A TRANS boxer says there should be a grace period for trans athletes - in response to Emily Bridges' ongoing cycling ban.

Bridges, a Welsh rider, had hoped to compete at the Commonwealth Games earlier this year but was blocked from doing so.

She began hormone therapy last year but is currently banned from competing by British Cycling.

Danny Baker, 35, is thought to be Britain’s first transgender boxer to compete against cisgender athletes in a professional contest.

He spoke candidly about his experiences transitioning from female to male and training to be a boxer earlier this year.

Now, he has given his point on the debate around Bridges, 21, who says she will not give up on her goal to race as a woman.

South Wales Argus:

Danny Baker in training

Danny said: “It’s so complex, I’m all for inclusion and trans people competing against cis people but I’m also respectful of rules and guidelines.

“In one sense, I can completely understand why she’s upset - she’s been training to compete, it’s a lot of hours and hard work.

“There’s so much that comes with it that I can understand her feeling gutted or let down.

“At the same time, she’s only transitioned a year ago and it’s going to ring alarm bells – testosterone and oestrogen treatment is incredible and impactful but you need to give it time to work.”

South Wales Argus:

Danny is the Uk's first transgender boxer

In a documentary aired on ITV earlier this week, Emily revealed it is her dream to one day represent Wales at the Commonwealth Games.

She set a national junior men's record over 25 miles in 2018 and is currently banned from competing as a woman in races.

Danny, from London, said he believes there should be a period of time before trans athletes who have transitioned and undergone hormone therapy should be allowed to compete with others of the same gender.

He said: “As an individual, I think Emily should be her aware of her transness and the complications that come with it.

“I don’t think she should be too upset, she should slow down and take a step back and ride out the process.

“I can imagine she’s feeling upset but I don’t think she’s right to slam people – but I definitely think there should be trans inclusion and we shouldn’t be shooed away.

“At this point, I can understand why officials are not opening the gate, based purely on the fact that she’s only transitioned one year ago.

“Moving forward, four years on why not make a place for her – if she dedicates her life to a sport, why not?

“Maybe if after four years of presenting medicals and blood tests that are easily accessible from our GPs, she should be allowed to compete.

South Wales Argus:

Trans athlete Danny Baker gives his point of view on the Emily Bridges situation 

"Let's give Emily the chance to build up some information.

“It has to be done in a safe way and a year is not going to comfort anyone, it has to be done in a safe way.

“For people that have just transitioned, there should be a trans category.

"I wish Emily all the best in her transition and hope she gets the reception she deserves.

"Hard work is hard work - let's not forget Emily in this.

“These officials have a role to play which I totally respect – those people in those positions should look into trans categories, they owe it to the sport.

“It is nearly 2023 and there are trans people coming out left, right and centre who want to compete.

“I respect her drive, dedication and passion for the sport and I can understand her being slightly taken aback but at the same time she has to play the game as well.

“I’m trying to go pro but I’ve got to play the game, I can’t expect the gate to open – we've got to work and communicate with officials and respect where we stand now.

“I think it’s a case of everyone working together.”