MANY four-year-olds are obsessed by Paw Patrol, Bluey and Spidey but one Newport bike rider is consumed by the dream of the X Games.

Parker Gray, from Rogerstone, recently competed in the under-16s beginner category at the UK Flatland BMX Championships at the NEC in Birmingham.

The youngster, who is still in nursery and yet to start school, was up against 14 other riders, most of them ‘bigger kids’.

Yet Parker delivered an impressive routine in front of over 100 spectators for a third-placed finish.

“At four, he was the youngest there,” said his father Louis. “There was a five-and-a-half-year-old and then it jumped to 11, 12, 13.

“The aim was to have fun and just ride, it’s wild that he was third against some big kids – the three of them were on the podium and Parker was half their size!

YOUNGSTER: Parker Gray, left, finished third in the beginner, U16s category of the UK Flatland BMX Championships YOUNGSTER: Parker Gray, left, finished third in the beginner, U16s category of the UK Flatland BMX Championships (Image: Submitted)

“It was a whirlwind day and he is third in the UK for under-16s and number one in Wales at the age of four. That’s an amazing achievement.”

Parker started riding just after his third birthday and took up BMX flatland last December.

Welsh pro BMX rider Matti Hemmings, UK flatland champion, was holding workshops at Newport Velodrome for youngsters aged seven and above but Louis messaged to ask if his son could go along.

A swift purchase of some pegs – the cylinders sticking out from the axles – and Parker was able to show Hemmings that he was capable of joining in.

An obsession started.

Four-year-old Parker Gray riding his bikeFour-year-old Parker Gray riding his bike (Image: Submitted)

“The main thing he likes about riding a bike is being outdoors,” said Louis. “In any weather he wants to be on the bike and if he’s not on it then he’s watching YouTube videos of the UCI World Championships.

“His idol is a guy called Fabio Wibmer and he wants to be like him – and I even had to make him a Red Bull helmet!

“He loves being creating and doing different tricks. He’s ‘invented’ two tricks that nobody else does – one where he stands on the two pegs, covers his eyes and rides around in a circle, the other where he lets go of the bike with his hands and feet.

“Parker does 18-mile bike rides around Newport and all he thinks about is cycling – we went to Spain and had to take the bike in a suitcase so that he could ride when away.

“It’s all that he thinks about and his dream is to be a Red Bull athlete and ride at the X Games… I don’t know how many four-year-olds have that as an ambition!”

Four-year-old Parker Gray is making an impression on his BMXFour-year-old Parker Gray is making an impression on his BMX (Image: Submitted)

However, the Grays would love for there to be more opportunities for young cyclists in the city where Parker, who also goes mountain biking, first tried BMX flatland.

“There’s not a lot for young cyclists in Newport and it would be nice to find more spaces for them to go and do their activities,” said Louis.

“There is Tredegar Park skate park and No Comply in town, but not much else. We try to support our local places but often end up going to Rampworld in Cardiff.”

And with two-year-old brother Chester off the balance bike and on a BMX, Parker will hope to keep making rapid pedalling progress.

Follow his exploits on Instagram: @pg3.adventures.