ALTHOUGH Gwent Bridge Academy is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, members are stilling playing the game online.

The Bridge Base Online website is enabling members to take each other on; over 50 have already registered and club secretary Bill Parkinson has put the club password on the GBA website.

He will help members find partners for a particular day and is running competitions on the club site for prizes.

“Hopefully members do not feel too isolated and it is a way to catch up with friends,” said the GBA update.

“The club chairman has placed a letter on the GBA website. She will be trying to contact as many members as possible particularly those who live alone.

“She also informed members that during the period of closure, our cleaners will be working once a week. Before we return all cards will be destroyed and replaced.

“The boards and bidding boxes will be disinfected and the table cloths washed. The cleaners will give the whole premises a deep clean.”

Before the closure the championship pairs was held on a Sunday over two sessions with Churchill Al-Temimi and Ian Hill winning.

Graham Jones, the club treasurer for over 40 years, has retired. To mark this occasion, he was presented with a photographic history of the club and a social event was held.

At the end of march the club should have held the chairman's charity event. This year's chosen charity was Sparkle.

A cheque for £862 has been sent to the charity, which supports hundreds of disabled Gwent children and their families, rather than wait until the club opens again.

The event will hopefully go ahead this summer.