SIN bins will be introduced in grassroots senior and youth football in Wales from next season.

The decision to use temporary dismissals was unanimously approved by the Football Association of Wales’ Community Game Board after a trial in six competitions this season.

Sin bins will NOT be used in the Cymru Leagues and Ardal Leagues or in the Welsh Cup and FAW Trophy.

Players who commit a dissent offence will be shown a yellow card and will leave the field for 10 minutes, with refs extending the sin-bin period for any time lost due to stoppages.

All other sanctions will remain unchanged and if a player who has received a temporary dismissal is shown another yellow then they will be sent off.

The FAW said: “The trial has so far included nearly 1,300 games and seen the frequency of dissent cautions for players reduce by 34 per cent compared to the previous season, while instances of red cards for offensive, insulting or abusive language also reduced by 32 per cent.”

additional trials will be carried out to determine whether temporary dismissals should also be introduced to junior grassroots football in future.

FAW chief executive Noel Mooney said: “Introducing Temporary Dismissals is a significant step on our journey to making football the most inclusive, accessible and successful sport in Cymru.

“That means creating safe and enjoyable environments for all participants in football, including match officials.”

Chairman of the FAW community game board Mark Adams said: “Grassroots football is growing at an incredible rate in Wales. The more people there are playing football, the more referees we need to ensure a fair playing environment.

“However, dissent and abuse towards match officials has been identified as a key reason for referees leaving the game which is contributing to a shortage.

“By introducing temporary dismissals, we are confident that dissent and abuse towards match officials will be reduced and we’ll therefore see an increase in the number of referees available to help football participation grow.”

The leagues, clubs, coaches, players, and referees involved in grassroots football will be able to access online and in-person training on temporary dismissals before the start of next season.