirelle Gipson, Bethany Whalley, Emily Pilsworth and Ellie Littlefield.

Usk Valley had the four highest scoring teams of the entire competition.

National Development qualifying scores were well exceeded by gold medal-placed Millie Forrest, Evie Forrest and Seren Cheriton Mason. Other qualifiers also exceeding requirements were Cody Davies, Evie McLoughlin and Amy Rose Shutt.

In the British Schools Trampoline Semi Finals (zonal round), hosted this year by Wales, where the top three of each region in Britain competed against each other, the club had a reserve in the Novice section with Ellion Gipson, for Nant y Cwm School, and in the Intermediate section with the team of Eleri Davies, Evie Forrest, Evie McLoughlin and Millie Forrest, who competed well to finish a close third in a higher level event this year, winning a trophy for their school, St Julian’s.

Tara Bevan, of Abersychan School, finished in third place in D Novice.

All eight at this event had previously qualified in individual and team placings from the Welsh Schools Event last year as among the best in Wales in their groups, and all club individuals finished in the top ten.

The club is very proud that once again the members have done so well across all the various age and ability groups entered.

The club trains locally at Newport Centre and Pontypool. Some places are available at present. Phone 07952 584240 for details.