NEWPORT AND DISTRICT SEA ANGLING CLUB: Results from Newport rover: 1 Tony Watkins, 2.25 kg; 2 Tony Hart, 1.75 kg; 3 Gareth Mutlow, 0.86 kg. Top junior: Cameron Ramsay, 0.10 kg.

This week the club comp was a Newport Area Rover, which meant members could fish their favourite marks anywhere between Peterstone to the west and Fossil Beach to the east.

With members strewn along the coast it meant that there were a few different species of fish weighed in, including codling, whiting, rockling and even an out-of-season silver eel.

Tackle shop owner Tony Watkins came first with two codling, which also gave him the side pool and heaviest fish pool.

Close behind him, and fishing alongside him, was club secretary Tony Hart, who also weighed in two codling.

In third place was Gareth Mutlow, who weighed in with a single codling. Top junior this week was Cameron Ramsay who caught a rockling.

Next week's competition will be held at Goldcliff on Saturday evening, 25/01/20. Fishing times will be 18.00 till 22.00; booking in will begin one hour before the start outside the Goldcliff tea rooms.

BIGWELL: Days of lashing rain finally turned to bright frosty mornings, which has been a welcome change.

The fishing has been challenging, but once hooked our fish have put up a mighty fight, due to the high oxygen levels in our water.

Graham Jeremiah caught 2 on a blue flash damsel, Phil Rees landed 3 on a beaded pheasant tail nymph, Peter Waters brought his young son fishing for the first time and they landed 2 from the top pool.

Dave Glover landed 4, Fred Wood 7, Rob Britten took home his usual 3, which he landed on bloodworm and a size 16 epoxy buzzer.

Graham Jeremiah caught 2 and Phil Rees 3. Colin Williams 2, Kasidit Leoviriyakit 10, John Burton 10, Ian Childs 10, Carl Williams 10.

On catch and release were Mick Smith, Phil Roe, Keith Fenton, Dewi Abell, W Painter, M Painter, D Painter, Rhys Morgan and Rob Davies.

Tony Pitt, fishing at Bigwell for the first time, was pleased to land 5 fish from across all pools, including a 5lb 5oz blue trout taken on a blue flash damsel, floating line and 4 lb leader with a figure of eight retrieve from the gin pool.

Popular flies this week have been white zonker, blue flash damsel, cats whisker, blood worm, buzzers, pheasant tail nymphs and daddies.

We are open every day from 7.30 am.