Women’s football clubs across Newport expect to see a surge of players joining at grassroots level in Wales.

Following the success of our neighbours in the Euro 2022 final on Sunday, clubs in Newport hope to see the game reach new heights in Wales.

Matthew Owen, commercial manager at Newport County Academy, is a passionate supporter of the women’s game and believes that Welsh football clubs can grow from the Lioness’s success.

He said: “Although it was an English football team, they way it's inspired young girls into football is more of a global thing rather than a national thing.

“It will inspire all countries, including Wales, to influence women into football more.

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“Which is what we want to see as we don’t want to refer to it as a women’s team, we want to refer to it as a football team going forward and that, for me, would be how we capitalise on it.”

Newport County AFC set up a week-long girl-only soccer school this summer for those between 6 and 16 to encourage girls in the area to play football.

Coach Deiniol Parselle, of the County in the Community, added:“Over the last 8 years, we have noticed the steady increase of female participation in the various programmes that County in the Community deliver, particularly football.

"Here’s hoping that the success of the Women’s European Championships will inspire girls throughout Newport and the surrounding areas to get involved.”

Newport City ladies believe the success of England at the weekend will drive an increase in interest and participation.

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Phil Butler, at Newport City Ladies, said: “The biggest point we can capitalise on is uptake and participation.

“After the London Olympics the club I was at had a 33 percent increase in the number of girls wanting to play the following year.

“Successes like these, even if they are over the bridge, will help that. The Welsh FA and the Welsh government must accept the fact that to achieve those successes, you must fund correctly at grassroots level.

“Especially in south Wales as the facilities are atrocious and the grants available are often too hard to get sponsorship.

“There was a statistic during that final that consumers are 25 per cent more likely to buy things advertised at a women’s sporting events.

“It is much more marketable as a whole in Wales than the men’s football and it needs to be capitalised on.”


South Wales Argus: Abergavenny Women's football club say there is a market for investment Credit: Andrew KennedyAbergavenny Women's football club say there is a market for investment Credit: Andrew Kennedy


Abergavenny Women’s Football Club are popular women’s team in Gwent and believe there is a market for investment from sponsors  to the clubs and the FAW.

Craig Morgan-Hill added: “Whilst the victory is England’s, the impact it will have across the UK is massive.

“I hope to see that will now be more investment from sponsors directly to the clubs as well as the FAW.

“There is a market, and the game is growing already but this could move it along so much quicker, and I am hoping the surge for the Wales game will come.

“Firstly, beat Greece and then it's a winner takes all. I think it could easily be a 10,000 crowd at the Cardiff City Stadium.

“We are having our own success at International Level so to qualify again will propel the game in Wales and hopefully drive the national game forward with it.

 “I just hope people buy into it and show their support all year round. If there's 10k at the game, why not also go out and support your local club as well.”

South Wales Argus: Defender Scarlett Teague at her debut for Abergavenny ladies against Cheltenham ladies Credit: Andrew KennyDefender Scarlett Teague at her debut for Abergavenny ladies against Cheltenham ladies Credit: Andrew Kenny


Last season saw 864 registrations in the female game in Newport and Monmouthshire, with the Football Association of Wales continuing to see growth across the female game.

Huddle Cymru saw over 1,000 girls registered across 63 sites with girls aged 5 to eleven trying football for the first time.

At a grassroots level UEFA Disney playmakers had over 700 girls registered across 39 schools.

Bethan Wooley, football development manager at the FAW, is offering discounts to schools, clubs or leagues that purchases more than ten tickets through the FAW group booking form.

She added: “We are hoping to double the attendance record for an international women’s fixture in Wales, at the FIFA Women’s World Cup qualifier between Cymru and Slovenia at the Cardiff City Stadium on Tuesday 6 September.

“The FAW is aiming for a crowd of 10,000+ at the match in what will be a special night as we aim to inspire the nation and reach the play-offs for the first time in the side’s history.”

Tickers will be available at £2 for kids and £6 for adults each school, club or league will also be entered into a competition to win places as mascots for the match (age restrictions apply for the competition). To enter the competition, group booking forms must be submitted by Monday, August 15.