WELSH football fans are expected to buy half a million pints during today's match against Denmark.

That’s according to the Welsh Beer & Pub Association. But they warned that this boost from beer sales during the match would be greatly altered by the ongoing restrictions in place including the two-metre social distancing, no standing and the rule of six.

The trade association believes that the ongoing restrictions means that 120,000 fewer pints will be sold compared to if there were no restrictions, with a number of the associations members reporting beer sales were lower than they’d hoped during the Euros games so far due to the altered experience of watching games at the pub and the limit on customers who can be in an establishment at one time.

The 120,000 lost pints would equate to a revenue loss of £470,000 during the game alone.


Emma McClarkin, chief executive of the Welsh Beer & Pub Association, said: “This is a huge fixture, and we hope Wales fans will buy 500,000 pints when watching the national team take on Denmark.

“While that is a very welcome boost to Welsh brewers and pubs, it is 120,000 fewer pints sold than if all the restrictions on pubs were removed.

“We know many pubs haven’t experienced the boost to their trade which they’d hoped for from the Euros. No standing and limits on group sizes, as well as social distancing, are severely reducing the number of people who can enjoy the Euros at the pub.

“With that said, there is still no better place to watch live sport on the telly than at the pub. I implore Wales fans to support the boys, and the pub, by cheering them on at their local.

“To secure our pubs for future tournaments and national occasions like the Euros, restrictions on pubs must be lifted as soon as possible and clearly indicated to pubs. We are counting down the days to freedom for our pubs.”

A survey by the British Beer & Pub Association and KAM Media found that 85 per cent of the 1,000 participants believed that the current restrictions will negatively impact their experience of watching Euro 2020 at the pub this summer.