THE Dragons' 20-14 home setback against Glasgow on Sunday was the perfect illustration why coach Paul Turner has just spent 55 hours on a plane to New Zealand and back looking to bring in the right kind of players for next season.

That was just one of Turner's reaction to an impoverished performance by the Dragons which resulted in their fourth defeat in their last five games and also gave the Scottish side only their second victory over the Dragons in 10 attempts.

"We lack quality and at times we were desperate," said Turner, angry and bitterly disappointed at his team's performance though not totally surprised.

"We had enough ball to win it three times over and it's the worst in the changing room for a long time, but it's a difficult part of the season when they know I've been away looking for players.

"We looked OK at times, but we coughed up too much ball and for the first five minutes in the second half we were woeful. We tried to chase the game, but we're not a chasing side.

"I can remember Glasgow coach Sean Lineen up there berating his players for their awful skill levels and I've told my players what to expect.

"Our kicking was poor. Dan Parks kicked all his goals, but we'd still be out there now. He may have his limitations, but I'd rather him on my side than against me.

"It all tells me why I've been 55 hours on a plane and the end of the season can't come soon enough. We won't be bringing superman over, but you can see the need for quality here.

"We need to get down in opposition territory and spend time there, but we haven't done that all season. I've said it'll happen again until we get the right type of player in here, stop messing about and get some control.

"I have found in my time here that there is not a lot of hurt or fear of losing which is not how I was brought up. Ten times this season we have been in a winning position, but haven't been able to put the foot on the pedal and drive it home."