Dragons Rugby is no more, as the era of Dragons RFC has begun.

Following a weekend of speculation spurned on by leaked photographs of a new badge, the Dragons have today unveiled their new name, logo, and “visual identity”.

Defining themselves as a rugby club, the whole of Gwent is represented in their new identity – including the city of Newport itself, where the club plays its home games.

The biggest change, at least visually, is the club badge.

Gone is the dragon tail, and in its place is the introduction of three amber fleurs-de-lis.

These will be a familiar sight to many in Gwent, as they occupy a number of crests and logos in the region.

The colour scheme is said to have been designed to incorporate both Newport and Gwent – with black and amber in place for Newport, and the blue of Monmouthshire and Gwent featuring too.

As for the dragon’s tail, this will find a new home on the collar of next season’s playing shirt.

What has the club said?

Confirming the news in a statement, the Dragons have said: “Dragons Rugby today officially becomes Dragons RFC as we start a new era here at Rodney Parade.

“We also launch a new visual identity as we celebrate our links to our home – the city of Newport and the historic Rodney Parade – and underline the fact that we proudly represent the whole of Gwent.

“Our new name makes it clear – we are a rugby club.

“This is a message we know strikes home with our supporters. We all see ourselves as a club and we feel strongly about that. It is our identity; it is who we are and what we represent.

“This does not detract from us representing our region or the people of Gwent. But we are being authentically true to what we have always been and now our name reflects this.

“The history of Gwent has also played a big part in our new brand. It is represented by the introduction of three amber fleurs-de-lis – symbolic across many crests in our region.”

Statement from the chairman

Dragons RFC chairman David Buttress said: “We are excited to welcome in a new era at our great club and this change comes in the wake of a robust, challenging, and honest debate over the past 12 months.

“Opinions and feedback have been canvassed to ensure the club has a brand that feels authentic and true to us.

“This is a new direction for our club, we are not losing our identity, we are evolving and growing.

“We are proud to be based in Newport at Rodney Parade and the black and amber colour represents that. Our proud connection to Gwent and the player pathway is reflected in the design.

“We know how proud our fans are to support Dragons RFC and we look forward to now coming together as one unified club under this new identity and working together towards a bright and successful future.”