Adverse weather conditions exacerbated by climate change have undoubtedly added pressure to the grassroots football game in Wales.

This ongoing challenge has even sparked discussions within the Welsh FA about moving to a summer season.

Research completed by FORZA, a football equipment retailer located in Wrexham, reveals match cancellations due to bad weather as a significant issue facing grassroots clubs throughout Wales and England.

High priced pitch rentals, a lack of adequate training facilities and insufficient funding represent some of the other key challenges identified by the study.

Astonishingly, 92 per cent of clubs experienced a minimum of one match cancellation due to harsh weather over the past year.

Of those surveyed, 37 per cent could only access a single pitch during the season, while a worrying 62 per cent reported a deficiency in purpose-built training facilities.

The report also highlighted that seven in ten clubs do not feel they have the necessary funds to support their activities.

To compound the issue, these clubs often see their facility costs rise year on year.

Commenting on the data, Prof. Rob Wilson, Professor of applied sport finance and director of executive education at VSI, said: "Running grassroots sport is a costly enterprise, often underpinned by volunteers.

"Challenges come from every angle and clubs need access to cost-effective solutions to support their training, and in-match efforts."

Prof. Wilson further referenced the need for structured subscription models, supported by applications for central funding.

The quality of facilities also came into question, with 42 per cent of respondents considering their facilities average, while 12 per cent considered them poor or below average.

Unfortunately, 28 per cent of clubs are forced to continue using sports equipment beyond its lifespan, while nearly three out of ten felt they didn’t have enough equipment to operate effectively.

Offering a final remark on the discussion, Prof. Wilson said: "With match cancellations from inclement weather, and an undersupply of 3G facilities, it makes balancing the books even more difficult."