Two Newport boxers could create sporting history and become British professional champions for the first time in 40 years since Steve Sims and David 'Bomber 'Pearce.

Steve ‘Sammy’ Sims won the British featherweight title on September 20, 1982, before David ‘Bomber' Pearce claimed the prestigious British heavyweight title a year later on September 22, 1983.

Fast forward 40 years later, and there is a chance that both Sean McGoldrick and Craig Woodruff could win their bantamweight and lightweight titles within two months of each other.

Newport professional boxer Sean Mcgoldrick is set to fight Scott Allan the Scottish and Celtic bantamweight Champion at the Vale Sports Arena in Cardiff on February 10, in a bid to become the first since David ‘Bomber’ Pearce to win the Lonsdale Belt.

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Sean McGoldrick (left) and Craig Woodruff (Right) could make boxing history for Newport if they both win their bouts. 

If McGoldrick succeeds in winning the Bantamweight title, then it’s down to Craig Woodruff in his highly anticipated rematch against Gavin Gwynne this Spring to gain the Lord Lonsdale belt.

Luke Pearce, nephew of the late David ‘Bomber’ Peace and coach of Woodruff, believes it could boost the profile of Newport should both boxers win their respective bouts.

He said: “We will be one hundred percent behind Sean and his team. I personally hope that he does grasp his opportunity and become the first since my uncle to win the coveted title.

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Luke Pearce (left) and Craig Woodruff (right) next to David Bomber Pearce statue. 

“If he does win it, it will be a boost to Craig and our team to achieve something historic and special.

"It is a similar situation to when Steve Sims claimed the featherweight title in 1982 and then my uncle winning the heavyweight in 1983.

“This means we could have two British Champions like 40 years ago, what an achievement that would be for Newport.”

After 1.5 million viewers tuned in to watch Woodruff v Gwynne in September on TV, they now have the chance to travel to Cardiff to watch it live.

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Woodruff in action against Gwynne, the fight has been nominated for contest of the year. Picture: Wasserman Boxing 

Both the McGoldrick fight, and the re-match between Woodruff and Gwynne, could be televised again for boxing fans to witness both fighters possibly make history for Newport.

He added: “Everybody who couldn’t come to Bolton could watch the fight on TV. We were told that 1.5 million viewers watched the fight and it increased the profile of both fighters.

“The re-match will show hopefully who the better fighter is, and we hope that is Craig.”

The dream for both Sean McGoldrick and Craig Woodruff if they win their bouts, is to defend the titles at Rodney Parade.

 “If Craig and Sean both win, I would like to see them both defend their titles at Rodney Parade, it would be very great to have two British Champions defend their belts on home ground.

South Wales Argus: NewsquestNewsquest (Image: Newsquest)

Fighting at Rodney Parade would be the dream for both Woodruff and McGoldrick. 

“It is a very proud moment for me and my family, and what Team SMOA have achieved in the sport in order to get Craig this far,” he continued.

The first bout against Gavin Gwynne in September, has been nominated for contest of the year by the British Boxing Board of Control with the award ceremony to take place on January 27.