MEMBERS of the Torfaen (Cwmbran & Pontypool) Taekwondo Club took part in the South West Championships at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, Weston-Super-Mare.

There were about 600 competitors in the event and the club did really well by taking home 17 gold, 11 silver and 5 bronze medals.

Gold medals went to Theo Adamson (sparring), Riley Hewitt (sparring), Cerys Allen (sparring), Jasmin Levan (patterns & sparring), Kian Griffin (sparring), Maya Levan (patterns & sparring), Holly Davies (sparring) and Jill Griffin (hand destruction).

In the team events, Team Zoe, Team Josie, Claire & Tasha, Team Holly & Darcey, Team Cerys, Karah & Summer, Team Kian and Team Maya (2) also took the gold medals.

Silver medals went to Efan Matthews (sparring), Tasha Pattemore (patterns), Josie Pattemore (sparring), Holly Cockeram (patterns), Riley Hewitt (patterns), Summer Underwood (sparring), Team Darcey, Summer & Cerys, Team Riley, Oliver & Thomas, Team Riley & Thomas, Team Jasmin & Kian and Team Karah & Jasmin.

Bronze medals went to Efan Matthews (patterns), Claire McBurney (sparring), D'arcey Jordan (patterns), Karah Allen (patterns) and Thomas Dean (sparring).

Early this month Noah Tucker made the journey to Deeside Leisure Centre to enter the North-Wales Inter Clubs Championships and won two silver medals in the boys green belt patterns & peewee sparring.

Training sessions will run as normal during the school half-terms and four-year-olds and above are welcome to come and have a go at taekwondo.

For further information please contact Mr Tao Levan at 07979 037616 or leave a message at FACEBOOK: TAGB Cwmbran & Pontypool Taekwondo Clubs