DEFENDER Mickey Demetriou say accusations of Newport County AFC being guilty of playacting are “out of order”.

Carlisle United boss Chris Beech said after Tuesday’s 0-0 draw at Rodney Parade that the Exiles were guilty of trying to influence referee Lee Swabey, singling out captain Joss Labadie.

“Newport have got some players who have been around the game and they know how to work the referee,” said Beech, whose side are three points behind the Exiles in the race for the play-offs.

“There was constant screaming on the floor and it’s not nice. Their skipper has gone rolling around on the floor and he’s a good player.

Carlisle boss Chris Beech

Carlisle boss Chris Beech

“It’s almost like they have no reason to stop doing it unless they get booked. Hopefully they clamp down on it because I think the referees are aware of it.

“They test the referee with their constant screaming, but I thought he did OK.”

County boss Michael Flynn politely declined to respond to the comments – instead of getting involved in a tit-for-tat exchange he reiterated his praise of Carlisle’s play – but Demetriou came to the defence of his teammates.

"It probably is a little out of order because he [Beech] can't think it's just us," said the 31-year-old, who certainly isn't afraid of putting his head where it hurts.

INFLUENTIAL: Newport County AFC captain Joss Labadie

INFLUENTIAL: Newport County AFC captain Joss Labadie

"Labs is getting all the attention with it because he is such an important player for us, whether that's his robustness in midfield, winning free-kicks or giving away free-kicks to put the pressure on.

"But for him [Beech] to say we are playing the referee, I think that is wrong because both teams get on to the referee in different ways

"No-one teaches players to get on top of the referee, it just happens throughout a game.

"There's been a few games recently that we feel we haven't got any decisions. Possibly he was upset that maybe we were getting more fouls than his team but I didn't think that was the case.

"He's got to, like any other manager, concentrate on his own team, first and foremost, and then let everyone else worry about themselves."