THERE will be no fanzone in Newport for Wales' clash with Denmark on Saturday, the council have confirmed.

Health minister Eluned Morgan revealed on Monday that local authorities would be able to apply to hold fanzones for the match.

Speaking at the Welsh Government coronavirus briefing, Ms Morgan said: "It is a fine balancing arrangement, because we are far more keen to see people watching the match outdoors rather than indoors.

"If you can do that in a controlled setting that would be much better than going in to other people's homes."

The health minister invited councils to approach the Welsh Government about the setting up of fanzones.


Ms Morgan said: "The official Government line is that we are absolutely delighted that we are through to the next round and we do hope the whole of Wales will get behind the team in their efforts to move forward in the competition.

"We were all ecstatic to see what happened on the weekend, but we have to manage this carefully.

"If local authorities want to come forward and ask us to set up a fanzone, then we will consider that and publish guidelines for how that can be done."

However, Newport City Council have confirmed that they will not be seeking guidance to set up a fanzone for Wales' first knockout match of Euro 2020 on Saturday.