ANYONE with a disability will tell you its what they can do, not what they can't that should count. 

That is certainly the case for 16-year-old Caleb McDuff from Pontypool, who is the UK's only deaf male racing driver. 

Caleb, who was diagnosed as deaf at the age of two, has a dream of being the first deaf driver to compete in Formula 1. 

He has recently taken a big step towards  that goal, by signing with Team BRIT, the world's only racing team made up of all-disabled drivers. 

As part of the team, he will compete in the Britcar Trophy Championship, driving the team’s BMW 1 series, alongside fellow rookie driver Dom Shore, using specialist hand control technology. 

On signing for Team BRIT, Caleb said: “When I was offered the chance to race with Team BRIT in the BMW, I couldn’t say yes quick enough.

"I know I’m never going to want to get out the car!  It’s really exciting to be moving up to a BMW. It’s always been my dream to be a racing driver, and being part of the team means I’ll be learning more to get better and better."

Caleb was introduced to the sport by his dad Ian, who found the sport as a hobby for his son after he was fitted with cochlear implants to aid his hearing. 

It wasn't long before Caleb started showing natural talent, and he already has a karting win under his belt, as well as finishing third Super 1 National Championships in 2020, despite missing some races due to a crash.

Ian built Caleb his own racing car in 2021 to enable his son to get as much training as possible, which paid off when Caleb finished 8th in the rookie class of the Junior Saloon Car Championship, ended the year with the award for most overtakes. 

Caleb was introduced to Team BRIT in 2023 as part of the team’s ‘SEB’ project, which looks to create new solutions for Deaf racing drivers. 

Caleb has previously only competed in the Junior Saloons as helmet pressure on his implants make them uncomfortable, so he has been able to compete without a helmet in races without pit to car communications. 

Dad Ian said the chance to compete with Team BRIT is "incredible".

He said: "Not only will Caleb be able to step up to more powerful cars, the team will also be working with innovation partners to develop new solutions for Caleb such as a ‘heads up display’ system, so that he can communicate easily with the crew.

"Until that happens, Caleb and the team have been working with plastics materials manufacturer, Neill’s Materials on the development of bespoke helmet liners to better fit around his implants.”

Caleb is a shining example of not letting a disability hold you back, something he is keen to continue to show others

He added: "I’m really looking forward to being part of a team and also showing other Deaf people what is possible.”